Titles that start with “M”

Macbeth (unsure of what year) *A scene shows men are raping women in a hallway. This is a very disturbing scene.

MacBeth (1971) *There is a rape scene in this movie in which MacDuff’s wife or children (this is not clear) were raped.

Macon County Jail (1997) *Extremely graphic rape scene. *A woman is raped by the son of a sheriff. She kills him because of the rape.

Mad Max (different years) *All Mad Max movies likely have rape scenes. *A biker gang rapes a couple, both the man and the woman.

Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (1981) *All Mad Max movies likely have rape scenes. *A biker gang chases a woman attempting to flee them. She is raped and murdered.

Madunnella (1947) *A man is being blackmailed for embezzlement. His daughter gets the money back, although she must withstand a sexual assault to do so.

The Magdalene Sisters (2002) *A young woman is raped by her cousin. *She is blamed for her own rape and is taken to an asylum run by nuns for her “wrongdoing”. *She is treated abusively by the nuns whilst there.

Malice (1993) *A young woman is raped on campus.

Mama Luka Comes Home (1989) *A missionary woman is beaten, imprisoned and raped by a gang of rebels in the Congo. *25 years later, she revisits the country in which she received so much abuse and gives her forgiveness. *This may be especially triggering as it is based on a true story.

The Man (2005) (Samuel L. Jackson, Eugene Levy) (PG-13)
*A female prisoner feels a man’s butt (against his will).
*A man frisks another man in the crotch area and very unprofessionally jokes about the size of his penis.

Man Bites Dog (1993) *This movie is a very dark and violent movie about a serial killer who allows film crews to follow him around in order to make a documentary about him. They watch as he selects and and attacks his victims. *There is a scene during which criminals gang rape a woman and force her husband to watch. *The aftermath of a female anal rape / murder victim’s body is seen.

The Man Next Door (1997) *The plot involves a rapist who is out on parole.

Man On Fire (2004) *A man is stripped to his underwear and has a bomb inserted into his rectum. The clock of the bomb starts the countdown. *Although further sexual assault does not take place in this movie, there are scenes of extreme violence and victims being tied up. Also, there are frequent flashbacks by a father of his daughter being kidnapped, and we hear her heartbreaking screams. This may be very difficult to some to watch.

The Man Without a Face (1993) *A former teacher, now a recluse, is suspected of being a pedophile. He befriends a young boy, arousing the suspicion and anger of the town.

Maniac (1963) (1980) *We learn that four years ago, a young girl was raped in a small town. *Her rapist was murdered by the girl’s father.

Mansfield Park (1999) *Illustrations of bare breasted women being raped assaulted, kidnapped and tortured are seen. The drawings depict a character of the movie doing these acts, so it can be surmised that he carried out these atrocities. *This movie is based on Jan Austin’s Mansfield Park, but the creators of the movie have taken ridiculous liberties. Many say that the drawings are terribly out of place, especially for a romantic movie.

The Mansion of the Living Dead (1985) *This is a gruesome movie in which a graphic rape scene takes place.

Marie Baie des Anges (1997) *A woman is in the shower when a man grabs her breast. She is then gang raped. This is not shown, but it is made very clear. *One night, Marie is outside and is then chased and surrounded by a group of men on minibikes. They call out “rape her” but nothing more happens.

Mark of the Devil (year unknown) *There is a rape scene(s) in this movie.

Marnie (1964) *This movie contain a marital rape scene. Marnie is on her honeymoon with Mark, and increasingly refuses to be touched by him. This wears on him and he responds by raping her.

Marquis (1989) *A woman who was raped and impregnated by the king is being held in the Bastille prison during the pre-French Revolution. *A corrupt priest who visits the prison arranges for the woman the be raped by one of the prisoners. *This seems to be done out of lust and to ensure that the woman cannot claim the king as the father of her baby.

Marquis de Sade’s Justine / De Sade’s Justine / Justine (1977) *Extreme and numerous rape scenes are shown. *The scenes include rape of nuns, forced prostitution, rape by a priest, necrophelia, sadism and violence.

The Marquise of O (1976) *There is a rape scene(s) in this movie. *Exploitative.

