Titles that start with “S”

S21: The Khmer Rouge Killing Machine (2004) *There is a rape scene in this movie. *More info coming soon.

Sahara (1984) *A woman is almost raped in this movie.

Salo: 120 Days of Sodom (1975) *Full of scenes of torture, bondage and perverse behaviour.

Salvador/Outpost Salvador (1986) *This movie may be especially triggering for some as it is based on true events. *This movie deals with what life was like during the military dictatorship in El Salvador in 1980. *A group of nuns (4 – 6) are gang raped, then murdered after the rapes. *The rape scene is very graphic and realistic

Sand (2000) *Two brothers sexually assault a woman. *Her brother and his friends use violence to exact revenge from the rapists.

The Sandpit Generals (1971) *A gang of homeless children are made into outlaws by their leader. Among other things, they steal and rape.

Sardu, Master of the Screaming Virgins / Blood Sucking Freaks / Heritage of Caligula / House of the Screaming Virgins / The Incredible Torture Show (1976) *A sick and graphic movie in which kidnapped, naked women are tortured on stage for the audience’s enjoyment, who think it’s all acting. However, it is real. *This film has extreme misogyny, torture and humiliation of women. *Necrophilic acts are in this movie. *Graphic violence is used.

Satan Never Sleeps (1962) *A Communist leader takes over a mission church and rapes a young Chinese girl inside. *She is made pregnant as a result of the rape.

Saturday Night Fever (1977) *A man goes into the car with a female friend and tries to rape her, but does not succeed. *A woman takes drugs with some two men and goes into a car with them. The men start having sex with her and she cries as each of them has sex with her. This could easily be taken as acquaintance rape, and might well be.

Savage Streets (1984) *A group of young women get into a fight with agroup of local punks. *The punks vow revenge. As their revenge, they gang rape a young woman.

The Savage Woman (1991) *A woman is savagely beaten by her husband. She escapes into the forest. She is rescued by a man who finds her there. He nurses her back to health and begins to care for her romantically. I believe that he attempts to rape her, but am unsure as to whether or not he completes the act.

Say It Isn’t So (2001) *A man threatens to tie another man to a tree and have anal sex with him. *Unwitting incest is part of the plot of this movie.

Scarecrow (1985) *There is a rape scene in this movie. *This movie is a hard, in your face look at young kids and the atrocious ways that they treat each other. The story is shown through the eyes of an unpopular 6th grade girl. *I believe that there is a rape scene in this movie, but am uncertain.

The Scarlet Letter (1995) *A man forces a kiss on a woman. She slaps him. *A man attempts to rape a woman, but she stop him.

Scarred Memory (1996) *A man is brutally raped by a woman. He has amnesia and is sent to a ward. There, the doctor who is caring for him turns out to be his rapist. She falls in love with him.

Schindler’s List (1993) *There is a scene in which a Jewish woman is about to be raped by a Nazi. She is extremely afraid, but can do nothing. We see him touch her clothed breast. The rape does not ultimately happen.

Schooldays (1975) *Rape scene(s) occur in this movie.

Sci-Fighters (1996) *A cop must track down a serial rapist who is infecting his victims with an alien virus. The virus turns its victims into sex maniacs. The sex and rape scenes are shown.

Scottsboro: An American Tragedy (2001) *May be especially triggering as it is based on a true story. *This movie recounts the story of nine black male teenagers who were wrongly convicted of raping two white women.

Scrapbook (2000) *A young woman is kidnapped and imprisoned by a psychotic serial killer. He Beats her, keeps her naked, starves her, treats her like and animal and rapes her. *She is forced by him to write about her ordeal in a scrapbook he keeps of his many victims.

Scream (1996) *It is mentioned numerous times that Sidney’s mother was raped and murdered.

Scream 3 (2000) *References to rape are made.

A Scream From Silence (1979) *This movie is a documentary about two women, a director and her editor, that decide to make a film on the subject of rape. Rape is addressed from a feminist standpoint. The movie stems from a real life rape that took place. *Rape and it’s effects on the victims and survivors, including the greater societal impact, are discussed. *The movie opens with a woman being raped. The rape is shown in a half hour sequence. It brings up, amongst other things, anger, fear and hatred of the attacker and his actions. *Next, the film deals with the re-victimization of the rape ‘survivor’ by a society that now sees her a s a victim and blames her for the rape.

