Titles that start with “T”

Tabloid (2010)

  • A documentary about former Miss Wyoming Joyce McKinney.
  • McKinney is accused of stalking, kidnapping and sexually enslaving a young, male Mormon missionary for several days in 1977.


Taking Lives (2004)

  • This movie is about a serial killer and his murders.
  • A woman working on the case sates that there is something sexual about the way the killer manhandles his victims. She surmises that doing so turns him on.


Talk To Her (2002)

  • This movie is about a male nurse who falls in love with the comatose patient he is caring for. He fell in love with her from a distance before she had the accident which put her into the coma. Now, he makes love to her (from his point of view) or rapes her (from a legal and ethical point of view), making her pregnant.
  • We do not see the rape, but we do see him tending to the patient in a suspicious way. He frequently massages her, including her bare leg and near her breasts.
  • The nurse is clearly unaware that what he is doing is wrong or that it is rape. He even tells his friend that he intends to marry her. The woman’s inability to agree to the “sex” or the marriage is pointed out when the nurse’s friend, in response to hearing about his intention to marry her, says “You can’t! Because Alicia can’t with any part of her body say ‘I do!'”.
  • A man hangs around and walks in on a woman as she comes out of the shower and puts on a towel.
  • We hear about nuns who were raped by a priest.
  • Others talk about the caregiver raping his patient.
  • We do not actually see the rape take place.
  • The nurse is sent to prison for his actions and commits suicide.
  • This is a dark movie which provides a look into the mind of a rapist and tries to discern why some men rape. Many questions arise regarding obsession, love, violence and violation, but no answers are offered.


Tape (2001)

  • The plot of this movie is about a sexual encounter that takes place between two teenagers. The male admits that it was date rape, but the female doesn’t agree. The encounter is talked about, but is not shown.
  • John’s confession of raping Amy is secretly taped.
  • John admits that he raped Amy, saying “I pinned her arms back and stuck my d*ck in”. Amy says that that’s not what happened.
  • John describes the rape, saying that they were both drunk and that he was rough with Amy. He also says he regrets what happened.
  • John says that he put a lot of pressure on Amy to have sex. Vince says that John threatened Amy by saying that if she didn’t have sex with him, he would start sexually negative rumours about her.
  • John later tries to convince Amy that what took place between them was actually rape. He reminds her that he covered her mouth with his hand, but she just says that she has let others do that to her too. She remains unconvinced that it was rape.


A Taste of Evil (TV) (1971)

  • A woman is raped.
  • She is so traumatized by the event that she goes to a mental institution to heal.


Taxi (2004)

  • A woman becomes the hostage of some robbers. A female robber frisks her sensously, touching her butt, breasts and crotch. This scene is played for laughs.


Team America (2004)

  • Please note that all scenes are played for laughs and the movie is “acted” out by puppets, not humans.
  • Two puppets joke about one of them having oral sex with the other in order to get a part in a movie.
  • A male puppet is made to have oral sex with another male puppet in order to save the rest of his Team America members from being killed.
  • A male puppet admits that he was raped as a boy by one of the performers in “Cats” (the musical) when he went backstage.


Tears of the Sun (2003)

  • A scene is shown in which guerilla soldiers are putting a small village in ruins. We see them raping and mutilating women. These scene is quite long and drawn out, and quite gory.
  • One women’s breasts are cut off.
  • We see nudity of the rape victims.


Teeth (2007)

  • A high school student with vagina dentata is raped by a fellow student and then digitally raped by a doctor. Each time, her vaginal teeth bite off the offending appendages.


Tenement (1985)

  • A South Bronx gang rape and murder the residents of a small community.


Terminal Raper (2000)

  • The title says it all.


Tess of the D’Ubervilles (1924)

  • A young girl in Victorian England is raped by an older man.
  • She recovers from the incident and later marries. Her husband discovers the rape in her past and takes him with her to exact murderous revenge.


