Titles that start with “F”

Faces of Death (various years) *This is a series of videos that show real life gory situations. Some of these situations are rapes and sexual assaults.

Fall From Innocence (1988) *A woman is sexually abused by her father for many years as a child. We see the rape(s) take place. *She tries to deal with her past, but cannot. *She turns to drugs and prostitution for revenge and escapism. *This movie may be especially triggering as it is based on a true story.

Fallen Angel (1981) (TV) *Jennifer is a twelve year old who is unhappy. She reaches out to the coach of a football team and accepts the friendship he offers. He asks her to be his photographic model, and the photos become more and more revealing. *The coach is actually a pedophile who works in child pornography, and he tries to convince Jennifer to let him make her a star. *Jennifer’s mother intervenes. *The pedophile sees nothing wrong with falling in love with and having sex with little girls. *There are some very emotionally disturbing scenes.

Falling Down (1993) *I think that there is a rape scene in this movie, but am not certain.

A Family Divided (TV) (1995) *In this TV drama, a mother suspects that her son may have been involved in a gang rape as a perpetrator.

A Family Thing (1996) *A discussion arises about Earl’s father raping Raymond’s mother sometime in the past. (The act is not seen.)

Falsehood (2001) *This is a strange movie in which a female public defense lawyer must defend an accused rapist in the infamous Little Red Riding Hood rape trial.

Family Sins (TV) (2004) *A psychopathic woman imprisons a woman in her basement and gets her husband to rape her. *Some may find this to be especially graphic as it is based on a true story.

Far From Home (1989) *A teenager attempts to rape a 14 year old girl who is staying at a trailer park for the night.

Fat Girl / For My Sister (2001) *There are numerous very graphic sex scenes and a lot of nudity in this movie. *Child molestation is a theme in this movie. *There is also sex with under aged girls. *There is child nudity throughout. (Due to this, this movie has been made illegal in Ontario and parts of the Sates). *There is a graphic rape scene. It lasts a long time. There is also discussion about the rape. *The rape is especially problematic as the “fat girl” who is raped sees the rape as proof that she is as wanted and sexually desirable as her thinner, sexually active sister. *The girl who was raped later denies that it was rape and then embraces her attacker.

Fatal Pulse (1988) *A young woman is killed and raped after fighting with her boyfriend. *Shortly thereafter, other women are murdered in strange ways. *The boyfriend is suspected of the killings.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998) *The main character talks to a friend about raping a young girl, although this does not actually happen. *Duke tells Gonzo that they should drug the girl and give her to cops who are attending a convention. They say the cops would beat her, gang rape her and pay the men for the “pleasure”. The discussion gets graphic when it’s said that he could “penetrate every orifice in her little body” with his “throbbing member”. This does not actually take place.

Felicia’s Journey (1999) *A catering manager is found to have sexually abused more than a dozen young women. He has a young woman as a lodger, and prepares to make her his newest victim. *Much of the story of his sexual abuse attacks are told in flash backs. *We also learn how effects the sexual has had on the women.

Femme Fatale (2002) *Laurie is dancing in a sexual manner for a man. The man grabs her and seems about to rape her. Another man steps in and stops him.

Female Trouble (1974) *A young girl runs away from home and is raped.

Festen (1998) *This movie is about parental incest with his two children, and boy and a girl. The boy dramatically describes being raped in graphic detail in front of his family at a holiday meal. Nothing is seen on the screen.

Fifteen Minutes (2001) *A woman talks about seeing her sister being raped.

Fingered (1986) *The is an” art” film that is heavily sexual. *A sex phone worker and one of her clients meet, abduct a hitchhiker and rape her in a junkyard.

First Knight (1995) *There is talk of rape in two scenes, although no rape occurs. *A woman is kidnapped and part of her clothes are ripped off. She is threatened with rape, although this does not ultimately happen.

Five Bloody Graves (1970) *A cruel band of Native Indian braves is lead by Satago. He captures a young woman, strips her naked and ties her up outside. *Some men chance upon her while she is tied up and intend to rape her. *After the rape occurs, she is shot dead.

Five Corners (1987) *A young psychotic man is released from prison, after completing his time for attempting to rape a young woman. *He searches for her again, as he now has a twisted love for her.

Five the Hard Way (1967) *A motorcycle racer and his fiancée befriend a biker gang. The woman is raped and murdered by the leader of the biker hang. *Her fiancé seeks revenge on the rapist.