Screamer (TV) (1974) (1975) *A woman is brutally attacked and raped whilst on her way to her friend’s house. *The trauma of the event causes her to lose her mind and she is sent to a mental institution to recover. *She begins to recover and is assured her rapist is in police custody. However, she sees him wandering the streets. *She kills him in revenge, however, she may not have completed the job. The man she thought she killed shows up at the place she is staying. Further rape may occur.

Scum (1979) / Scum (TV) (1977) *This is a brutal film may be especially triggering as it is based on a true story. *The film takes place in a British young offender’s prison. Those who run the prison turn a blind eye to the brutality and sadism that takes place within the institution. *A young man is graphically gang raped by three men. This is an extremely shocking and upsetting scene, especially as no detail is left to the imagination. *A warden happily watches the rape happening instead of intervening to help the prisoner. *The rape victim commits suicide as a result of the rape, and again, no one intervenes to help him (when they likely know what is happening). Seconds Out (1993) *A boxer is framed for rape.

Secretary (2002) *There is no sexual assault in this movie, however, the plot of this movie focuses on sadomasochism, dominant/submissive role playing and belittling behaviour. Much of it is degrading and violent. Employee/employer relationships are also sexual in nature. These scenes may be triggering. *Edward (the employer) asks his employee Lee personal questions. *He’s also extremely demeaning and mean to her from time to time about her and her work. This is part of his S&M role playing. She initially dislikes it but later likes it.

Secret Desire (1975) *A daughter is beaten and raped by her father. *The maid and other women are also raped by her father.

The Secret She Carried (TV) (1996) *A married teacher is brutally raped in her home. *The rapist threatens her and her husband in an attempt to stop them from going to the police. *She goes to hospital to recover and then reports the rape to the police. *She is pregnant but doesn’t know whether the pregnancy is due to her husband or the rapist. *Later, the rapist seeks her out again. It is unclear whether or not she is raped for a second time. *He learns of her pregnancy and tells her that if anything happens to “his” baby, or if the woman has an abortion, then she will die.

Seed of Chucky (2004)
*The whole premise of the movie is that a woman is artificially inseminated against her will while drugged and passed out. She is inseminated (some might say raped) with a turkey baster while unconscious. She becomes pregnant and gives birth a s a result.
*A man and a woman are beginning to have sex. They are knocked out by spiked champagne.
*For those sensitive to voyeurism, a paparazzi photographer secretly takes photos of a woman being intimate with a man. During this scene, we see Chucky secretly watching the couple and masturbating into a cup.
*While a pregnant woman is unconscious and in bed, Chucky attempts to feel her covered breasts.
*We see a female doll insert a turkey baster into an unconscious woman’s vagina in order to impregnate her. We do not see anything explicit in this scene, but we do see it happening.
*We see the sperm travel through the vagina to the egg.
*A man who is hiring for a part in a movie accepts an offer of sex from a woman trying to get the job. He only gives her the job once she says she will have sex with him.
*A doll’s parents take their son’s pants down to discern if he is a boy or girl. No doll genitalia are seen (as the doll does not have any).

Serenity (2005) *References made to characters known as “Reavers” who rape, murder and cannibalize other humans. An audio recording of a Reaver attack is played at one point without any clear indication of rape, although implied by the behaviour of the Reavers, established in the prior series Firefly and references made earlier in the film.

Sergeant Rutledge (1960) *A black sergeant in a cavalry regiment is wrongfully accused of rape and murder. *The movie focuses on the rape trial, which tells the story of the rape through flashbacks.

Session 9 (2001) *Mike tells a story in which a patient was regularly raped by her father and grandfather when she was ten. She also described satanic practices and orgies. However, the patient was making this story up.

Seven (1995) *This movie included a rough sex scene as well as a graphic, disturbing rape which is talked about but not shown.

Seven Beauties (1976) *This movie may be especially triggering to some as the rape scene is played for comedic relief. *A mental patient is raped while being held spread-eagled.

Sex: The Annabel Chong Story (R) (1999)
*There is one scene in which characters revisit the site of a rape. I am unsure if the act is seen.
*We find out that the main character was gang raped when she was a teenager. The viewer is made to think about whether or not her current life choices, (in which she permits herself to be used in the world’s record gang bang), were made as a result of her earlier rape. (Hmmm….)

Sex in the Classroom (1974), (1969) / The Boys Who Slaughter / Naked Violence (1969) *This movie focuses on an adult who encourages a classroom of troubled teens to gang rape and murder their teacher (female). *The search for this adult and the interrogation of the raping teens takes up the rest of the movie.