Marshal Law (1996) *A retired marshal lives in a gated community in LA. An earthquake cuts his community off from the rest of the city. A gang of thugs terrorizes the inhabitants. *There is a rape scene in this movie.

Martha (TV) (1974) *A woman unwillingly marries a man who horribly abuses her. He rapes her on their honeymoon. *The rape is shown and is very painful. *We also see that her husband has very violent sexual preferences. *The woman in unworldly and believes that her husband’s behaviour is normal, until she is told differently by a friend.

Marvin’s Room (1996) *A character is shown watching TV. On the TV, a woman cries out for a man to stop raping her.

Mary Kay Letourneau Story: The All American Girl (TV) (2000) *This movie tells the true story of a teacher who commits statutory rape with one of her students. She becomes pregnant by him. *She is charged for the crime. *She is ordered not to have contact with him, but sees him again and becomes impregnated by him a second time.

Max’s Dreaming (2003) *Max is able to have precognitive dreams. One night he dreams about a girl being kidnapped and raped. *Max must use his dreams to help her.

Meet Wally Sparks (1997) *Reference to rape is made (for comedy).

Memento (2000) *A former insurance investigator turns amateur detective as he searches for the man who raped and murdered his wife some time ago. *Leonard has a flashback to waking up to find his wife being raped in the bathroom. *In several instances throughout the film, we briefly see and hear this rape.

Memoirs of a Geisha (PG-13) (2005) (Ziyi Zhang, Michelle Yeoh)
*The entire movie is about a young girl who is taken away from her family and put into training to be a geisha, which is a kind of prostitute or “male companion”.
*A man takes a young woman into a private room. He kisses her and touches her bare breast. She is uncomfortable with this situation and tries to cover herself.
*A young woman has sex with someone and is pucished by an older woman for doing so. She is slapped and has her groin forcibly grabbed to cause pain.
*A young girl’s virginity is given away to the man who was the highest bidder. He has sex with her. We do not see the act, and I am not sure if she is scared or resigned about the act taking place.

Men in Black II (2002) *A woman wearing lingerie is accosted by a thug who licks her and then drags her behind the bushes to rape her. The actual act does not take place.

Men with Guns (1997) *This movie is set in an unnamed Central American country during the aftermath of a civil war. *A mute rape victim must struggle with her memories of the war. I do not think the rape is seen.

The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc (1999) *Note: It’s likely that other remakes of the Joan of Arc story refer to rape in some way. *Joan runs home where her older sister hides her in a closet where she then sees some English soldiers accost her sister. The sister tries to hit one of them with a sword but he grabs her, and rips open her shirt while kissing her. She then slaps him and in turn he slams her back against a closet door, lifts her from the floor by her neck and then runs a sword through her body. He then proceeds to violently rape her up against the door. *Flashbacks of this scene replaying in her mind are shown.

Midnight Witness (1993) *There is a rape scene in this movie, perhaps by a group of policemen.

Milgaard (TV) (1999) *This movie tells the true story of David Milgaard who was wrongfully charged for a brutal rape and murder. *His family and two lawyers struggle to prove his innocence while he is in prison.

Mindwarp: An Infinity of Terror / An Infinity of Terrors / Galaxy of Terror / Planet of Horrors / Quest (1981) *A gory low budget sci-fi movie. *A woman is raped by a giant caterpillar.

Miranda (1995) *There is a rape scene in this movie. *A young girl is raped by her adoptive father. Her brother seeks revenge on her behalf.

Misery (1990) *An author crashes his car in a remote area and is rescued by his obsessed fan. She takes him to her home and holds him captive. She abuses him both mentally and physically. She is in love with / attracted to him. He must pretend that he returns her feelings in order to ensure his survival. *I don’t think an actual rape scene takes place, although rape is hinted at.

The Missing (2003) *Lilly is riding a horse when she is tackled by a kidnapper. He gets her off her horse and fights with her. He has a gun on her and begins to take off her dress, preparing to rape her. Nothing more happens. *A past rape is mentioned.

Modern Vampires / Revenant (1998) *This movie includes what has been called a “bizarre and borderline rape scene” near the end of the movie. *This scene intended to be comedic.

