Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Who are you?

A: I am a young woman from Canada who is working hard to change things for the better in my own way. (Clarification: The founder of this section is no longer publishing the website or updating the content. As a tribute to the importance of this information, the content is now being updated by James Landrith).


Q: Why do you include so few foreign films on your site?

A: This is because it would be an impossible task to compile a list of all the movies from every country that should be on my site. Also, scenes of sexual assault are far too common (to Japanese and East Indian movies in particular) for me to list here. So, I tried to make mention of just the most well known foreign films for the purpose of this website.


Q: Why isn’t there a review for some of the movies?

A: I do almost all of my research on line, and sometimes the movie is obscure or old, so there is little information available about them. Also, those who write about movies are generally not concerned with the sexual scenes from an emotional or ethical perspective as I am, so they will not make mention of a rape or sexual assault scene. In the cases where I just couldn’t find any useful information detailing what happened of a sexual nature in the film, I just left out a review altogether.


Q: I see a mistake that you made, or I know some information you could add to your reviews. How can I let you know?

A: Simply e-mail me! Click on the “contact” button and let me know.


Q: How do I get you to add movies to your list?

A: E-mail me using the “contact” button. Thanks for your help!


Q: Can I link to you?

A: By all means, as long as the site I am linked to is not a rape fetish site or similar.


Q: Why are some movies listed under multiple names?

A: Some movies are released under different titles in different countries, or become commonly known by the public under a name that is different than their official name. I have included these alternate names where possible in order to increase clarity.


Q: Why do you sometimes mention whether or not nudity is seen during the sexual assault scenes?

A: This is because some people are more triggered when nudity is seen, so where possible, I make this distinction.


Q: How do you find your information?

A: My main resource for information is on the web. I do thorough internet research using many different movie databases. Unfortunately, there are rape fetish sites out there that provide lists of movies with sexual assault scenes to “fans” of rape. I use these lists to do my own investigations. Very few of the movie reviews come from my own memory, and I try to make mention of the instances in which I’m relying on memory. Also, I have people like you who e-mail me with movies I could add.


Q: There are a lot more movies out there that have the word “rape” in their title. Why didn’t you include these?

A: I decided not to include these because there are too many movies out there with the word “rape” in their title, many of which are pornographic. I felt that it would be redundant to tell people that a movie called “Rape” is about rape. Also, it got very triggering to me to do this research, so I decided not to research movies so obviously triggering anyway.


Q: Don’t you find it emotionally difficult to do this research?

A: Yes, I found that doing all this research on the topic of sexual assault was very upsetting to me, and there were more than a few sleepless nights. However, I truly feel that compiling this list is going to be ultimately helpful to me, and helpful to many others as well. I see it as a key component on my path to healing. Therefore, now that all of the difficult work of compiling the site is done, it should not take such a toll on me and I can think of my site with pride.


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