Sex is Comedy (R) (2002)
*The main plot of this movie is that a group of movie creators who are trying to make a movie with a real sex scene. The actress and actor do not want to have intercourse, as they dislike each other. Most of the movie focuses on the movie creators trying to convince them to have sex with each other.
*At the end of the movie, we see the filming of the sex scene. The woman, while in bed with the man, is concerned about losing her virginity in this way. The man, apparently tired of waiting, suddenly rapes her anally in a graphic and emotional scene. We see this act take place.

Sex and Death 101 (2007) *A man who is attempting to abstain from sex is raped by several schoolgirls and a bus driver after he is injured in an accident.

Sexual Dependency (2003) *This movie focuses on the stories of three women and how each experiences sexuality differently. Sexual themes including rape are discussed.

Shame (1987) (1994) *A teenager is date raped (gang raped). *The central character helps her through her anguish and trauma. *She helps her press charges against the rapists. *We lean that the gang has also recently raped another girl. *The gang and the local people are determined to keep the rape quiet and attempt to kill the young girl’s family and the woman who helped her.

The Shame of Patty Smith / Gang Rape / Doctor Please Help Me / The Case of Patty Smith / Patty / (1962) *The plot focus of this film is the rape resulting in the pregnancy of a woman, and her desire to have an abortion.

The Shaming / Good luck Ms. Wyckoff / The Sin (1979) *A schoolteacher is raped by a student. *Some reviews say it wasn’t the student, but the janitor that raped her. *She then begins a relationship with her rapist.

Sharpe’s Honour (TV) (1994) *A young woman is manipulated into falsely accusing a man of rape.

Shattered Image (1998) *This film deals with a woman whose life and emotions have been shattered by a rape and ensuing attempted suicide.

Shattering the Silence (TV) / Not in My family (TV) (1993) *This movie is about a woman suffering from post-partum depression. The period of depression brings on repressed memories and flashbacks of her own father molesting her as a child. *She discusses these memories with a therapist. *In a difficult to watch scene, we see the woman blaming herself for the abuse and molestations she suffered. *We learn that her niece was also raped by the woman’s father. *The molester, in present day, is still abusing children. He is caught abusing his granddaughter. *the woman confronts her mother with the knowledge that she was molested as a child. The mother is less than sympathetic / empathetic.

The Shawshank Redemption (1994) *A male on male prison gang rape happens off screen.

She Cried No (TV) (1996) *A college student attends a party she is invited to. She is raped and humiliated at the party. *The rest of the movie deals with her attempt to get justice and revenge from the rapist.

She Fought Alone (1995) *This movie involves a woman who is raped, while supposedly hanging out with the wrong crowd. No one believes her. *Later, the one who raped her also tortures her. *A court scene regarding the rape ensues.

She Hate Me (2004)
*A doorman is sleazy and tries to come on to various women as they ride in an elevator. They do not want his attention. He lifts up the skirt of one of the women.
*It is mentioned that in the past, a fertility doctor impregnates over 70 women with his own sperm. Some may not be comfortable with the intrusiveness and violation of this act.
*While having sex with a man, a woman says “stick me” and “stab me”, meaning with his penis. Although this is said for laughs, some may be uncomfortable with this violent sexual tone.

She Said No (TV) (1990) *A woman is raped by a lawyer. *She presses charges against him, but the jury is unable to reach a verdict. *The D.A.’s office chooses not to retry the case. As a result, the lawyer sues the woman he raped for malicious prosecution and slander. The ensuing trial is invasive and leaves the woman feeling assaulted all over again.

She Woke Up Pregnant (TV) (1996) *A dentist uses heady sedatives on his female patients while performing dental surgery. When they are asleep, he rapes them. *One woman is impregnated from his rape. *She presses charges and the dentist denies that he did anything wrong, insisting that she was not raped and that they were having an affair. *The woman’s marriage crumbles and her world comes apart as she attempts to prove she was raped.

She’s So Lovely (1997) *A woman is sharing drinks with her neighbour. He attempts to rape her and beats her. We do not see the attempted rape, but we do see the beating. *Her husband discovers what has happened and loses control. He accidentally shoots a police officer and is put into a mental institution.

