Titles that start with “H”

Half Way to Hell (1961) *Two Mexican women run away as they are being made to marry men they do not want to. They are intercepted and gang raped by a group of Americans. *Even more disturbing is that this gang was hired by the fiancé of one of the women to find them and bring them back to him. *A man, Manuel, was sent with the hired gang to be a protector of the man’s betrothed, but does not help them. *The women are threatened repeatedly with violence and rape. *An attempted rape takes place.

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995) *This movie contains ritual or cult rape. *A woman is impregnated as a result of the rape

Hamburger: The Motion Picture (1986) *A female character points a gun at the lead male character and attempts to rape him. She leaves when he convinces her that he is a homosexual.

Handgun (1983) *A young high school teacher is raped at gunpoint by the man she is dating (who is a lawyer). *She goes to the police and the church to report the rape. No one cares that she was raped and offer no sensitivity or support. They don’t even believe her. *As a result, she decides to seek her own revenge in the form of guns.

The Handmaid’s Tale (1990) *This movie is set in the far future. Women have lost their rights in society due to only 1% of women being able to bear children. Women’s bodies have been taken over by the state. Therefore, many of the women are forced to breed and that is their primary usefulness. *Two ritualized rapes take place. *Women are told that the rapes are their fault because they wanted it to happen. Specifically, in a chilling scene, a woman in training to be a Handmaid tells the group about her experience being gang raped at age 14. The woman who are teaching the Handmaids force the other women in training to chant words similar to “It was your fault; you wanted it to happen.” *How women deal with rape is a major component of this movie. *A woman is shown crying after sex. *This movie contains sexual slavery.

The Hand That Rocks the Cradle (1992) *A gynecologist commits suicide when he is accused of sexually molested five of his patients. *We see one of the assaults take place, and see the emotional trauma that it causes the woman.

Hannie Caulder (1971) *A woman is gang raped by three men. *She hunts down her rapists to seek revenge.

Happiness (1999) *This movie deals with pedophiles, incest, male on female rape, male on male rape and molestation. *While talking to his psychiatrist, Allen talks about how he would like to tie up Helen then rape her. Very graphic language is used. *Bill’s son who is eleven asks what “come” means. His father tells him and asks if the boy has ever ejaculated. He encourages him to masturbate and offers to show him how to, but the boy refuses and it doesn’t happen. *Bill sedates a boy and his family while they are visiting. He then rapes the boy. He later rapes a boy in a similar fashion. Neither rapes are shown. *Bill offers to measure his son’s penis, but the boy refuses. *Billy tells his son about how he has raped other boys. His son asks if his father would ever rape him and the father says no.

Happy Hour (1995) *Three men escort a drunken and unconscious woman home. She later believes she has been sexually assaulted by them, which is untrue. *The whole movie is about what the three men and the woman go through as a result of her erroneous accusation.

Hard Rain (1998) *A deputy prepares to rape Karen after he’s handcuffed her to the banister in her house. This does not happen.

The Harder They Come (1973) *May be especially triggering as it is based on a true story. *There is a rape scene in this movie, but I cannot tell from my research exactly from me research. To the best of my knowledge, this movie is about a Jamaican man who is trying to achieve success in his singing career. This does not happen (at first), so he turns malevolent towards society and goes around creating violence, killing people, and dealing drugs. He likely rapes a woman during this spree.

Hardware (1990) *My research is very patchy on this movie. I *think* the movie in question is the 1990 film about a robot from the future that comes back to ‘life’. It’s goal is to kill anyone who is not sterilized. There are scenes of voyeurism and an intended rape which is not carried out.

Harrison’s Flowers (2002) *A woman is hit twice in the face and thrown on the hood of a car. He begins to rape her and spreads her legs. He does not complete the act. *It is mentioned that a young girl was raped

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005) (Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson) (PG-13)
*Harry (a teenager) is naked in the bath. A female ghost manifests in the bathroom to talk to him. He’s obviously uncomfortable with this and she tries to see his genitals through the water.

The Haunting of Helen Walker / The Turn of the Screw (many remakes) *There are many versions of this story, based on a novella by Henry James, written in 1898. In at least some of the remakes, there are episodes where a child who is possessed by a sickly lascivious spirit attempt to rape the nanny. *Another sick twist is we learn that the children are possessed by the spirits of their former governess and valet, leading us to believe that perhaps the children were abused and sexually molested. *It is implied that the governess abused the girl and the valet abused the boy.

