Website Re-Launched III

So, things are back online again. After getting hacked repeatedly at our last webhosting company, the website has been resurrected one more time. We have a new domain name and an expanded mission. We are no longer "Movies That Trigger". We are now, "Triggered By Media"! Our title summaries (listed above under Movie and TV... Continue Reading →

A Male Survivor’s Perspective on Season 2 of American Crime

So, I just watched the Season 2 premiere of American Crime. This season is starting off with some serious actors – Lili Taylor, Regina King, and Timothy Hutton. I expect with that cast there will be master classes in acting and story development. Lili Taylor as the victim’s mother is an excellent choice. I have been a... Continue Reading →

Upgraded to WordPress

This website was recently updated to WordPress from Joomla. It is still being revised, but all of the prior content is there. Please be patient while things are put back in order. Thank you.

Editing and Reviewing

I've been editing existing content and have added a few dozen new titles to the Title threads. You may have noticed that there are some consistency issues with regard to use of font and type size. I am working on this page by page. Thank you.  

Website Re-Launched II

This website, formerly located at, has been relaunched using the Joomla CMS. I decided to put this resource back online as I believe it to be a vital source of information for survivors of rape and sexual abuse. If you are the founder of the prior and now offline website, please understand that I... Continue Reading →

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