The Shipping News (2002) *We learn that a father raped his young daughter. *We see a flashback of one of the above rapes. While ice skating, he pins her to the ground to rape her. We see the act take place and hear her screams and cries. *Mention is made of statutory rape resulting in a 12 year old being a father. * Billy tells Quoyle that there’s another Quoyle on the island who supposedly slept with his wife after she was dead.

Shivers / Frissons / Orgy of the Blood Parasites / The Parasite Complex / The Parasite Murders / They Came From Within (1975) *Parasites infect many people and turn them into sex maniacs. *Many sexual taboos are broken in this film. *There are graphic rape scene(s).

The Shooter (2007) *The lead female character is raped although it is not shown onscreen. She later shoots her rapist in the crotch and shows signs of PTSD.

Showgirls (1995) *A graphic, violent gang-rape occurs near the end of the movie.

Sideways (R) (1998)
*A woman falsely tells people that she was raped and beaten by a black man. As a result, the already prejudiced community goes on a man hunt.

Sidney Sheldon’s A Stranger in the Mirror (1993) (TV)
*A woman agrees to become an actress for an indie movie. When she arrives to work on the set, they movie producers drug her coffee and rape her on film while she is drugged. They turn this filmed rape scene into a porno film. This scene is explicit with nudity.
*Also, a viewer wrote to me that there is a scene in which an actress must have sex with a younger director in order to get a role. He rapes her anally in a graphic scene.

Silent Night, Deadly Night – Part 2 (1987) *This movie contains a rape scene(s).

Silent Victim (1992) *This story may be especially triggering as it is based on true events. *A house wife suffers from violent domestic abuse. Her husband beats her because she is unable to conceive. She attempts to commit suicide, and it turns out that she was pregnant and miscarried as a result. Her husband sues her for losing the baby, using “property damage” and “breach of trust” accusations. Pro-life and pro-choice activists interfere, making her life an even bigger living hell. *I believe this movie contains a scene of marital rape.

Silent Witness (TV) (1985) *The son of a affluent family and his friends gang rape a woman in a bar. There are many witnesses to the act, but they do nothing to stop the men or help the woman. *A witness to the rape is under heavy pressure not to testify against the rapists.

The Sin / The Shaming / Good luck Ms. Wyckoff (1979) *A schoolteacher is raped by a student. *Some reviews say it wasn’t the student, but the janitor that raped her. *She then begins a relationship with her rapist.

Sin City (R) (2005)
*An 11 year old is abducted by a pedophile. The audience is told that this girl will be raped and blugeoned unless someone saves her. We see her tied up to a chair while she is being held by the pedophile. She is rescued. I am unsure of to what extent she is harmed by the peophile.
*We see the pedophile whip this girl. He tells her that what he is doing is just foreplay to him. She comments that he can’t get turned on unless she screams. We are also shown other scenes in which he acts against the child, but I do not know to what detail that is seen.
*A man tears off the genitals of another man.
*A man is shot in the genitals.
*A man makes the threat, “I’ll cut you in ways that will make you useless to a woman.” This is said while a blade is held to the victim.
*We see a woman who is being held captive by a madman. She is cowering and naked in his holding cell. No explicit nudity is seen.
*The movie hints at incest when a man says that he wants to taste a woman through her twin sister.
*A man admits to being a child molester (which he is not) in order to save someone’s life.

Sins of the Mother (TV) (1991) *A seemingly normal man is responsible for a string of violent rapes that have occurred. *This movie may be unsettling to viewers in particular because the movie seems suggest that his upbringing (a mother that verbally abuses him) is responsible for his urge to rape.

Sister, Sister (1987) *Two sisters live together in a secluded location are haunted of memories of an attempted rape by one of the sister’s boyfriend. They killed him in self defense.

Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity (1987) *This movie has bondage and a rape scene.

Slaves to the Underground (1997) *A woman is raped by the friend of her boyfriend. She leaves her boyfriend because of this, but her ex boyfriend is not aware of the events that unfolded.

Slayers (1999) *A woman is rescued from an attempted rape.

Sleepers (1996) *This movie is about boys who were badly behaved and so were sent to a home for boys. The guards at the home were sadistic and pedophiles. The boys had to endure many beatings and gang rapes. *The boys make a pact not to let anyone ever know what happened to them. *Four boys are forced to give two guards oral sex. * It is implied and discussed that the boys were raped by the guards, although these scenes are not actually shown, even during flashbacks. * A boy is raped with one of the guard’s nightsticks while they degrade the Catholic religion.