Heart of Midnight (1989) *A young woman inherits a night club from her deceased uncle. She moves in, and begins to remember the sexual abuse she underwent at the hands of her uncle. *We see the abuse in graphic flashbacks.

Heart of the Stag (1983) *This movie is set in the New Zealand outback. A father carries on an incestuous sexual relationship with his daughter. Someone discovers this terrible secret and attempts to save the girl.

Heartbreak Hotel / Black Vengeance / Poor Pretty Eddy / Redneck County / Redneck County Rape (1973) * An exploitative film. *A famous woman is driving though the deep country when she meets up with an Elvis impersonator. He attempts to rape her. The attempt is shown in graphic detail.

Hearts in Atlantis (2001) *Brief shots are seen of Lizz’s boss coming on to her, and then violently raping her. *We see her boss throwing her onto a bed. He starts to rip off her clothes. *The rape is graphic in terms of hearing the act take place. *The friendly and unusual neighbour knows that she has been raped and seems very sorry the event happened.

Heaven & Earth (1994) *A young Vietnamese woman is raped. Nudity is seen during the rape. *There are other scenes in this movie that are quite misogynistic.

Heaven’s Gate / Johnson County Wars (1980) *This movie takes place in the 1980’s in the West. *A woman is gang raped by four, possibly five men.

Hell Camp (1986) *A group of soldiers are sent to a camp where they receive training. They are to be tortured repeatedly while learning not to give out any information. *One of the soldiers is a woman. As part of her “training”, she is raped.

Hello! Who Is It? (1994) *A woman is gang raped and murdered by four telephone repairmen. We see the rape take place. Her ghost returns to seek revenge.

Henry – Portrait of a Serial Killer (1990) *This movie contains scenes of incest.

Heritage of Caligula / Blood Sucking Freaks / House of the Screaming Virgins / The Incredible Torture Show / Sardu, Master of the Screaming Virgins (1976) *A sick and graphic movie in which kidnapped, naked women are tortured on stage for the audience’s enjoyment, who think it’s all acting. However, it is real. *This film has extreme misogyny, torture and humiliation of women. *Necrophilic acts are in this movie. *Graphic violence is used.

Hex (1973) *A man smokes a narcotic and attempts to rape a woman.

The Hidden (1987) *This movie involves victims whose bodies are taken over by aliens. Some my find the way in which they are possessed upsetting- phallic creatures penetrate the mouths of their victims. *An alien possesses the body of a female stripper. My research is unclear as to what happens next, but I assume there is graphic sexual violence towards a man by the stripper.

High Crimes (2002) *It is mentioned that both a rape suspect and a rape victim make up part of a jury. This is a minor part of the film and nothing is shown.

High Fidelity (2000)
*A man decides to talk to all of his ex-girlfriends to get their input. One ex pours her heart out to him and ends up telling him that she wanted to lose her virginity to him but he rejected her. She ten tells him that instead, she lost her virginity to a man she was too “emotionally beaten” to fight off. She says it wasn’t rape but that it wasn’t far from it. She gets upset at this admission and runs away. He is shown snickering at her outburst and happy that he rejected her.
*Taken from the script:
Rob. I was crazy about you. I wanted to sleep with you, one day, but not when I was sixteen. When you broke up with me — when you broke up with me — because I was, to use your charming expression, tight, I cried and cried and I hated you. And then that little shitbag asked me out, and I was too tired to fight him off, and it wasn’t rape because I said okay, but it wasn’t far off. And I didn’t have sex with anyone else until after college because I hated it so much. And now you want to have a chat about rejection? Well, fuck you, Rob.
Penny stands and leaves. Rob just sits.
ROB- (cheerful)
So that’s another one I don’t have to worry about. I should have done this years ago.

High Kicks (1993) *A group of thugs tries to mug a woman. She refuses to give them her money. They brutally beat her up and gang rape her. The rape is shown. *The rest of the movie is about her seeking revenge.

High Plains Drifter (1973) *A rape scene is in this film. *The story is told in such a way that we end up rooting for the rapist (although not during the rape scene specifically). High School High (1996) *There is an attempted rape in this movie. Higher Learning (1995) *There is an attempted rape scene in which a couple are about to have intercourse. She stops and asks him to put on a condom. He refuses and becomes violent with her. Highway To Hell (many remakes done in many years) *There are plenty of remakes which may or may not have similar rapes in their plot. *A woman who is about to get married is kidnapped by zombies and is taken to be one of Satan’s brides. *In at least one of the remakes (from the 1970’s), rape scenes occur. His Woman (1931) *A woman is hired to care for a baby on board a ship. She is raped by one of the sailors.

