Titles that start with “R”

Radio Flyer (1992) *A father recounts his childhood in which his alcoholic father beat his mother and abused him and his brother.

The Rage: Carrie II (1999) *This movie does not show rape or blatant sexual assault, but I have included it here because the men in the movie show reprehensible attitudes toward women, especially when it comes to having sex. Also, there are off colour jokes about killing the women you sleep with and of a woman unknowingly being filmed while having sex. *One man asks another what sex with his partner is like. He makes a comment about splitting her in half. *During the same discussion, they talk about a scoring system for sex, and talk about her point value if she was dead. *Men play a videotape of a woman and man having sex. This was videotaped without her knowledge or consent.

Rain (1932) *A prostitute is quarantined on an island along with a group of people. A reverend forces her to repent her ways and then rapes her. *He commits suicide after he has completed the act.

Random Passage (mini series) (2002) *This series follows a woman’s journey from hardship in England to Outport, Newfoundland. Along this journey, she is attacked and an attempted rape takes place.

Rape and Marriage – The Rideout Case (1980) *There is a rape scene in this movie. *More info coming soon.

Rape Me (Baise-Moi) (2001) *This movie focuses on brutal rape and gang rape. The rapes are shown in long, drawn out and graphic detail.

Rape of Innocence / The Common Man (1975) *Two couples and their children go on an annual camping trip together. The daughter grows up into a young woman, and her father’s friend rapes and murders her during one of these camping trips.

Rape of Malaya / Town Like Alice (1956) During WWII, the Japanese capture the British. The male POWs are sent off to labour camps, but there is no camp for the female Pows. So, they are forced to march from place to place. The women are treated abusively and sadistically by their captors.

The Rape of Richard Beck / Violated (TV) (1985) *This movie is about a police man who believes that rape victims bring it on themselves. He changes his mind when he is raped by two men. *We see the rape scene, which is graphic. *He is shown going through all of the after effects and trauma of rape, both emotional and psychological.

Rape Squad / Act of Vengeance (1974) *A number of women are all raped in the same savage and humiliating way. They bond together to seek vengeance. *Although this film is anti-rape, it is exploitative. *Much gratuitous nudity is seen.

Rashomom (2003)

Ratcatcher (year unknown) *A very dark film. *A woman is taunted endlessly by a group of thugs. They wear her down. She then allows them to use her for sex, an act that borders on rape.

Raw Deal: A Question of Consent (2001) *This is a documentary of the events that took place at a frat party. A woman, or women (this is not clear to me from my research) claims rape took place at the party. The frat boys claim that the sex was consensual. *This movie may be especially disturbing to viewers because it is interspersed with actual footage of the sex acts filmed at the party. *The footage led to the police deciding not to press charges against the fraternity. *This decision led to the formation of an organization called N.O.W., which helped to get the fraternity banned from campus.

Realm of the Senses (1976) *A man rapes an elder geisha woman. The scene is graphic.

Reanimator (1985) *There is a twisted scene in which the reanimated head of a dead man lasciviously licks the body of a woman in bondage. Her lobotomized father watches the scene.

A Reason to Believe (1995) *A popular girl goes to a party and drinks. When she realizes she is getting drunk, she decides to go home. However a boy she danced with at the party meets up with her and rapes her. *She feels ashamed and self blame for the incident and is afraid to speak out against the rapist. *She finally gains the courage to tell what happened to her, but she is not believed. *The man that raped her sees nothing wrong with what he has done and considers the sex act to be consensual. *Members of his fraternity and feminist groups from the campus begin to piece together the true story of what happened.

The Rebel Rousers (1970) *A member of a biker gang begins to sexually assault a woman. Someone intervenes. *In a disgusting twist, the potential rapist and the man that intervened decide to have a race to decide the argument. The winner of the race will “get” the woman, and will be able to have his way with her if he wishes.

Red Corner (1997) *A lawyer is erroneously accused of rape and murder.

Red Dragon (2002) *During a very quick flashback, the breasts of a rape victim are shown. *Two men tell lies, saying that the killer sexually assaults his male victims and that his family is incestuous. *We are told that a mother was raped before she was killed. We do not see this take place.