Sleeping with the Enemy (1991) *This movie contains scenes of marital rape, and a woman who is emotionally distraught, scared and disgusted while having sex with her husband. *Some may be especially triggered as there is absolutely no emotional attachment or involvement during sex with her husband. *When her boyfriend makes sexual advances to her, she has a panic attack. He understands from her reactions that she has been sexually assaulted or has had negative sexual experiences.

Sleepover (2004) *Staci ( a teen-aged woman) is driving with her boyfriend. Instead of going to the dance, he stops the car and tells her that they are skipping the dance. He begins to kiss her. She asks him to stop. He them reminds her that she promised that they would “hook up” (which is a term that can mean anything from kissing to going on a date to having sex). He tries to kiss her again and tries to pressure her, saying “Come on”. She tells him to get off her, and her tells her to get out of the car. She does and he leaves her there.

Sleepy Hollow (1999) *The horseman appears to be kissing a woman. However, we see that he was really biting her, and blood trickles down from their mouths. *A woman is punished for her evil deeds by being aggressively pulled down by a zombie she has summoned. He kisses her so violently that her lips bleed. *I believe that there is a much more severe and graphic sexual assault scene, but I cannot find a write up of this in my research.

Slugs: The Movie (1988) *A woman (Pam) fights off a rapist only to end up killed by slugs. It really is that bad.

Slumdog Millionaire (2008) *A woman endures forced prostitution, an abusive marriage and further rape.

The Smokers (2000) *This movie tells the story of an event that took place in the past. Three female friends about to graduate from college can no longer stand the treatment they have suffered at the hands of fellow male students. They use guns to turn the tables so to speak on the boys that made their lives miserable with their leering looks, lecherous behaviour and their treatment of women as sex objects. They stage a sexual assault on one of the boys.

Snake Eater 3 – His Law (1992) *A group of outlaw bikers beat and rape a young woman. *A male cop seeks revenge on her behalf.

Snitch (2013) *A young man preparing to go to college is entrapped by a friend and imprisoned for a single drug offense. It is implied that he was beaten and raped in custody.

The Snow Creature (1954) *A yeti is taken to the USA and escapes from confinement. It rapes and pillages until it is killed.

Snow Kill (1990) *A group of corporate business executives go on a mountain wilderness trip. There, they encounter a gang of drug smugglers. These men murder and rape the group.

Society (1989) *This movie contains elements of incest. *There is a rape scene in this movie. *There are also scenes of perverse and disturbing sex, incest and cannibalism.

Sold for Marriage (1916) *A Russian woman is raped. She kills a man and thinks that he may be her rapist. She flees to America.

Someone to Love Me (TV) (1998) *Cayley is a young high school student who is trying to cope with the death of her father. She begins a new school and is lonely and depressed. She seeks comfort from a classmate and has sex with him on the first date. He ignores her after the date. She is then seduced by his friend, and has sex with him as well. She starts getting counseling and changes her behaviour. However, the first boy she has sex with approaches her, expecting sex. She refuses, and he rapes her. *She attempts to seek justice for the rape, but her reputation stops this from happening easily or fairly.

A Soldier’s Daughter Never Cries (1998) *A boy is with Channe in a tree house. He shows her his genitals (which we don’t see). She tries to leave because of this and he struggles with her to make her stay.

Sonny Boy (1990) *A crook and his transvestite ‘girlfriend’ find a small boy. They raise him like a caged animal and teach him to lie , steal and kill on command. As a result, he grows up with no sense of right or wrong. *There is rape in this movie, but I am unsure whether it is just talked about or seen. Likely seen though, given the dark nature of the film.

The Son’s Room (2002) *A man confesses to his therapist that he is scared that he might rape a child.

Sophie’s Choice (1982) **A young Polish refugee from WW2 recounts the atrocities she experienced there. We see flashbacks of the horror and pain she underwent. We see flashbacks of her rape. *A woman has a daughter as the result of a rape.

Sorority Boys (2002) *The following scene is used for comedy: a fratboy gives a man a date rape drug, thinking that he is a woman and that he could rape her when the drug started working. He does have sex with him/her.

Spartan (2004) *The daughter of the president of USA is kidnapped. It is believed that she has been taken by henchmen of a sex slave ringleader. *We do not see any sexual assault take place. *We learn that a pimp has date rape drugs with him. *Characters talk about certain women (who are sex slaves) being drugged. *A male member of the military hassles another man who is of lower rank. He vaguely threatens to have (unwanted) sex with him.

