Titles that start with “A”

Abandon *In this movie, a female character is trying to escape from a house but can’t. A man runs into her and makes sexual advances, which she refuses. He then gets violent and struggles with her. He prepares to rape her, but she kicks him in the groin and escapes.

Abducted / Let’s Play Dead (1973) *This is a trash movie which has multiple disturbing scenes and issues. *The relationship between the mother and her sons is incestuous. *One brother kidnaps girls for his younger, mentally handicapped brother to “play” with. The brothers are middle aged or older. *The women are imprisoned in the basement. *The younger brother sexually assaults a young woman by playing “doctor” with her. Sodomy occurs in this scene. *The older brother rapes a young woman. *Nudity and torture is seen.

The Abduction of Zack Butterfield (2011) *A 14 year old boy is abducted by a woman and raped repeatedly over an extended period.

The Abductors (1971) *EXTREMELY graphic. *The entire movie is full of rape scenes, depraved behaviour and bondage. *A person kidnaps pretty young women and sells them into white slavery. *Very exploitative: the kidnapped woman are forced to strip to their panties. *A man rapes a woman in order to break her spirit. *A lot of nudity is seen. *This is the second movie in a trilogy, with The First is the Sleaziest and Girls Are For Loving showing similarly awful scenes.

Absolute Power (1997) *A couple engages in some consensual rough sex. But then the sex becomes too rough and turns into a brutal and violent rape. This scene is very long and includes slapping, hitting, strangling and kicking in the crotch. *Early in the movie, there is a sex scene which starts out to be consensual. Then there is slapping and violence thrown in, which still seems as if there is just rough sex taking place. But then the man seems as if he really wants it to be rape, and tries to make the sex against her will. The way the boundaries are blurred may be triggering to some. *The woman stabs him in self defense him but is killed by the man’s bodyguards who burst in on the scene (the man is the president). *This means that the bodyguards were outside the room the whole time, listening to her screams, but do nothing until the man is the one being hurt. *The rape is not given enough attention during the film. The rest of the movie deals with what an evil man the president is, but focuses on the betrayal of his closest friend as proof of this, and not the rape.

The Accused (1988) *This is one of the first movies that deals with the after effects of rape. *A woman is gang raped by three men in a bar, with a group of men watching and cheering on the rapists as if it were a spectator sport. *The rape is shown in graphic detail. *She prosecutes her attackers. The rest of the movie is about her experiences with the justice system, and how rape victims were treated unfairly. It is as if she is the one on trial, not her attackers. Her sexual history is brought up and painfully examined. It is expressed that she was behaving promiscuously the night of the attack and therefore “asked for it”. The charge of rape is reduced to reckless endangerment which the survivor is infuriated about, but feels must be done in order to save her dignity in court (by stopping her character assassination). * After the trial, she is harassed and physically attacked / endangered by one of the spectators to the rape. She decides to put the spectators on trial for encouraging her rape, which she is discouraged from doing. *The film carries an important message about the injustices in the justice system and how survivors of rape are persecuted in the court room.

Act of Vengeance / Rape Squad (1974) *A number of women are all raped in the same savage and humiliating way. They bond together to seek vengeance. *Although this film is anti-rape, it is exploitative. *Much gratuitous nudity is seen.

Action (1980) *The main character, a man, is gang raped by punk rockers at the garbage dump. Addicted to Love (1997) *In an off colour insult, one man tells another that he will rape his skull.

The Addiction (1995) *There is rape in this movie, but I am unsure whether or not it is talked about or seen.

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (1994) *A drag queen flirts with a group of men. They discover that she is really a man and decide to beat him up and sexually hurt him. However, this does not take place as a friend arrives in time to rescue him. *We see a flashback to a child sexual abuse scene in which a man in a tub asks a boy to rub him. The boy touches him for a second, then pulls out the plug, and then uncle’s testicles are caught. This moment is presented as a victory for the boy against his would-be abuser. No graphic nudity is seen as the tub is filled with bubbles.

The Advocate’s Devil (TV movie) (1997) *A famous and well liked basketball star is accused of rape. *A lawyer, needing a big win to help his career, gets the charges dropped, even though he learns that the basketball star is not as innocent as he claims to be. *The basketball star takes the lawyers’ daughter into the motel room for a “birthday party”, where there is the possibility of another sexual assault taking place.