5 Women 6 Chairs (year unknown) *This movie is about the trauma and issues that sexual assault survivors face every day.

Flesh and Blood (1985) *Two brutal rape scenes take place in this film. *A 16th century noble tells a band of mercenaries that they can rape and pillage a city when they have taken it for him. *A woman is gang raped. *We see graphic scenes of sexual violence, including the detailed rape. *The rape survivor has empathy for her one of her rapists. She also falls in love with one of the rapists.

Flower of Louvain (2000) *A young Belgian Girl is raped by a German soldier during the Great War. *Her young love and her friends must deal with the knowledge that she was raped.

For My Sister / Fat Girl (2001) *There are numerous very graphic sex scenes and a lot of nudity in this movie. *Child molestation is a theme in this movie. *There is also sex with under aged girls. *There is child nudity throughout. (Due to this, this movie has been made illegal in Ontario and parts of the Sates). *There is a graphic rape and discussion about the rape. *The rape is especially problematic as the “fat girl” who is raped sees the rape as proof that she is as wanted and sexually desirable as her thinner, sexually active sister. *The girl who was raped later denies that it was rape and then embraces her attacker.

Forbidden Sun (1989) *12 young Olympic gymnasts train on Crete. One of the girls is raped. *The rape may be linked to ritual activity.

For My Daughter’s Honour (1996) *A15 year old student is involved with her 30 year old teacher. *The movie also deals with sexual assault other than statutory rape.

Forced Entry / The Last Victim (1975) *A man who has suffered years of childhood abuse at the hands of his mother has grown up to become a psychotic killer. He takes out his rage against women by raping them before he murders them. *He falls in love with one of his victims and she must learn to manipulate his feelings to save herself.

Forced Vengeance (1982) *A woman is kidnapped, raped and murdered in a disturbingly graphic and violent scene.

Forrest Gump (1994) *Forrest’s friend Jenny is molested by her father. She becomes a suicidal drug addict, perhaps because of it. *In one scene she has a breakdown in front of her childhood home.

Fortress (1993) *An attempted rape scene between men takes place in a prison.

40 Days and 40 Nights (2002) *A man is under a lot of stress due to his 40 day vow of abstinence. He drinks a large amount of alcohol to relieve this stress and passes out. While he is passed out, his ex-girlfriend (whose offers of sex he has previously turned down) shows up, handcuffs him to the bed, and rapes him. We see her finishing the act while on top of him. His current girlfriend discovers them at the end and blames him for the act. Rather than receiving support, he is forced to apologize to her for getting raped. He does not appear affected by the actual rape. This scene is partly played for laughs.

The 40 Year Old Virgin (2005) (Steve Carell, Catherine Keener) (R)
*The entire movie is about a group of friends that pressure a man into losing his virginity. As a result, he is manipulated into many sexual or potentially sexual situations that are uncomfortable for him. However, nothing forcibly sexual occurs.
*There is discussion about a woman giving a live sex show wherein bestiality occurs.
*The guys lock Andy in between the doors of the closed electronics store so that he must watch the porno tape that’s playing inside.

The 400 Blows (1959) *A young boy is treated horribly at home- yelled at and bribed for love. He is also mistreated by his teacher. He runs away. *There is a rape scene in this movie, perhaps by his child therapist (?).

Fotos (1996) *A woman lives in fear of sex and physical contact. *A man becomes obsessed and infatuated with this woman and attempts to rape her. *Later that same night, she makes love with a stranger for the first time. Viewers may find this especially disturbing as it is unrealistic behaviour. *It is likely that more issues concerning rape are brought up in this film, but I cannot tell this for certain from my research.

The Fountainhead (1942) *Although I can’t find concrete evidence of it in my research. I believe that there is a rape scene in this movie.

Foxfire (1996) *This film deals with a group of girls who assault a teacher because he is sexually assaulting many teens in the school. *This movie shows a small part where the teacher is masturbating while thinking about the girls. *Maddie is grabbed by the male students and thrown into their truck. They plan on raping her to teach her a lesson, but this does not happen.

Frances (1982) A woman is institutionalized, where she is tortured and gang raped daily.

Frankenstein ‘80 (1973) *This is a very misogynistic movie. *Frankenstein habitually rapes women. *He rips the clothes off women he passes in the street. *Much nudity is seen.

Freddy Vs Jason (2003) *Freddy sexually licks a woman’s face. He initially appears in disguise as her father while doing so. *Freddy is shown running his finger (which is made of razor blades) between Lori’s legs. He makes an off colour joke saying that “things tend to get a little messy the first time”. This can be taken to mean she is a virgin and that he is going to rape her.