Species II (R) (1998)
*There is a scene in this movie that seems potentially triggering. I have not watched the movie and kind find detailed sources about it, but there seems to be a scene in it which can be described as ‘alien rape’.

Spellbinder (1988) *A woman escapes from a blood thirsty cult. They catch her and rape her in the street. She is saved by a man who happens to witness the scene. The attackers later come for him, too.

Spetters (1980) *In this movie, a male gang rape of male biker takes place. This is a somewhat graphic scene.

Spiderman (2002) *This is a scene that I find most viewers don’t even remember. I find this especially troubling… what does it say about our society when a near rape scene is entirely forgettable to the viewers? *Mary Jane, the heroine of the movie, finds herself in an alley. A group of menacing men jeer at her and approach her with the intent to rape her. Spiderman saves her at the last second.

Spring 1941 (2008) *A Jewish family is in hiding in the attic of a female Polish farmer. She falls in love with the Jewish husband who helps her with work around the farm. She rapes him repeatedly through coercion with the threat that she will throw his family out on the street and restricts his ability to see his family.

Spun (2002) *A man on speed ties a woman (a stripper and his sometimes-sex partner) spead-eagled and naked to a bed in a hotel room. He covers her mouth with ductape. He leaves her there for many days with a cd playing loudly on skip so no one can hear her scream to be untied. He comes back a few times to apologize, but doesn’t untie her. *There is no actual rape scene in this movie. However, he is so high that he doesn’t realize how awful his actions are, which may be sexual assault in itself. It is hard to tell what has been consented to, so the lines are blurred. Be careful.

The Squid and the Whale (2005) (Jeff Daniels, Laura Linney) (R)
*A male teacher is living with one of his young students. He pressures her to have sex with him (although in at least one instance she is not adverse to having sex with him). He gropes her, tells her to put him in his mouth (to have oral sex). In the oral sex scene she is uncomfortable. He’s feeling her up and then someone walks in on them, ending the act.
*A boy masturbates pubicly (I include this as an act of sexual assault because I believe that it is a kind of sexual assault for unsuspecting people to see sex acts in public, when they have every expectation and right to be free of witnessing things like that.)

SS Experiment Part 2 / SS Hell Camp / Horrifying Experiments of the S.S. Last Days / The Beast in Heat / (1977) *A fictionalized movie about atrocities committed in a WWII P.O.W. camp. *A Nazi creates a half man, half beast male monster that she uses to torture, sexually assault and molest female prisoners. *The monster is kept on aphrodisiacs to ensure it will want to rape. *Excessive nudity, exploitation and sadism is seen.

Stage Beauty (2004)
*This whole movie deals with sexism.
*A man pinches a woman’s butt. He attempts to do the same to another woman, but she slaps his hand away.
*The movie takes place at a time when it was illegal to have a woman on stage. A man fondles a woman’s clothed breast and reminds her that it’s illegal to “have those on stage”.
*A man gets angry with another person for refusing to do anything sexual with him.
*A woman is performing on stage and is naked behind a shield. King Charles II then runs on stage and runs his hand up and down her butt.
*A woman is getting her portrait painted. The painter says that he can only paint beauty with her breasts exposed. She exposes her breast and is very reluctant about doing so.
*A man is brutally beaten up by a group. They kick him in the testicles.

The Stalking of Laurie Show (TV) (2000) *A teenaged girl, (Laurie), is shy and becomes friends with a popular girl from school (Michelle). Michelle’s boyfriend rapes Laurie in a barn. *Michelle finds them as she is being raped and vows to ruin Laurie’s life out of jealousy.

Star 80 (1983) *This movie may be especially upsetting for viewers as it is based on the real life experiences of Dorothy Stratten, a Playboy playmate. *A nearly naked woman is strapped to an x-ray table and is raped. This is likely a ‘fictitious” rape scene done for a pornography movie.

Starlet (1969) *This film is about actresses making sexually exploitative movies. Much nudity is seen. *There is a graphic rape scene(s) in this movie.

Starship Troopers (1997) *We see rapists and murderers punished for their crimes. *Rape or sexual assault do not take place in this movie.

Star Trek: Nemesis (2002) *Although sexual assault does not actually take place, the following scene may be triggering. Riker begins to make love to Troi. Suddenly, she looks up and sees that riker has turned into Shinzon who says, “He can never touch you like I can”. He then becomes forceful. Shinzon then becomes Viceroy and Troi screams. Riker brings her back to the present and what’s real.

