Titles that start with “G”

Television Shows:


Game of Thrones (2011 – present) This HBO high fantasy series is based on a series of novels by George R.R. Martin. The premise of the show revolves around a power struggle between rival families and factions for control of the seven kingdoms of Westeros. Episodes in earlier seasons featured degradation and abuse of sex workers and the brutal rapes of female protagonists. Frequent, consensual incest between main characters and forced genital mutilation of male characters are additional potential triggers to expect.




Gatorbait (1976) *Two men chance upon a woman hunting in the swamp. They want to have sex with her so they chase after her, intending to rape her. She manages to elude them. *The men are portrayed as overly lascivious just before the rape attempt occurs, which is used as their justification for the rape. *Excessive and unnecessary nudity is seen. *The line “Boys will be boys” is used to excuse the attempted rape. GRRRR!

Gatorbait II (1988) *There are some ‘rednecks’ who intend to murder a newly wed and rape his new virgin bride. *As in the first movie, the men are portrayed as overly lascivious just before the rape attempt occurs, which is used as their justification for the rape. *It also turns out that their intended rape victim is the sister of the woman they attempted to rape in the first movie, so they feel she deserves it. *The men attempt to rape her. *Exploitative nudity of the woman is seen.

Galaxy of Terror / An Infinity of Terrors / Mindwarp: An Infinity of Terror / Planet of Horrors / Quest (1981) *A gory low budget sci-fi movie. *A woman is raped by a giant caterpillar.

Gang Rape / Doctor Please Help Me / The Case of Patty Smith / Patty / The Shame of Patty Smith (1962) *The plot focus of this film is the rape resulting in the pregnancy of a woman, and her desire to have an abortion.

Garmento (2003) *People are discussing an advertising campaign, and child pornography and molestation are offered up as ideas.

The Gauntlet (1977) *A woman is raped wile a man is tied up against his will and made to watch it happening.

The General (1998) *References to rape and molestation are made.

The General’s Daughter (1999) *This movie is about an investigation into the murder and rape of an Army captain. A woman is brutally raped by others in the military, but must cover up the event so that it does not cast a bad light on the army. She recreates the rape scene to get revenge, but is murdered at the scene after the recreation. *The gang rape is shown in great detail and is extremely graphic. During this scene, Another soldier watches the rape and strokes his gun phallically. We see nudity in this scene. A narrated voice says that she was raped all night. *Some rape threats are made at different times throughout the movie. *A woman, attempting to get into her car, is grabbed by a man who holds her on the ground and asks if she knows what it feels like to be raped. Nothing else happens in that scene. *The word “rape” is used frequently in this movie. There is also a comment made that is close to the following wording: “Do you know what the definition of ‘rape’ is? It’s when a woman changes her mind afterwards.” This may be especially triggering to some due to it’s callousness, lack of understanding, and evidence that society has many misconceptions regarding sexual assault. *We also see a video being played back of a S&M situation. This video was found in a secret room with shackles and sex toys. The woman has the dominant role, but this scene may still be triggering to some. *The rape survivor’s father does not act well at all throughout this movie. He tells her that she should forget about the rape and pretend it never happened. He seems in denial about the rape. As a result, she recreates the rape in order to confront him with the truth in a way that he cannot ignore. In response, he informs her that he doesn’t care about the events that took place seven years ago (the rape). He stalks away from her as she yells for him to come back. This scene may be particularly triggering for those that have had to face denial, disbelief, uncaring, lack of sympathy and other forms of rejection.

Germany, the Pale Mother (1979) *This movie takes place in Nazi Germany. A woman is raped by American soldiers. *Her husband accuses her of cheating on him, and does not believe that she was raped. *The whole movie is about this and her drive to stand by what really happened to her and to stand up to her husband. *A very dark and depressing movie that will leave you feeling awful at the end.

Get Carter (2000) *In this movie, Jack is watching a video that shows a heterosexual couple who drug women so that the man can rape them. They videotape the acts taking place. We don’t see the actual rapes take place, but it is very heavily implied in one instance.

Get Him to the Greek (2011) *Rape of lead male character by a woman, played for laughs.