Freeway 1 (1996) *A fifteen year old tells a counselor she meets while hitchhiking about the sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of her stepfather. *As she tells him about the abuse, she realizes that he is getting sexual enjoyment from her confessions of the abuse. *She then realizes that he is the “highway rapist’ that has been in the news for committing numerous rapes. *She attempts to escape as he tries to rape her. She shoots him in self defense, and he lives. *She is arrested for attempted murder and the rapist is made out to be a kindly, honest man, a victim and a hero. The press attacks the girl.

Freeway 2 (1999) *The main character is sexually abused by her stepfather. *She is picked up by a pedophile when she runs away. *She is pressured into lesbian sexual contact by a fellow inmate. *The sequel focuses on the sexual assault events of the first movie and adds many scenes relating to incest. *The movie contains graphic violence in relation to the assaults.

Free, White and 21 (1963) *Central to this film is whether or not an African-American business man raped a female civil rights advocate. *The majority of the movie takes place in the courtroom during the rape trial. *We see flashbacks of the rape.

Freeze Me (2000) *This movie contains multiple rape scenes, including gang rape and individual rape by different men. *A woman is gang raped by three men. The rape was filmed on camera and photographed. *She does not tell anyone about the rape or report it. Instead, she decides to leave to put it behind her. *She leaves the town that this happened and starts a new life. Five years later, one of the rapists comes back into her life and says that the other two are soon to follow. *A rapist tells her that he will show the footage and photographs of the rape to the public. He uses this threat to bribe her into becoming his sex slave. *The rapists acts as if they were lovers. He rapes her again and forces her to let him move in with her. *Her boyfriend learns about the rape and is furious at his girlfriend for it happening. She flees for her life in the face of his anger when she tells him she was raped. *She murders him after the rape, and is determined to do the same to the other two rapists.

Frenzy (1972) *This movie focuses on a vicious serial sexual predator who murders his victims. *There is graphic sexual violence. *The rape scene is filmed very realistically. *A man is wrongfully accused of the rape and murder of a woman. *The rapes are filmed from the woman’s viewpoint. This may be particularly disturbing to viewers, as the scenes are filmed to make the viewer feel as if THEY are being raped, and not just that they are merely watching a rape take place. *The main rape scene in this movie happens suddenly, which may also be more upsetting to viewers. *The rape is committed by a trusted acquaintance of the victim.

Frequency (2000) *A serial killer preys on nurses. I think (I am relying on memory here) that mention is made of the killer raping at least one of his victims. The rapes are not shown and are not talked about in detail. Photos of the victim’s bodies are briefly seen.

Friday After Next (2002) *In this movie, a homosexual rape scene takes place. It is meant to be comedic. *One man is about to rape another man. However, a pimp twists the rapist’s crotch with a pair of pliers. This scene is drawn out over several minutes.

Fright / Night Legs (1971) *There are strong scenes of sexual and physical violence. *A baby-sitter is raped by the father of the children she is looking after at the time.

Frissons / Orgy of the Blood Parasites (1975) / The Parasite Complex / The Parasite Murders / Shivers / They Came From Within *Parasites infect many people and turn them into sex maniacs. *Many sexual taboos are broken in this film. *There are graphic rape scene(s).

From Hell (2001) *A man murders a woman after tearing open her shirt. *A man cuts out a woman’s uterus after murdering her. *We hear descriptions of this removal. *Two men grab a woman. One of them threatens her with a knife and cuts the buttons off her dress. *Women are shown being kept in a cage. *A woman prostitute is having sex with a man that may not be consensual… The man is royalty and is in love with her, therefore she does not have much choice regarding sex. During this scene, she is kidnapped by men and later given a lobotomy in an institution, so she cannot tell anyone what happened. *A man watches a movie in which a man shrinks to a small size and walks into a woman’s vagina. *I think that rape is also a part of this movie, but am not 100% certain… I do know that there is a disturbing sex scene in which a man pays a prostitute for sex, and is shown having very violent sex with her against a wall in an alleyway. This scene is quite triggering, according to some who have seen it.

Frost / Jack Frost (1998) *A woman is raped by an evil snowman that rips off his nose and makes it into his penis. *She dies as a result of the brutal rape. *Nudity is seen during the rape.

Full Circle (TV) (1996) *A young woman was raped at an early age, which continues to traumatize her. *She must learn to heal from the event and also to trust enough to love.

Fury to Freedom (1985) *There is a rape scene of a male, by a male in this movie.

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