The Statement (2003) During WWII, a young nazi orders some men to take off their pants, in an attempt to humiliate them. We do not see anything explicit.

Stateside (2004) *A woman (Dory) is drugged. Her band members all go into a room where she is alone. It is implied that they rape her, although we do not see anything happen or hear anything. *She later makes comments referring to a “gang bang”.

Statute of Limitations (2004) *This is a thriller that focuses on a woman who is brutally gang raped in college by three wealthy students. *She is paid not to report the rape until the statute of limitations expires. *Years later, the rapists return to her life.

Steel and Lace (1991) *A woman is gang raped by 5 or more men. *The woman reports the rape, but the main rapists is acquitted, as his friends (the other rapists) give testimony that helps his case. *The rape survivor is unable to cope with the devastation caused by the rape and the subsequent acquittal. She commits suicide as soon as the trial is over.

The Stendhal Syndrome (1996) *A female Special Victims Unit officer goes to Italy to try to catch a brutal serial rapist that was on the loose. *The rapists befriends her (she does not know that he is the rapist). Then he brutally rapes her. This scene is horrifying and she barely manages to escape with her life. *She receives therapy for the rape. *She develops self injuring behaviour such as cutting herself and ripping out her hair. *She develops ‘acting out’ of the rape behaviour- she throws her boyfriend against a wall and humps him from behind. *Her rapist tracks her down again, and viscously rapes her once more. This includes a scene where she is shackled to a dirty mattress.

Sticking Together (1996) *There is rape in this movie, but I am unsure whether or not it is talked about or seen. *There is an attempted prison rape scene.

Stir of Echoes (1999) *A teenaged boy violently slams a woman onto the ground, breaking off her fingernail and knocking out one of her teeth. He fondles her clothed breast and rapes her. This scene is extremely triggering according to some who have watched the movie. *Another boy joins the scene and they murder her by suffocation. *Some may be particularly triggered by this scene, as the boys who raped and murdered her got her to come over by pretending to be her friend.

Stoked: The Rise and Fall of Gator (2002) (2003) *A pro skateboarder confesses to the brutal rape and murder of a well known female skateboarder. *He serves a 31 years to life sentence for the rape and murder. *This movie is based on a true story.

Story of Adrien (1980) *There is rape in this movie, but I am unsure whether it is just talked about or shown.

The Story of Esther Costello (1957) *A woman meets a blind, deaf and dumb young woman and takes her under her wing. This woman’s innocence attracts the unwanted attention of sleazy promoters and the caretaker’s ex-husband. *There is rape in this movie, but I am unsure as to if it is just discussed or seen.

The Story of Joan of Arc (The Messenger) (1999) *Note: It’s likely that other remakes of the Joan of Arc story refer to rape in some way. *Joan runs home where her older sister hides her in a closet where she then sees some English soldiers accost her sister. The sister tries to hit one of them with a sword but he grabs her, and rips open her shirt while kissing her. She then slaps him and in turn he slams her back against a closet door, lifts her from the floor by her neck and then runs a sword through her body. He then proceeds to violently rape her up against the door. *Visions of this scene replaying in her mind are shown.

Story of O, The Series (1992) *This movie has numerous scenes of kidnapping and bondage of a group of women, torture, humiliation, sadism, sexual assault and rape. *The torture comes at the hands of a group of young, wealthy men. *The torture lasts for several weeks. *One of the women falls in love with her torturer, who is also in love with her. *The grand finale of this movie is this woman realizing that when a person is in love, then that person is not really free at all.

Storytelling (2002) *We find out that Consuelo’s son committed rape and murder. *A young boy asks what rape is and it is explained as what someone does when they are in love with someone but that person does not love them back.

Strange Days (1995) *This movie contains a graphic rape scene.

Strangeland (1998) *This movie is about a sadistic man who enjoys torturing his victims, often in a sexual way. *Genevieve has a nightmare regarding attempted rape by Howdy. *Howdy says “I bet Genevieve felt an awful lot like this when I was inside her.”

Straw Dogs (1971) *Graphic gang rape scene of a married woman by her ex boyfriend and his friends. *The fact that the rape victim enjoys part of the rape is actually written into the script. I’m so angry about this… It leads to the perpetuation of rape myths. *The rape scene is highly eroticised and meant to titillate. *She is crying during the rape, but the viewer is left with the impression that she half consented to the rape. *There are elements of child abuse in this film. *The DVD of this movie has prolonged scenes of the rape which inadvertently make it look as if it was consensual.