Tess of the D’Ubervilles (TV) (1998)

  • A young country girl is raped by her cousin, who is in love with her.


The Test of Donald Norton (1926)

  • There is rape in this movie, but I am unsure whether it is just discussed or seen.


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2004)

  • A joke is made when a man sees blood on a dead woman’s thighs that refers to rape.


Thelma and Louise (1991)

  • Two women are traveling together in a car. Along their journey, a man attempts to rape one of the women.
  • Her friend shoots the rapist.


The Theory of Flight (1998)

  • A man begins to have sex with a prostitute. She begins crying and screaming. Nothing else happens.
  • A man touches a woman’s chest to see if she’s still alive. She immediately cries “rape”!


They Were So Young / Violated / Party Girls for Sale (1954 -1955)

  • A white slavery ring kidnaps women and sells them to the sex trade.


Things Behind the Sun (2001)

  • This entire movie is about rape and anguish that the rape causes to the rape survivor. We see the rape take place and flashbacks of it.
  • She has difficulty in forming relationships because of being raped when she was a child (14).


13 (2003)

  • A young woman states that her uncle “put things inside me” when she was young child.


13 Going On 30 (2004)

  • Jenna is a 13 year old girl who has changed into a 30 year old woman overnight. She is encouraged by a friend to go over to a male who is checking her out and to flirt with him. Jenna mistakenly goes up to the one she finds attractive- a young boy about 11 or so. She flirts with him and says she will go out with him. Jenna’s friend goes over takes her away, making a comment alluding to jail or statutory rape. This scene is played innocently and for laughs.


Thriller (Thriller – A Cruel Picture) (1974)

  • This movie is about someone who is raped and who takes revenge on the attacker.


The 13th Floor (1999)

  • As a man pins a woman to the bed (where we see the bare part of her upper thigh) and attacks her (not to rape, but to kill), he tells her, “Just pretend you’re f*cking him.”


They Came From Within / Frissons / Orgy of the Blood Parasites / The Parasite Complex / The Parasite Murders / Shivers (1975)

  • Parasites infect many people and turn them into sex maniacs.
  • Many sexual taboos are broken in this film.
  • There are graphic rape scene(s).


This Stuff’ll Kill Ya! (1971)

  • Rapes and murders with a ritual/religious tone take place.
  • A newlywed woman is raped off screen.


A Thousand Acres (1997)

  • This movie involves incest and/or pedophiles.
  • There is a scene in which Ginny has a quick flashback of her father having sex with her. We do not see the actual act take place.
  • Ginny’s sister, Rose, argues with Ginny that they were not raped by their father. Instead, he says that he seduced them and they had sex willingly.


Threading Over Dark (2005)

  • This movie may be more disturbing to viewers as it is based on a true story.
  • In the 1980’s a serial killer stalked and raped women.
  • A woman is raped by the serial killer.
  • She becomes pregnant as a result of the rape.
  • Her rapist starts to stalk her.


Threads (1984)

  • There are many remakes, unknown if the other versions have a rape scene.
  • A mother and daughter are cruelly and graphically raped.
  • The daughter is thirteen years old.
  • She becomes impregnated as a result of the rape.


Three Lives of Karen (TV) (1997)

  • There is rape in this movie, but I am unsure whether it is just discussed or seen.


3 Strikes (2000)

  • A man threatens to rape another man and does some pelvic thrusting after the threat is made.


Thursday (1998)

  • A former drug dealer is tied up and raped by his ex-girlfriend.
  • There are scenes of extreme violence and depravity.


Tightrope (1984)

  • A serial killer rapes and murders young, pretty women.
  • A detective investigating a series of serial rapes has fantasies about rape.
  • He continues to fantasize about rape until it becomes clear that his 10 year old girl is going to be the next one that the rapist tries to rape.
  • His daughter is raped and the condition in which she is found is very disturbing.


Time of the Heathen (1962)

  • A man accidentally witnesses the rape and murder of a woman by a farm boy.
  • The father of the boy blames the witness of the crime. He attempts to have him killed.


