Terms of Use and General Disclaimer

This site is NOT to be used in any means to perpetuate or encourage the inclusion of any type of gratuitous, insensitive, sexist or emotionally unrealistic sexual assault or sexual abuse scene in the media, or to aid the viewing of these scenes.

Although we have made reasonable efforts to ensure that all information on this site is true and accurate, there is always the possibility that we have missed or overlooked some information, or have recorded information incorrectly. Also, we do not have a definitive list of all objectionable movies, just the most thorough one that we can construct.

We are providing this website as a service to others who want to use this information to empower themselves by screening any objectionable media that they might watch. With the above in mind, users of the site must be aware that it’s possible we have made a mistake or left out a film that should be on the site. Therefore, you use this website at your own risk and you must ultimately be personally responsible for choosing what movies you watch.


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