The Street Fighter (1974) *Lead character Terry Tsurugi stops the attempted rape of his client in one scene, yet enabled a gang rape and forced prostitution of another client’s little sister in a prior scene.

A Streetcar Named Desire (1931) (1995) *An implied rape takes place.

Striking Point (1994) *I think that there is a rape scene in this movie, but am unsure.

Submission (year unknown) *There is a rape scene(s) in this movie.

The Substitute (1996) *A high school teacher is raped by a gang of young school kids. The scene is shown. *Her boyfriend, a top secret mercenary, goes undercover as a substitute teacher in order to find the culprits and seek justice.

Sudden Death (1985) *A woman gets into a cab that has actually been stolen by two criminals. She is raped by both of them. *She is left on the sidewalk to die.

Sudden Impact (1983) *A woman is gang raped by a group of hoodlums. It is not clear whether or not the scene is shown, or if we are just told about it. *A man is intent on tracking down and killing all of the men involved in her rape. *We learn that a woman was enthusiastically watching the rape take place and did nothing to help.

Sugar Hill (1994) *We see a rape victim as she is lying down after the rape. We see her naked buttocks. *We see violent flashbacks of the rape, including seeing men between her legs unzipping their pants.

Summer in Heat (1979) *A man is raped with a vegetable and a woman is gang raped.

Sunshine (2000) *A woman tells her husband that she wants a divorce. He then grabs her and tells her he loves her. Then he rapes her and cries about it afterwards. This scene is brutally graphic.

Super (2010) *The lead male character Frank is raped by the lead female character Libby. While it is played for laughs, he vomits afterward.

Super Woman (1976) (I think) *There is a graphic rape scene(s) in this movie.

Supercharger (1971) *There is a rape scene(s) in this movie.

Supergirl (1984) *The lead character beats up two truckers who attempt to gang rape her.

Supersleuth (TV) (2001) *Two serial rapists rape, torture and murder 10 women. *This lead to the longest trial in American History. *I believe this movie is based on fact, but am not sure.

Surviving Christmas (2004)
*A woman makes some sexy poses for a professional photographer. She was clothed. The photographer then alters the photos to make it look as if she had posed nude for him in a porn shoot. He then takes those photos and puts them on the internet. This causes disruption between herself and her husband, who believes she posed for pornographic photos.

Surviving Picasso (1996) *In one scene Picasso says the line “the eye is a sexual organ. Looking at a woman is like rape.”

The Survivor’s Club (TV) (2004) *Three women are all raped at separate times by the same man. They bond together and are determined to put him in jail for his crimes. *We see at least one of the rapes take place and see / hear her mental and physical anguish. *We see nudity after the rape, but no private parts are visible. *Some say this movie is filmed in such a way as to trivialize rape.

Suspect Zero (2004)
*This movie deals with finding killers, sexual predators and child abusers.
*We see a boy get abducted by a driver in a semi.
*A rapist grabs a woman as she is making her way out to her car. They struggle and he abducts her in his vehicle. He hits her head on the dash repeatedly to stun and control her. He partially undresses her and rapes her. We see her bare breasts and related movements.
*Immediately after the rape, a man kills the rapist for what he’d just done.
*During a flashback scene, we see a detective’s memories of a teen aged girl and a woman lying clothed in front of a sexual predator.
*A man mentions that when he had threatened men in the past, some had offered sexual favours to try to prolong their lives.

The Sweet Hereafter (1997)
*We see a scene in which a girl’s father begins to be physically intimate with her. I am not sure exactly how much is seen.

Sweet Smell of Death (1994) *This movie is about a serial rapist. I *think* that the rapes are seen.

Swept Away (1975) *During a physical struggle, a man gets on top of a woman and pulls off her pants. He is about to rape her when she agrees to have sex with him (but she is being forced to do so).

Switchblade Sisters (1975) *A man brutally rapes a young girl in her own home. *She does not fight back during the rape (because of reasons revealed later). *She is shown as staring to enjoy the rape. *This act is done as her initiation into a gang. *The rape is used a tool of power over the new gang member by the rapist. *We learn that all the members in a female gang must be raped by this same man.

Swordfish (2001) *A hacker is forced to break into a DoD computer network with a gun to his head while being subjected to oral rape by a prostitute..

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