The Aftermath (1982) *This sci-fi movie deals with two astronauts who return to Earth only to find that it has been mostly destroyed after a nuclear war. A gang of outlaw bikers rule the area they land in. The gang rapes indiscriminately.

Against Their Will: Women in Prison (TV) (1994) *This movie may be particularly difficult for people to watch as it is based on true events. *This takes a look into the world of maximum security female prison inmates. The information I have is sketchy, but I think there are the following elements: *Corruption and power of the guards leading to sexual assault of the inmates. *The inmates must band together and protect each other from violence and sexual assault inflicted by the guards. *Guards rape and demand sex for money and favours constantly. *One inmates decides to attempt to stop the horrors the inmates face daily. She leads the other inmates in a fight for justice, which becomes a life threatening undertaking. *The truth of the conditions the women live in is made public, and they are eventually able to live free from rape and fear.

Agnes of God (1985) *A dead baby is found outside a convent. We find out that it belongs to Agnes, a young nun who is so innocent she didn’t know she was pregnant. She also did not know what intercourse was. A therapist who works with her as a result of finding the baby discovers that Agnes was likely raped (causing the pregnancy) and that she has suffered sexual abuse such as having a lit cigarette inserted into her genitals.

Alien Beasts (1991) *A man attempts to rape a female CIA agent. *Especially disturbing as immediately before the attempted rape, there is a long, drawn out scene in which the woman is topless while choosing the weapons she needs to complete her job. The weapons and nudity create a sexual scene for the viewer, and then the attempted rape happens.

Alien 3 (1992) *There is an attempted gang rape in this movie. A knife is used.

All About My Mother (1999) *A woman seeks her friend who is a sex trade worker in the red light district. While searching, she discovers a man trying to rape her friend. She struggles with him and hits him on the head, successfully stopping further attacks. She helps her friend with her injuries. *There are frequent references to sex and prostitution in this movie, but I am unsure whether there are any further references to rape or sexual assault.

All or Nothing (2002) *A see a sex scene between Jason and Donna. Jason is rough with her but Donna is not protesting at this point. A few moments later she stops him, saying she doesn’t want to “lie down with” him, and he gets angry and calls her a cocktease. Although he does stop, some may find this scene triggering. *A character named Samantha flirts with a man. The situation goes to far and he attempts to force himself on her. Samantha then makes him stop and leaves. She is not scared as a result of this scene, only angry.

Allyson Is Watching (1997) *Two acting students are told to work on practicing a scene together. They do so, and the male student gets carried away with the scene and attempts to rape his female study partner. The rape does not ultimately take place. *The sexual predator is thrown out of the acting class when what he has done comes to light. *The attacker seemingly comes back to try to murder his victim (although we later find out that he is not the real killer). The murder does not actually take place.

Almost Famous (2000) *A group of women aged 18 – 20 have sex with a 15 year old boy while shouting “deflower the kid!” This is presented as if it perfectly acceptable for adult women to have sex with minor boys.

Always Crashing in the Same Car (2001) *This seems to be a very twisted movie in which siblings attempt to break up their family and their parent’s marriage. *They stage plays for their parents in which they enact pain and degradation. *A daughter pretends to be raped by her father, which includes her screaming, crying, whimpering and hurting herself. *Other siblings attempt similar methods to interrupt the balance within their families.

Amar (1954) *The hero in the movie rapes a village girl. *The villain confronts the victim about the rape (in a strange role reversal). *The rapist suffers tremendous guilt for what he has done. *The rape scene and its aftermath are reportedly handled with thought and sensitivity. *I have not learned from my research how graphic they rape scene is.

The Ambushers (1967) *A woman is raped and left for dead. *The rape survivor is found a few months later in a state of shock.

American History X (1998) *This movie includes a male on male rape scene in a prison shower.

American Me (1992) *This movie includes several rape scenes that show attacks on both women and men.

American Psycho (2002) *Although I haven’t found in my research that this movie has scenes of sexual assault or rape, it is a very sexually graphic and demeaning movie. *The murderer behaves badly towards women while other men make some misogynistic comments. *One woman is murdered by her partner during sex.

An American Werewolf in London (1981) *A female nurse unnecessarily looks at an unconscious man’s genitals and talks about it with another nurse. The second nurse chastises her for it as inappropriate behavior.

Amok (1948) *A Greek film about rape.