Red Heat (1985) *An American woman visiting West Germany is caught up with a defecting spy. She is caught, brutally interrogated and taken to prison. The guards sadistically torture and rape her.

Red To Kill (1994) *Guaranteed to trigger. *Locals rally to blame residents of a shelter for the mentally handicapped for a recent increase in the number of rapes. *A woman is shown being raped. *Other residents in the shelter are raped. *The disgust and fear of the rape victims are portrayed very graphically and realistically. *An unfair and unresolved rape trial takes place. *The rape scenes are savagely violent. The rapist’s repressed sexuality is used as a reason for committing the crimes.

Redneck County / Redneck County Rape / Heartbreak Hotel / Black Vengeance / Poor Pretty Eddy / (1973) * An exploitative film. * A famous woman is driving though the deep country when she meets up with an Elvis impersonator. He attempts to rape her. The attempt is shown in graphic detail.

Reform School Girls (1986) *In this movie, juvenile delinquents sent to reform school are tortured by a female “warden”. *My research is not definitive, but I believe that there is a rape scene(s) in this movie.

Regarding Henry (1991) *There is rape in this movie, but I am unsure whether it is seen or talked about.

Relax… It’s Just Sex (1998) *Two gay men are attacked and fight back against their attackers. They rape one of their attackers. *They and their friends must somehow cope or come to terms with what took place.

Repulsion (1965) *This movie is about a sexually repressed young woman who lives with her older sister. She disapproves of her sisters boyfriend. When her sister and her boyfriend go away on vacation, the young woman falls into a depression and has numerous fantasies, hallucinations and nightmares of rape. *This movie is about a sexually repressed young woman who lives with her older sister. She disapproves of her sisters boyfriend. When her sister and her boyfriend go away on vacation, the young woman falls into a depression and has numerous fantasies and nightmares of rape. *There are numerous rape scenes in this movie, including one very graphic and disturbing one. *This movie is filmed to be very psychologically threatening to the viewer. *There are numerous rape scenes in this movie, including one very graphic and disturbing one. *This movie is filmed to be very psychologically threatening to the viewer.

Requiem for a Dream (2000) *A drug addicted woman runs out of money and has sex with her therapist in return for drugs. Can be very triggering, especially as she does not want to sleep with him but feels she has to.

Return to Innocence (2001) *Tommy is a young boy that has been physically, emotionally and sexually abused since he was an infant. He is taken into custody by the Department of Social Services. *He was finally discovered as being abused when his mother makes child pornographic videos of him and sells them on the internet. *While receiving counseling, he falls in love with his counselor, who reciprocates that love. *The movie heavily deals with the process and problems involved in the prosecution of a child sexual abuse accusation.

Revenant / Modern Vampires (1998) *This movie includes what has been called a “bizarre and borderline rape scene” near the end of the movie. *This scene intended to be comedic.

Revenge (1971)(1990) *A family attends the funeral of their young daughter who was raped and murdered. *They family must deal with trying to come to terms with what has happened. *The rapist is released by the police due to lack of evidence. *The family intends to find the suspected rapist to get him back for what he has done.

The Rimers of Eldritch (2002) *A small town in America is horrified when a girl is raped and a murder happens. *I am unsure whether or not the rape is shown.

Rise and Fall of Idi Amin (1980) *This is a biographical movie based on fact. Amin is a self proclaimed “Hitler of Africa” who leads a military takeover and is responsible for the deaths of 150,000 people. His power overtakes him and he becomes a sadistic psychopath who mingles voodoo, dancing, torture and rape.

The River Wild (1994) *A veiled suggestion of rape appears in this movie.

Road Trip (2000) *There is sexual innuendo regarding anal rape, child prostitution and bestiality.

Robin Hood: Men in Tights (1993) *A joking reference to rape is made. *A woman wears a chastity belt (which we see). This is shown for comedy.

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991) *The Sheriff attempts to force Maid Marian to marry him. Then he demands that the marriage be consummated immediately. He attempts to rape her. The scene is played somewhat for laughs. *Robin Hood saves her from being raped. *What I found particularly insulting in this movie is that after he saves her from the near rape, he immediately starts kissing her and ‘making out’ with her. I just don’t think this would be possible in a real life situation- she would still be very afraid and likely in shock. Rape isn’t just something you can brush off. To add insult to injury, she’s already partly naked as a result of the near rape- very convenient for Robin Hood.