High School High (1996)
*There is an attempted rape in this movie.

High Tension (R) (2005) (Cécile De France, Maïwenn Le Besco)
*A murderer kills and decapitates a woman. He masturbates using the mouth of the decapitated head.
*The murderer puts his finger into the mouth of a woman in a sexual way (she does not want the act to happen).
*A woman spies on a naked woman in a peeping Tom fashion.

Higher Learning (1995)
*There is an attempted rape scene in which a couple are about to have intercourse. She stops and asks him to put on a condom. He refuses and becomes violent with her.

Highway To Hell (many remakes done in many years)
*There are plenty of remakes which may or may not have similar rapes in their plot.
*A woman who is about to get married is kidnapped by zombies and is taken to be one of Satan’s brides.
*In at least one of the remakes (from the 1970’s), rape scenes occur.

The Hills Have Eyes (R) (1977)
*All I can find out about this movie is that there is a brutal, yet not graphic, rape scene.

His Woman (1931)
*A woman is hired to care for a baby on board a ship. She is raped by one of the sailors.

A History of Violence (2005) (Viggo Mortensen, Naomi Watts) (R)
*A group of murderers demand to be served coffee at a diner that is closed. They are refused, and they grab the waitress in anger. They take her hostage and one of them runs his hands over her (clothed) breasts while holding a gun on her.
*A woman is running from a man. She fights him and tries to escape. He pins her to the stairs, and suddenly the fear turns into passion. We then see a graphic sex scene take place between them. Some may be disturbed by this unlikely switch from fear to passion.
*A man kicks another man in the crotch.

Hitch Hike to Hell (1977) *The main character in this movie is a truck driver who picks up young female hitchhikers, then rapes and murders them.

Hitcher in the Dark (1989) *A woman accepts a ride from a stranger. This man is a deranged maniac. He handcuffs her to the back of his vehicle and brutally rapes her. *We learn that he has raped and killed several women in the same way. *The maniac’s desire to rape is explained away by the sexual desire he has for his now dead mother. *The rape, bondage and murder are the entire focus of the movie. *This movie is very sleazy, gory and has a lot of unnecessary nudity.

The Hole (2001) *There is a graphic scene of a girl being examined for signs of rape. *There are scenes of another girl being coaxed into having sex with two boys.

Hollow Man (2000) *This movie is about what a man does when he’s invisible. The movie has many scenes where the invisible man spies on women and watches them strip or sleep. This may be triggering. *A joke about rape is made. *A woman seems about to be raped as she sleeps. She is undressed by an invisible hand, the covers are removed and her legs are spread (all by the invisible hand). Then we learn that this is all a nightmare and she wakes up. *The invisible man grabs a woman and throws her on a bed, apparently to rape her. Nothing else is seen.

A Home of Our Own (1993) *A woman is sexually harassed on the job. *A beating and rape of a woman takes place, but this happens off screen.

Horrible Bosses (2011) *A male character is subjected to repeated sexual harassment and eventually threatened with blackmail if he will not willingly consent to sex with his female boss. In addition, she takes photos of him while unconscious with her straddling his body. As his boss is played by Jennifer Aniston, the rest of the cast treat the harassment as a big joke.

Horrifying Experiments of the S.S. Last Days / SS Experiment Part 2 / SS Hell Camp / The Beast in Heat / (1977) *A fictionalized movie about atrocities committed in a WWII P.O.W. camp. *A Nazi creates a half man, half beast male monster that she uses to torture, sexually assault and molest female prisoners. *The monster is kept on aphrodisiacs to ensure it will want to rape. *Excessive nudity, exploitation and sadism is seen.

Horror Planet (1981) *A woman is attacked and raped by a monstrous alien.

Hot Pistols (year unknown) *This movie contains a rape scene.

Hotel New Hampshire (1984) *This movie raises issues of incest. *A woman is gang raped by an entire football team in a horrifying scene. *A man is raped by a person in a bear suit.

The House By the Lake / Death Weekend (1976) *A man and his girlfriend come across a gang of male punks. The men murder the man and gang rape the woman. *She survives the rape and seeks revenge.

House of Exorcism / Lisa and the Devil (1975) *This movie focuses on incest and rape.