Get Rich Or Die Tryin‘ (2005) (Curtis Jackson, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) (R)
*A woman is laying on the ground, either passed out or dead. We are led to believe she has been raped as her underwear are around her ankles. A man then sets her on fire.

Getting Physical (1984) *A young woman is raped by two teenagers. As a result, she starts working out so she can better protect herself physically in case of another attack.

GI Jane (1997) *A man brutally and viscously beats Jordan. During the beating, he prepares to rape her and cuts off her belt. She stops him by kicking him repeatedly.

Gia (1998) *There is a scene in this movie where a woman is attacked and raped. The camera pans away as it’s happening, but the scene is still quite unsettling.

Gifted (TV) (2003) *A young woman goes to the house of a male friend. She wakes up feeling sick, naked, and not remembering how she got that way. She contacts the police with her rape allegation, but is not believed as she is a lap dancer.

Ginger *This is a cult classic that is very graphic and sleazy. On of the main characters gets raped and then hog tied by her rapist.

Girl Interrupted (1999) *A girl commits suicide as a result of being confronted about father raping her and her liking it. This plays a very small roll in the movie.

The Girl Next Door / Psycho Thriller – Blue Desert (2004) *There is a rape scene in this movie. A man looks after his young neighbour while her parents are away. He rapes and murders her.

The Girl of Silence (1995) *A 14 year old girl is sexually abused by her father.

Girl with a Pearl Earring (2004) *Van Ruijven grabs Griet, then behaves lecherous and violent towards her. He says (in certain terms) that she’s a virgin but is ready to start having sex, and that he has waited long enough for her. He has her hands around her throat and pushes her against a wall, then tears her clothes. He does not complete the act however, and nothing more is seen.

Girls are for Loving (1973) *Gratuitous nudity is seen. *Three men (thugs) burst into a cabin where a couple are staying. The men order the couple to strip for them. *The woman is then taken by them out into the snow, tied to a tree and sexually assaulted. *The couple are then supposedly killed by the thugs in a bombing (although the man manages to survive). *A woman is being attacked by a man in a hotel room. She manages to fend him off for a time, but he then rapes her from behind. This scene is not shown with realistic emotional reactions. *A woman seduces a man in order to get information from him. She then kills him. *Two men order a woman to strip for them but this does not ultimately happen. *A woman seduces another woman against her will. *A woman has another woman forcibly stripped and tied spread eagled on a bed. She is sexually assaulted, although not raped, and then she begins enjoying the ‘sex’.

Girl’s Town (1959) *A man rapes a young woman, who manages to escape her rapist after he is accidentally killed.

Girl’s Town (1996) *The plot of this movie is about a teen girl who was raped and commits suicide as a result. *Her friends fight back against the rapists.

Giselle (1983) *This is a twisted movie about a young woman who seduces all the members of her family, encouraging incest. *There is a scene in which she and her friends are gang raped.

Gladiator (2000) *This scene deals with incest. Very disturbing, especially as the brother seems about to successfully force his sister to do certain sexual things to him, as he has great power over her. *There is sexual innuendo referring to rape and incest. *A man looks lustfully at his nephew. *He also looks lustfully at his sister and orders her to stay with him that night and kiss him, which she only does on the forehead. *He later touches her chest neck and lips in a very sexual and slow manner. He seems about to kiss her but doesn’t. A very tense scene. *He orders her that she will one day bear his children. *During a stand off between two men, one man implies that the other’s wife enjoyed being repeatedly gang raped by soldiers.

Go (1999) *A brief comment is made about raping children. This is an extremely small part of the film.

Go Tigers! (2001) *A man talks about being in jail for rape in a brief reference.

The Godfather (1972) *A man asks two hit men to murder two men responsible for raping his daughter, during which they permanently injured her. *I do not think the rape is seen. *This movie can be taken as misogynistic.

Golden Age of Leather Vol. 3 – Hell’s Angels on Wheels / Run, Angel, Run! (1967-1969) *This is a movie that glorifies biker gangs. *I’m not sure in what respect it happens, but there is a rape scene in this movie. Likely, the female lead gets raped by the biker gang, but am not certain.

