Titles that start with “E”

Edge City (1998) *A prank takes place from which rumours of a near rape arise.

8 Mile (2002) *We hear that a young girl was raped, but this plays a minor part of the movie and is not seen or described in detail.

8 mm (1999) *This movie is about “snuff” films and sexually sadistic pornography. *A man is displaying child porno films in his place, which we do not actually see. *Tom and Max watch several porno films in which nude and nearly nude women are raped and killed. We later learn that the films are faked, and that the women were acting in the porno. *Men are brutally fighting with each other. One man says “We’re gonna kill him, f*ck him, and then film it”.

El Mar (1999) *A very disturbing and violent movie that includes rape and rape of a boy.

The Emerald Jungle (1980) *A very disturbing and sadistic film. *This movie contains scenes of cult / ritual rape. *A man’s penis is cut off. *A woman is raped with a dildo dipped in snake blood. *A woman’s breast is eaten.

Emmanuel Around the World (1977) *This movie deals with a crime ring that traffics women kidnapped from around the world. *A woman investigating the crime ring talks to a sex-cult religious leader. *A rape scene is likely seen, but my research is not 100% on this.

End of Days (1999) *This movie has depravity in it, including allusions to mother to daughter sex, incest and child rape. *Satan is searching for a particular woman to rape and impregnate. *This is the main plot of the movie. *I do not think the rape ultimately takes place.

Endangered / The Hunted / The Most Dangerous Predator is Man / Uncivilized (1994) *A young man and woman are camping in the wilderness. The woman is captured and gang raped by four drug dealers. We see the rape take place. *She escapes, and is intent upon seeking revenge.

Enemy At The Gates (2001) *Although there is no rape scene in this movie, there is a graphic sex scene. There is no nudity, but the sounds, actions and facial expressions are all seen in detail. This may trigger some, as the woman’s facial expressions during sex are awful, and make her look as if she is in pain or not enjoying the act. The two are also filthy and surrounded by filth, which is off-putting.

The Entity (1982) *A sleeping woman is portrayed as feeling powerless and trapped, then she is graphically beaten and raped by an evil spirit.

Erotic Nights of the Living Dead (1980) *Zombies murder men and rape women. We see the rapes take place.

An Erotic Vampire in Paris (2002) *A young woman is raped and robbed by a stranger.

Eskimo (1933) *A white man, who is celebrating a successful whale hunt, forcibly takes the Inuit wife of the man he is trading with from her tent. He plies her with alcohol, and rapes her.

Eurotrip (2004) *A truck driver states that he stabbed a woman in a bar and sexually assaulted a horse.

Every Mother’s Worst Fear (1998) (TV) *Martha is a young girl who is facing the stress of her mother working long hours, her parent’s divorce, and being dumped by her boyfriend. She tries to alleviate her loneliness by going into internet chat rooms, There, she gets targeted by an Internet pedophile and kidnapping ring. *Once she is kidnapped, her mother must somehow find her.

The Evil Dead (1981) A woman is raped by trees in a graphic scene.

The Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn (1987) *Essentially a remake of the original movie. *There is a rape scene in this movie. *A woman is sexually assaulted by trees and vines that “come to life”. Eve’s Bayou (1997) *Central to the plot is an incident of incestuous child molestation, which is retold several times from different viewpoints.

The Evil Dead (1981) *A young girl is raped and killed by trees.

The Ex *Graphic rape scene. The First is the Sleaziest *EXTREMELY graphic. This is the first in a trilogy of movies. Girls Are For Loving and The Abductors are the following movies. *A woman is raped and depraved behaviour is seen.

Executive Decision (1996) *A rape scene is briefly seen (no nudity).

Extreme Justice (1993) *There is a rape scene in this movie.

Extremities (1986) *A graphic rape scene occurs. We then see the victim abduct and torture her rapist. *The movie is about a serial rapist. He attempts to rape Farrah Fawcett at the beginning of the movie, but she escapes. However, he had discovered her personal information such as address, name, etc. She reports the attempted rape to the police, who tell her that “it would be hard to press charges on an unknown assailant”, and so nothing is done. The rapist tracks her down to complete the rape. The ensuing scene is graphic, violent and brutal. She is attacked mentally, physically and sexually by the rapist. She manages to take control of the situation, however, and imprisons and abuses the rapist. The only redeeming quality of this film is that at the end, it gives the message that any man who rapes someone should be locked away for a life sentence, but this does not happen often enough, and rapists tend to buck the system.

Eye for an Eye (1996) *This movie is based on the opening scene in which a mother is on the phone with her daughter. Someone breaks into their home and rapes and kills her daughter. Very graphic. *The girl that was raped is also murdered. *The rapist is let loose on a technicality. *The mother of the young rape victim is distraught and obsessed with putting the perpetrator behind bars. *The movie draws attention to a system that fails to protect innocent victims.

Eyes of the Prey (1992) *A woman is brutally gang raped, beaten, and left naked and for dead. *She survives and turns to vigilante justice to punish her rapists.

Eyes of a Stranger (1981) *A woman discovers that her neighbour is actually a serial rapist that has been committing rapes within the city. *She must prove that he is the rapist before he rapes her as well. (She does.)

Eyes Wide Shut (1999) *Women are treated as sexual slaves to men. Full nudity and penetration is seen.


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