Robo Cop (1987) *An attempted rape is averted by the lead character. The rapist is shot after attempting to use his victim as a human shield.

Robot Ninja (1990) *A man witnesses the brutal gang rape and murder of a young couple. *He invents a robot intent on seeking revenge.

Rob Roy (1995) *This movie depicts a rape scene that is very graphic, elongated and realistic. An English soldier goes into the house where Rob Roy’s wife lives. Upon finding her, he rapes her on a table. This scene is filmed very graphically and seemed long to me. After he has committed this act and leaves, she wades into a nearby lake and cleanses herself while sobbing. *Her husband later discovers that she was raped and must deal with this knowledge.

Roll Bounce (2005) (Bow Wow, Chi McBride) (PG-13)
*A group of boys slap a young girl’s butt as she walks by.
*A boy has his pants pulled down in public in order to embarrass him

Romance (R) (1999)
*This movie has many graphic and explicit sex scenes with full nudity.
*In one scene, a woman is raped. We see the act take place. She does not react to the rape with distress or anger, leaving me to believe that the aftermath of the rape is filmed unrealistically.
*A woman is dehumanized as she (willingly) wears a contraption that allows men to have intercourse with her without seeing any part of her above the waist. She also cannot see them. She is used by many men this way.

The Rookie (1990) *A woman ties up a man and rapes him. S&M is part of this scene.

Roots (1977) (mini series) *This series is a saga of African-American life, based on the family history of Alex Haley. A young man named Kunte is kidnapped from his village, sold in to slavery and taken to America. Themes of torture, extreme racism, humiliation, sexual assault and rape are found throughout each movie in this mini series. The book is more graphic than the movie, so please take care if you decide to read this story. *The men who kidnap Kunte strip him naked, rub him with oil and inspect his naked body including his orifices. I believe the sexual assaults are shown in this scene. *Slaves taken captive are put on a slave ship. Selected women are chosen to be raped by the captain of the vessel. *The captain justifies the rapes by saying something along the lines of “It’s good for the crew to bang the wenches.” *A woman (Kizzy) is raped by her new “owner”. We don’t actually see the rape, but we do see him grabbing her from behind as she strains to get away. We see her bruised body after the rape. She is impregnated and has a child as the result of this rape. *A slave woman bluntly tells Kizzy that she’d better get used to not owning her body for the next 20 years, implying that she and all female slaves are frequently raped by the slave “owner”.

Rope / Rope of Flesh / Mud Honey (1965) *I am not sure of the context, but my research shows that there is at least one rape scene in this movie.

Rosangelica (1991) *Twenty years in the past, a man rapes his secretary. *Her husband murders the rapist in a fit of jealousy. *She (the rape survivor) takes the blame for the murder to protect her husband. *The rape survivor gives birth to a baby as a result of the rape.

Rose and Alexander (2002) *A woman is raped. *She must cope alone with the aftermath of the rape, including her pregnancy due to the rape.

Rosemary’s Baby (1968) *A married woman is tied to a bed and the devil rapes her. Graphically filmed.

The Rules of Attraction (2002) *Lauren describes passing out when she was with a particular man, hoping that he would then take advantage of her and she would lose her virginity. However, she awoke to find that she was being raped from behind by someone else and was being filmed by another student. No nudity is seen, but we see the expression on her face and the movements. *The rape is glossed over in this move. No mention made of the rape is made after the fact, except for the rape survivor’s remark that she wished her first time could have been different. *A man makes a move on another man. He gets kicked in the crotch because of this.

Rumble in the Bronx (1995) *A rape scene is shown in this movie. We later find out that it was a set up, so no one was actually raped.

Rumpole of the Bailey – V. 11 (1978) *A politician is taken to court for rape. He insists that the sex was consensual. *I am uncertain as to whether or not the scene is shown.

Run, Angel, Run! / Golden Age of Leather Vol. 3 – Hell’s Angels on Wheels (1967-1969) *This is a movie that glorifies biker gangs. *I’m not sure in what respect it happens, but there is a rape scene in this movie. Likely, the female lead gets raped by the biker gang, but am not certain.


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