House of Flying Daggers (PG-13) (2004)
*A man who may be inebriated runs a sword down the face and neck of a blind woman. He cuts off her robe. He does not physically harm her and we do not see nudity. He then grabs her and climbs on top of her. He starts ripping at her clothes to prepare to rape her, but is stopped by others who force him off her.
*A man and a woman begin to come intimate. We see kissing and he caresses her breast (which is clothed). At this point, she asks him to stop. He does not want to and starts tearing off her clothes and begins to rape her. He does not complete the act as someone throws a dagger at him in order to stop him.

The House of Mirth (2000) *A man gets angry and rude towards a woman. He forces a kiss on her. Nothing else happens, but this is a scene some may find tense.

House of 1000 Corpses (2003) *Although there was no mention of sexual assault in the review I read, there was mention made of an evil family that has recently kidnapped five high school cheerleaders and are currently torturing them in sadistic ways. We see young, dead women naked and strung up. This movie leans toward (or might be blatantly) sexual assault, so please keep this in mind.

House of the Screaming Virgins / Blood Sucking Freaks / Heritage of Caligula / The Incredible Torture Show / Sardu, Master of the Screaming Virgins (1976) *Women are raped and gang raped on stage for the entertainment of others. The audience thinks it’s all acting, but it is, in actual fact, real. *Necrophilic acts are in this movie. *Graphic violence is used.

The House on Sorority Row (1983) *There is a rape scene in this movie, although I cannot tell how it happens. There are other sexual situations, violence, blood, gore and nudity in this film though.

The House of the Spirits (1993) *This movie begins with a brutal rape scene. *There are four rape scenes in this movie. *There are graphic sex scenes and brutality in this movie.

House of Whipcord (1975) *A disgustingly exploitative movie in which young women are lured into someone’s house. The grown son and his parents sexually assault and rape them in sick ways. They torture them as well. Sick sick sick. Grrr….

The House of Yes (1997) *Several conversations about incest take place in this movie.

The House on the Edge of the Park (1984) *EXTREMELY sleazy and graphic. *The movie is about a psychotic rapist who goes on a raping rampage. *There are numerous rape scenes. *I read a quote that says the director takes rape, suffering and violence to unbearable extremes in this movie.

Hud (1963) *The lead character nearly rapes Alma (housekeeper) while drunk but is averted by his nephew.

The Human Stain (2003) *Faunia’s recounts the events of her childhood. She says that a male relative molested her, put his fingers in her vagina and tried to rape her, causing her to run away from home.

Humanity / L’Humanite (1999) *An 11 year old is raped and murdered in a small town. *The police superintendent grieves for her. The rest of the movie deals with him trying to cope with what happened, and the possibility of him losing his humanity.

Humanoids From the Deep (1980) *Humanoid creatures drag a woman who was swimming onto a beach. They rip off her bikini, then gang rape her. *These same creatures attempt to rape a group of campers, who just happen to be nude. They escape. *A woman in a bikini contest is sexually assaulted by a creature (it rips off her bikini top), and escapes without being raped. *Nudity is used exploitatively.

Humanoids from the Deep (1996) (TV) *Five humanoid monsters kidnap and rape the women of a small village. *Some of the women are impregnated as a result of the rape. *Nudity during the rapes is seen.

Humongous (1982) *A woman is raped at a party. *She is impregnated as a result of the rape. *This son grows up to become a grotesque monster that terrorizes people. *There is a rape scene. This may be especially disturbing to viewers as some critics say this scene is overly unnecessarily, as it offers nothing to the plot.

The Hunted / Endangered / The Most Dangerous Predator is Man / Uncivilized (1994) *A young man and woman are camping in the wilderness. The woman is captured and gang raped by four drug dealers. We see the rape take place. *She escapes, and is intent upon seeking revenge.

Hunter’s Crossing / Blood Debts (1983) *There is rape in this movie, but I am unsure whether or not it is talked about or seen.

The Hurricane (1999) *A brief reference to gang rape is made. *It’s implied that a particular man is a pedophile. He approaches a group of young guys and invites one of them to ‘make him feel good”. Nothing more happens.

Hush…Hush, Sweet Charlotte (1964 – 1965) *There is a rape scene in this movie, although I cannot tell how it happens.

Hush Little Baby Don’t You Cry (1993) *A young boy is molested and tortured by his uncle. *He grows up into a loving husband and father, but is unable to heal from the pain of his past experiences. He vents his pain by killing his wife’s piano students.

The Hymens Parable (2000) *A man who is studying to be a Catholic priest. His sister was raped in the past, and he finds that his memories of the rape affects his faith.

Hysteria (1964) *I believe that there is a rape scene in this movie, but I cannot tell how it happens.


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