The Amorous Milkman (1974) *A man is unjustly accused of rape and taken to court. *The false charge was made by a husband who catches him in the act of having an affair with his wife.

The Amy Fisher Story (TV) (1992) (1993) *May be especially triggering as it is based on a true story. *This movie is about consensual statutory rape between a 16 year old girl and a 30 something year old man.

Analyze That (2003) *A man’s genitals are grabbed and squeezed by another man, causing him vast pain.

Anatomy of a Murderer (1959) *A woman tells her husband she has been raped. *Her husband kills the rapist and is charged with murder. *The plot of the movie deals with a small-time lawyer who must unravel the story.

…And Justice for All (1979) *A corrupt judge is charged with rape, who pleads guilty to the crime. *The rest of the movie deals with the moral and legal difficulties a layer has in defending the judge.

And Now Ladies and Gentlemen (2003) *A woman is walking in a dark alley and is found by a group of men. They appear to be about to attack her, but this does not happen as someone else shows up.

And Now the Screaming Starts! (1973) *This takes place in 1795. A young bride moves to the castle of her husband, where she is raped by a ghost and is impregnated by it.

Andrea’s Story: A Hitchhiking Tragedy / Did You Hear What Happened to Andrea? (1997) *A woman is raped by a stranger. We see the rape take place. *She must deal with the aftermath of the rape. She presses charges and takes the case to court.

Andy Warhols’ Dracula / Blood for Dracula / Dracula (1974) *Numerous rape scenes.

Angel of Vengeance / War Cat (1987)

  • A young woman from a small town is kidnapped and gang raped by a psychotic group.
  • She escapes them and attempts to seek vengeance from her rapists.

Angels and Insects (1996) *This movie has scenes of incest.

Anger Management (2003) *A brief comment is made that Dave has had sex in the past with another man’s mentally challenged sister, including tricking her into undressing and getting her to give him oral sex by telling her his penis was an ice cream cone. This act did not take place and is played for laughs.

Animal Factory (2000) *Ron, a young petty criminal, is sent to prison on marijuana charges. There he faces, among other things, attempted rapes. *As a result of his treatment, Ron seems as if he might break down and become aggressive, violent and mentally unstable. The rest of the movie deals with this possibility.

Animal House / National Lampoon’s Animal House (1978) *There is a scene in which a woman in unconscious. Her date (a college boy) has an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. They are helping him debate whether or not he should rape her. *This scene is played for laughs. *Very disturbing, as the way it is slipped into the movie makes it seem as if this is a normal thought process for the average male.

Animals (1999) *A gang known as the Animals rape, torture and murder in a crime spree across three states. *Cassie is the sister of a woman they have kidnapped and whose parents they have murdered. The movie deals with her attempts to find and stop the gang.

Antonia’s Line / Antonia (1995) *There is rape in this movie, but I am unsure whether or not it is talked about or seen. *A woman provides a home to a girl that was raped by the woman’s brother.

Antwone Fisher (2002) *It is mentioned that a boy who was living in a foster home was raped by a man. The act is not seen. *Antwone has a flashback to when he was six. He was left home with a young woman named Nadine. She slaps him, forces him to kiss her, and makes him go to the basement and take off his pants. At this point, we do not see anything, but we hear the following happen. She slaps him some more and instructs him to touch and kiss her. He runs away, and we do not find out how much actually happened.

Apocolypse Now Redux (2001) *Three Playboy “playmates” perform a titillating act for American soldiers in the jungle. The men respond by having a near mass rape of the women. *Later, the women and their agent are stuck because they don’t have any fuel. A soldier offers them fuel if the women perform sexual favours for him. This does not happen though. *The entire film can be seen as a metaphor for rape, according to one viewer.

The Aristocrats (2005) (Documentary) (Not Rated)
*This movie is perhaps one of the most offensive movies I have reviewed – right up there with Monster, which I had many nightmares after reviewing. Although no acts are seen- jokes of a very graphic and detailed nature make up the entirety of this film. Perhaps what is most disturbing to me is that rape, incest, and pedophilia are all treated as merely opportunities for humour. Much of the jokes are made at the expense of rape victims and little children who are sexually exploited. Nothing makes me more furious and hurt than a culture that finds these obscene and horrific crimes as something to laugh about and merely comic fodder. Sometimes I think that we are a very, very sick culture indeed.

