Titles that start with “O”

Television Shows:


Orange Is The New Black (2013 – present) This Netflix series centers around a group of female prisoners and their daily lives. Frequent triggers include sexual harassment, physical abuse and occasional discussions of sexual violence. OitNB Triggers has a listing of potential triggers by episode.

Outlander (2014 – present) This STARZ series, based on the novels of Diana Gabaldon, features a WWII combat nurse mysteriously transported back in time to 1743. The series portrays multiple instances of sexual violence against women and men. The main female and male protagonists are both raped at different times. In addition, spousal abuse and torture are shown on screen.

Oz (1997 – 2003) This HBO series takes place in the Oswald State Correctional Facility. Frequent scenes of assault, murder and male-on-male and gang rape are shown on screen.




O / Othello (2001) *There is a scene where the main character forcefully penetrates her after she pleads with him to stop (due to him getting rough and causing her pain).

Obsessive Love (1984) (1992) *A woman is a fan obsessed with a soap opera star. She tracks him down and seduces him. This seduction borders on (or may be, I am unsure) rape.

Octavia (1982) *A blind girl is mistreated all throughout her childhood, including being raped. *I believe that there is a rape scene in this movie but am not sure.

The Offense (1973) *This movie focuses on a detective that has been working within the British Police Force for the past 20 years. During this time, he has, among other things, witnessed or investigated countless rapes. *He investigates a young man that he suspects has been carrying out a series of brutal rapes on young women. *This investigation is the breaking point for the detective that has simply seen too much sexual violence in his lifetime. He violently attacks the man he is investigating and loses his mind.

Oliver Twist (2005) (Barney Clark, Ben Kingsley) (PG-13)
*A young boy forcibly has his clothes ripped off by other children. Full nudity is not seen. There is nothing sexual implied by this scene, but some viewers may find it disturbing.

Omega Cop II / Karate Cop / The Challenge: Omega Cop II (1991) *The character played by Chuck Norris attempts to rape a woman.

Once Upon A Time In America (1984) *This violent movie in which a gangster rapes numerous women. *He sows no guilt or remorse for his behaviour. *Every woman in this film is either prostituted, raped or sexually assaulted with a barrel of a gun. *The DVD reissue of this movie extended at least one of the rape scenes. *The audience is given the message that he rapes women because he was always taught by society that women are sex objects.

Once Were Warriors (1994) *A girl is raped in her bed by one of her father’s friends. *She withdraws completely afterwards, as a result of the rape. *Soon after, one night, her father finds that she has committed suicide. The parents break down sobbing, and that night, they go through her room where her father finds her diary. He sits there and reads all she has written (about the rape).

One Hour Photo (2002) *A man forces a husband and his mistress to pose sexually with one another while he is threatening them with a knife. He makes them get into many sexually graphic poses (including oral sex) while he takes photos of them. Very disturbing. *The woman from the above scene is found naked in a bathtub. This scene can be triggering as it is similar to the “cleansing” behaviour that sexual assault victims often experience.

One Night at Mccool’s (2001) *A man violently attempts to rape a woman who had gone out on a date with him. She manages to stop him after a fight, and the assault does not take place.

One of Her Own (TV) (1994) *A young female cop is raped by a fellow officer. *She reports the rape to her supervisors, but instead of helping her, they fire her. *The police begin to continually harass her and her family as a result of her “squealing” on her fellow cop. The police department rallies around the rapist and shuts her out. *She takes the entire police department to court as a result.

One Tough Cop (1998) *We hear about a brutal scene in which two men raped a nun, carved crosses into her skin, then urinated on her. We so not see these events take place.

The Opponent (1989) *A woman is being beaten and raped. She is rescued by a boxer.

Orgy of the Blood Parasites (1975) / Frissons / The Parasite Complex / The Parasite Murders / Shivers / They Came From Within *Parasites infect many people and turn them into sex maniacs. *Many sexual taboos are broken in this film. *There are graphic rape scene(s).

Original Sin (2001) *An ex-lover comes on to a woman and starts to touch her between the legs and on her breast. She tells him no twice, but he disregards her. He calls her a whore. He kisses her and puts his fingers inside her. We see related movements. He tells her in a threatening kind of way that he was her first and he will also be her last. Ultimately, she appears to somewhat enjoy his touch.
*A woman is alone with a room full of men after her husband is thrown out of the building. They corner her and one man says he is going to find out what other “tricks” she has. This is said in a sexual and menacing way. The woman sees that she is about to be raped and sits on a nearby table to await her fate. She is resigned to what is about to happen as she knows she cannot fight them all off. The men start to approach her. We don’t see anything else except for her walking out of the building later on and crying.

Orphans and Angels (2003) *We learn that a woman is a rape survivor. She was raped as a child. *She must deal with her troubled past throughout this movie, and takes drastic measures to help herself at the end. *While trying Ecstasy for the first time, she tells a man of her past rape. *A woman experiences unwanted strangulation / asphyxiation from her partner while they are having sex. She survives this, and her lover apologizes for his actions, as he misinterpreted what she wanted and genuinely believed he was acting according to her wishes. This scene is emotionally intense, but is not filmed exploitatively and is respectful. *The entire film does not portray the issue of rape exploitatively or callously. It treats rape and sexual assault with seriousness, respect and careful thought.

Othello / O (2001) *There is a scene where the main character forcefully penetrates her after she pleads with him to stop (due to him getting rough and causing her pain).

Our Guys: Outrage at Glen Ridge (TV)(1999) *In 1989, a group of popular athletes at a high school are accused of the gang rape of a mentally handicapped teenaged girl. *The town rallies to support the athletes and refuses to believe that they are capable of rape. *The police and the school board cover up the rape.

Out of Sight (1998) *An attempted rape takes place.

Out of Time (2003) *This movie contains a graphic scene of sexual play, acting out a rape. It does not seem as if fear is shown.

Outpost Salvador / Salvador (1986) *This movie may be especially triggering for some as it is based on true events. *This movie deals with what life was like during the military dictatorship in El Salvador in 1980. *A group of nuns (4 – 6) are gang raped, then murdered after the rapes *The rape scene is very graphic and realistic.

Outrage (1950) *A young woman, recently engaged, is pursued through alleyways and raped while on her way to her job. *She must deal with the emotional upheaval the rape causes her. *Others know that she has been raped, and she cannot stand their real and imagined censure. She runs away to hide her perceived “shame”. *A man attempts to kiss her and she seriously harms him. This is due to the kiss triggering memories of the rape and frightening her. *Perhaps the first movie made that deals with the subject of rape and the resulting emotional aftermath the survivor suffers.

Outrage! (TV) (1986) *A man is released on a technicality for the rape and murder of a young woman. *As a result, her father murders the rapist. *The failure of a legal system that protects rapists is examined.

The Outrage (1964) *A newlywed couple is traveling together. A bandit murders the husband and rapes the wife. *The story of what “really” happened is told from the viewpoint of all three.

Outrages of the Orient (1948) *This is a documentary / drama that recreates the war during WWII between Japanese troops and the Philippines. The Japanese raped and ravaged as they went. *This may be more disturbing to viewers as although it is supposed to be a factual retelling of the story, there are exploitative scenes, wherein the Japanese rip off women’s clothing and gratuitous nudity is seen.

Outside Chance / Jackson County Jail (TV) (1978) *A woman is in a jail in a small town. A corrupt jailer attempts to rape her in a holding cell. *She stops him from completing the act by killing him.

Oz (1976) *A woman is pursued by the brother of a thug she comes into contact with. He repeatedly tries to rape her.


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