Titles that start with “K”

K-Pax (2002) *A man recounts, while hypnotized, finding his wife’s raped and murdered body. We later see flashbacks of the rape.

Kalifornia (1993) Adele reveals that she had been gang raped by three men in the past. I do not think the rape is shown, but am not certain.

Karate Cop / Omega Cop II / The Challenge: Omega Cop II (1991) *The character played by Chuck Norris attempts to rape a woman.

Karen (year unknown) *There is a rape scene in this movie.

Kick or Die (1991) / No Hard Feelings (1987) Two kick fighting champions are hired to protect women on campus from a rapist that has been terrorizing them. *I am unsure whether or not a rape scene is shown.

Kids (1995) *In this movie, a woman is raped by a friend while she is passed out. This is a very graphic scene. *This movie is about the life of preteens and teens which often slips into drugs, alcohol, sex and promiscuity. It is a kind of warning about the realities of today’s youth and the ensuing breakdown of society. *The attitudes towards women / girls of one boy in particular are absolutely horrifying. I found just his attitudes, and they way he spoke to and about females was triggering. There is even one moment where he spots his next potential sexual conquest, who is a little girl carrying a doll. He starts to talk suggestively to her, and then stops. That image was very triggering for me, due to her young age and innocence, and her vulnerability to this disgusting human being.

Kids In America (2005) (Gregory Smith, Stephanie Sherrin) (PG-13)
*Female genital mutilation is briefly discussed during a political discussion.
*A boy films cheerleaders from below them, and makes sexual comments. I think that they are being filmed willingly, but am unsure as to whether or not they realize the view point of the camera.

Kika (1993) *A woman is raped on a bed. *A maid is tied to a chair and forced to watch the rape take place.

Kill Bill Vol. 1 (2003) *A hospital orderly brings in another man to rape a patient who has been comatose for years. This doesn’t actually happen. *A lot of degrading conversation takes place regarding raping her. *We learn that she has been raped in this way many times before, and that the orderly was making money for allowing her to be raped. *We also learn that the patient was impregnated by one of her rapists.

Killer – A Journal of a Murderer (1996) *This movie is based on a true story about a murderer and a rapist who is thought to be one of the most reprehensible, evil human beings to have ever lived. In real life, he admitted to raping over 1000 men and boys. I don’t know exactly what is seen in the movie, but I would say “Don’t risk it”!

The Killing Kind (1973) *A boy is forced to participate in a gang rape of a woman. We see this scene. *He is sent to a reformatory as a result. *He starts seeing all women as the cause of the problems he’s now facing (ie: being sent to the reformatory) and starts murdering women.

Killing Streets (1991) *We see a rape take place.

Killing Zoe (1994) *There is a rape scene in this movie. *A woman is used for sex. *A woman is treated very degradingly and badly in this movie.

King Solomon’s Mines (year unknown) *I’m not sure which version, but one of the remakes has a rape scene(s) in it.

Kinjite: Forbidden Subjects (1989) *A women is sexually assaulted on a train. *Another young woman is kidnapped and forced into a teen prostitution ring. *There is a rape scene in this movie.

Kinsey (R) (2004)
*In this movie, there are lots of potential triggers. The entire movie is about a man researching sexuality, so it pretty much focuses on many facets of sex and is explicit / graphic.
*A husband and wife attempt to have sex, (consent is given) which is painful for the wife as it is her first time. We see her pained expressions before she makes him stop.
*A man admits to having sex with a prostitute when he was 14.
*A man states that he engaged in bestiality.
*A boy states that he was forced to wear a strap to prevent masturbation when he was 10.
*We hear and see a brief montage of a man’s sexual experiences. He states in this montage that his sexual experiences included extended family members, animals, and underage males and females. He briefly discussed what a boy’s orgasm looks like, stating that it looks the same as a man’s.
*A young man states that he was branded and beaten by his brothers and father when they found him during a homosexual encounter, forcing him to leave home at age 13.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (1997) *References to child abuse and off-screen abuse of a sleeping woman.

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang (R) (2005) (Robert Downey Jr. Val Kilmer)
*We learned that a woman was sexually assaulted by her father every night as a child.
*We see a flashback to a scene in which a woman is bare breasted and blindfolded. A man is kissing her breasts. We then learn that this is the same girl who was raped by her father, still a victim of incest as an adult woman.
*A woman is passed out or asleep. A man is touching her hip. Another man sees this and makes him move his hand.

Kiss or Kill (1997) *We see a video of a male athlete having sexual activities with a young boy.

Kiss the Girls (1997) *In this movie, a woman is abducted and beaten up, then a man attempts to rape her. This does not actually take place.

The Klansman (1974) *A young white woman is violently raped in a small town. *The town learns of the rape and people are shocked and disturbed. *The prejudiced father of the rape victim assumes that the attacker had to be black and blames a local black youth.

The Knack (1965) *My research is very sketchy on this movie. I do know that it is a comedy. Intercourse happens. This may have been rape or simply sex with someone the woman did not especially like.

Koyla (2001) *This movie contains very graphic rape scenes that are intended to arouse the viewer. *A secretary is repeatedly raped throughout the film. *Nudity is shown during the rape scenes. *The movie contains high amounts of vulgarity and wanton violence.


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