This movie was so disturbing to me that I can be assured that many of you will be especially offended by it as well. So, I have taken the details off the main page so as to protect those of you who are sensitive from being unnecessarily disturbed. If you would still like to read the details, please click here.

Artemisia (1998) *This movie has received a lot of attention from critics, including feminists and Gloria Steinem who was very vocal in the deceptive and distorted way the historical story of Artemisia was told. *The movie tells the story of Artemisia Gentileschi, the beautiful female Renaissance painter who is the most well know female artist of the Renaissance and Baroque era. In the movie, she falls in love with her art teacher, Tassi. He is accused of raping Artemisia, and she defends him, saying the sex was consensual. The ‘rape’ scene is filmed erotically. Critics say the issue of rape is whitewashed in this movie. *Some of the relevant historical inaccuracies that critics have found are: 1. Artemisia is portrayed as being obsessed with male genitals 2. The actual trial transcripts of the rape do not lead us to believe that she behaved seductively to wards her art teacher, which is what happens in the movie. 3. Tassi is portrayed as a handsome and devoted lover. In reality, he was allow life that had been previously jailed for sex crimes. He was known to be incestuous and to have raped other women. It was also believed (but this was never conclusively proven) that he murdered his wife. 4. In actual fact, Artemisia did not declare her love for the rapist, nor did she ever deny that she was raped (as she did in the movie). She was tortured to tell the “truth” of the rape, but held to her story and insisted that he was guilty of rape. 5. In the movie, Tassi defended Artemisia from the torture. In actuality, he protected her, insisted he was innocent and maliciously portrayed Artemisia and her mother as whores. *Other critics find this movie especially disturbing as it portrays artists as overly emotional and oversexed people. More horrific is that rape is whitewashed and romanticized, and the survivor falls in love with her rapist. This somehow creates the message that rape is permissible, since she loves Tassi. The blame of the rape is put on the victim. Misogynistic female stereotypes abound, giving viewers the message that there are plenty of excuses for rape to occur. Another disturbing oversight of this movie is that Artemesia is an important figure in the art world, with priceless contributions in the form of her paintings. These successes somehow get downplayed or outright forgotten in the movie.

Ash Wednesday (1958) *A woman who is a passenger aboard a ship gets tossed overboard. She is rescued by a Catholic priest, who then rapes her.

Aspen (1977) (mini series) *A man is arrested, tried and sentenced to be put to death for the rape of a 15 year old. He did not commit the crime. *The movie deals with a lawyers attempts to clear the wrongly accused man’s name whilst trying to catch the true attacker.

Assault (1971) *The rape of a teen aged school girl takes place. She is shown in a catatonic state after the rape. *Another girl is found raped and murdered in the same place the rape occurred a month later. *A young teacher from the school the girls attended uses herself as bait in an attempt to catch the rapist. *During the teacher’s struggle with the killer, the rape survivor comes out of her catatonic state and returns to the scene of her rape. She is confronted by her attacker, who attempts to rape and murder her again.

The Astronaut’s Wife (1999) *A story is told in which a bad prince rapes a princess. This is a very minor part of the film and is not told in detail.

Asylum of Terror (1998) (V) *A fire kills everyone in an asylum, including a patient who sexually molested and murdered children. An amusement park is built over the old site of the asylum. The molester’s ghost awakens and continues his horrific acts.

At the Hour of Our Death / The Cuckoo Clocks of Hell / The Last House on Dead End Street (1977) *Gruelingly tasteless, graphic and demented. It is a movie about a man that makes pornographic snuff videos for a bunch of rich men. He eventually gets sickened by the men that pay him to make the movies and puts them in the snuff videos to do away with them. Many scenes of horrifying torture and bondage. *There are numerous S&M scenes, including rape.

The Attachment (2003) *A woman is drugged and raped. *Her life is now in ruins and she is haunted by her memories of the event. *A university student , who is building a pornographic web site, was almost charged with rape in the past. *One of the women on his site is actually the woman who was drugged and raped at the beginning of the movie.

Automatic (1994) *A line of robots is designed to protect humans from violent attacks. One of these robots discovers an executive of the robotic company raping a woman. The robot inadvertently kills the man while intervening to stop the assault. *Other company workers attempt to cover up the rape.

Avenged / Deadbeat (1976) *Much gratuitous nudity is seen. *There are many, many rape scenes in this movie. They are very graphic. Passersby walk around not noticing what’s going on. Gross.

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