Gone with the Wind (1939) *Some critics say that this movie contains an off screen marital rape. *Rhett carries Scarlett (who is drunk)up the stairs with the obvious intent of having sex with her. She is fighting and protesting. She is shown happy and smiling the next day. Some may find this disturbing as it is filmed without sensitivity to a woman’s right to say no to sex with her husband. *A black man attempts to get some money kept in Scarlett’s corset. There is some physical contact, but I am unsure whether or not he touches her breasts. His actions have no sexual intent though, he just wants the money. In revenge, a group of white men (KKK)burn the shanty town where he lives. We don’t actually see this revenge act take place.

The Good Girl (2002) *A woman has sex with a man she doesn’t want to be with. She chooses to do so as he threatens to tell her partner private information about her if she doesn’t. It can be triggering as the sex scene is graphic, and shows her with an empty, vacant “not there” look as the act takes place. The scene makes it look as if she’s “projecting” herself out of her body for self protection, which is what many sexual assault victims do.

Good Luck Ms. Wyckoff / The Sin / The Shaming (1979) *A schoolteacher is raped by a student. *Some reviews say it wasn’t the student, but the janitor that raped her. *She then begins a relationship with her rapist.

Good Things Too (1996) *This movie is about five teens that must struggle with their respective sexual abuse. *The intimate details of each survivor are told. Flashbacks of the event are seen. *The film is intended to evoke painful feelings in the viewer, but we do see moments of success as well.

Gore Vidal’s Myra Breckinridge / Myra Breckenridge (1970) *A woman sodomizes a man. *A man attempts to rape a woman. *Both scenes are very graphic.

Gosford Park (2001) *Henry tries to kiss Mary as he is pinning her to a bed. She struggles and protests, then yells for him to get off her. Nothing more happens.

Gossip (2001) *During a scene where a man is making out with a drunk woman, she passes out. The man stops their actions. Rumours later begin that he actually had sex with her. This leads her to believe that she was raped while she was passed out. *He finally admits to having raped her while she was passed out.

Gothika (2003) *One girl tells another about being raped by the devil, using graphic terms. The girl thinks she is being told about a past rape. The story then appears to turn into a recounting of a past rape, wherein two men abduct, rape and molest her. *We are shown a video playback that shows a rape scene apparently about to take place (on a monitor in the background of the shot). We see a man standing over a woman who is in her underwear and chained to a bed.

The Governess (1998)

Grand Canyon (1991) *This is a drama about random violence and the kindness of strangers. *There is a rape scene in this movie, perhaps the rape of a man by a group of thugs, but I am not certain. However, the rape scene is likely to be filmed with sensitivity and not exploitatively.

Grave of the Vampire (1972) *This is an exploitative film. *A vampire savagely rapes a young woman. *She becomes impregnated and gives birth as a result of the rape.

Grave Vengeance (2003) *This is an extremely disturbing movie similar to “I Spit on Your Grave/ Day of the Woman”. *A woman is gang raped and then goes slowly insane as a result.

The Great Raid (2005) (Joseph Fiennes, James Franco) (R)
*We see that the Japanese police have Margaret in custody and one punches her in the face. One then has his hands on her (she’s clothed) and runs them up her arms in an intimidating, sexual fashion.

The Great Santini (1979)

The Green Mile (1999) *Someone rapes and murders two little girls. The rapes are not shown, but their bloody bodies are seen (no nudity). *A man is wrongfully imprisoned for the criminal acts.

Gross Misconduct (1993) *A professor is seduced by his student. She makes false accusations of rape against him. *This movie most likely includes incest or sexual abuse with her stepfather.

The Guilty (1999) *Lawyer gets drunk. He starts to come on to his secretary, who very firmly tells him “no”. He rapes her. We see the rape take place. *The secretary tells him she wants to report the rape to the police. The lawyers hires someone to have her killed.

Guncrazy (1992) *This is a heavily violent and sexual movie about a nymphomaniac school girl. She is frequently raped by her mother’s boyfriend. *After another rape, she murders him.


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