Moll Flanders (1996) *We see the bloody and bruised bodies of two young woman who were just raped.

Mommie Dearest (1981) *A narcissistic and domineering woman mentally and physically abuses her two adopted children. *There is a rape scene in this movie I believe, but I cannot tell for certain from my research.

Mondo Keyhole (1966) *The entire focus of this movie is on a rapist who stalks, traumatizes and rapes women.

Monsoon Wedding (2001) *This is a beautiful movie that shows scenes of incest and pedophilia in terms of an uncle kissing his niece. These scenes and the ensuing issues are treated with sensitivity and respect, and are not filmed in an exploitative way. These scenes are also a small part of the movie.

Monster (2004) *Note: Don’t read this if you are very sensitive to sexual assault issues!!! *Aileen is a prostitute who agrees to have sex with a trick. They begin and he asks her to have oral sex with him. She says that she did not agree to that, and he swears at her then knocks her out. She reawakens and finds herself with her hands tied and her pants off. She is brutally raped with a rod in her vagina and anus. He beats her up again, pours alcohol on her that burns, and prepares to rape her. She stops him by shooting him. *Aileen is shown drunk outside a bar. Two men come up to her and we are led to believe a possible attack might start, but they arrest her instead. *A cop tells Aileen that since he has helped her before, she owes him. He makes her give him oral sex. *A brief comment referring to a father having sex with his children is made. *Aileen goes on a murdering rampage, in which she murders all the men that attempted to rape her in the past.

The Most Dangerous Predator is Man / Endangered The Hunted / Uncivilized (1994) *A young man and woman are camping in the wilderness. The woman is captured and gang raped by four drug dealers. We see the rape take place. *She escapes, and is intent upon seeking revenge.

Mother’s Day (1948) (1980) *A brutal movie in which two sadistic sons kidnap, torture and rape women for the amusement of their mother. *They are influenced by behaviour they see on TV.

A Mother’s Justice (TV) (1991) *A young girl is blindfolded and raped while waiting at the bus stop one night. *Her mother is consumed with guilt and is determined to catch the rapist. *She learns that the rapist is responsible for the rape of over 60 women. Each rape happened in the same place. *The mother is horrified by this and distraught that the police are doing nothing to help. She sets herself up as a decoy to the rapist in an attempt to catch him.

Motor Psycho (1965) *Three men in a biker gang enjoy raping women, and do so recklessly. *They rape the wife of a veterinarian who is determined to seek revenge for his wife.

Motor Psycho (1992) *A biker terrorizes a man and his wife. She is raped and he is murdered. *The biker returns with two of his friends to rape the woman again.

Moulin Rouge (2001) *A man chases Satine and forces her down. He tries to rip off her clothes and gets ready to rape her. This does not ultimately happen.

Ms. 45 (1981) *The main character is a mute seamstress, who is brutally raped and assaulted twice in the same day by two different predators. *She murders her attacks and turns to vigilante justice as a result of her attacks. She hunts and kills pimps, perverts and sleazy men.

Mud Honey / Rope / Rope of Flesh (1965) *I am not sure of the context, but my research shows that there is at least one rape scene in this movie.

Multiple Maniacs (1970) *This is a disturbingly perverted movie. One of the scenes shows a woman getting raped by a fifteen foot lobster.

A Murder of Quality (1991) (TV) *Sexual abuse takes place at a boy’s school.

Mya’s Normal Night (2003) *A man is falsely accused of sexual assault.

My Boss’s Daughter (2003) *A previous attempted rape is discussed (not in great detail).

My Brother Tom (2001) *A teenaged girl befriends a teenaged boy who has been sexually abused by his father. They attempt to hide from the world as a result of the abuse.

Myra Breckenridge / Gore Vidal’s Myra Breckinridge (1970) *A woman sodomizes a man. *A man attempts to rape a woman. *Both scenes are very graphic.

Mysterious Skin (2004) *Two young men deal with the effects of childhood sexual trauma and struggle to learn the truth about what happened on one particular night.

Mystic River (2004) *A young boy is abducted by a man pretending to be a cop. Then two men sexually assault him over the next four days. The assaults are not seen.

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