A Time to Kill (1996)

  • A brutal rape and the ensuing rape trial makes up the main plot of this movie.
  • In Canton, Mississippi, two rednecks abduct, rape and nearly kill a ten-year-old girl. This is described in a long sequence.
  • The 10 year old girl is walking home when two men get out from a vehicle and abduct her. She is tied to a tree and they rip off her clothes. They beat her up and rape her. The actual act is not seen. She is hanged and then put in the back of their truck. She does not die.
  • The act of raping a 10 year old girl by two ‘redneck” men is retold in great and long detail at the trial for rape. It is said that they raped her so violently, she can no longer bear children. It’s also said that they urinated on the girl after they were done.
  • A man was convicted in the past of statutory rape, but we do not see this occur. However, he married the girl and they started a family, so some may not find this upsetting at all.


Titus (1999)

  • This whole movie is filled with rape imagery, both in the language used and the visuals. Although no rape is actually shown (one does happen off camera though), the movie is crafted in such a way as to be very evocative of violation and may likely be very shocking and triggering.
  • Two men run after a woman in the woods. The are shown taking off her clothes, and then an off- camera rape occurs. They cut off her hands and tongue.
  • Titus must then deal with the violence and rape that she suffered.


To Catch a Killer (mini series) (1992)

  • A true story of John Wayne Gacy, who was seen as respectable, friendly, normal and helpful by the society he lived in. However, he was really a violent serial killer who raped more than thirty young boys and murdered them.


To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)

  • This movie shows a rape trial taking place.


To Kill a Stranger (1985)

  • A woman has a car accident and enlists the help of Col. Kostik. He violently attempts to rape her in her home.
  • She kills him in self defense.


To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! (1995)

  • Three men in drag are pulled over for speeding. A police officer asks one of them to step out of the car and he begins to grope her. He discovers that the “woman” is really a man and stops. We hear the man in drag say: “Get your hand off my dick!”
  • We hear a man in drag say: “Now when a lady says no, she means no.” Some may find this offensive as it is said in a coy tone.


Tom Jones (1963) (1990’s)

  • This is a comedy that has the following: a woman encourages a man to rape the woman that he wants to marry. There is a brief attempted rape scene. He does not actually complete the act. This scene is not filmed to be traumatic or overly graphic.


Tommy (1975)

  • Child sexual abuse takes place in this movie.


Touch and Die (1991)

  • A man is framed for rape. A rape does actually take place, but not by the man that has been charged with the crime.


Tough Task (year unknown)

  • This movie contains a graphic rape scene(s).


Towelhead (2007)

  • A 13 year old girl is raped by her neighbor and subjected to emotional abuse and racism.


Town Like Alice / Rape of Malaya (1956)

  • During WWII, the Japanese capture the British. The male POWs are sent off to labour camps, but there is no camp for the female POWs. So, they are forced to march from place to place. The women are treated abusively and sadistically by their captors.
  • I cannot tell whether or not rape takes place in this movie, but it pops up so often on my radar that I think it is very likely.


Town Without Pity (1961)

  • Four American soldiers in Germany during WWII gang rape a teenaged girl.
  • The men are taken to court for the rape and the rest of the movie focuses on the court battle and the aftermath of the rape.
  • They try to use the excuse that the girl is flirtatious as an excuse for the rape. Her character is torn apart on the witness stand.
  • The rapists and the family of the rape survivor seem more concerned with the harm the rape did to her reputation than the actual rape itself.
  • This movie is full of negative and untrue rape myths.


Track 29 (1988)

  • A 16 year old woman is raped at a carnival by a man. The scene is shown in the form of flashbacks. The scene is graphic.
  • She becomes pregnant as a result of the rape and gives the baby up for adoption.
  • Years later, a young man claiming to be her son meets with her.


Trackdown (1976)

  • A young woman leaves home to find fame and fortune in Hollywood. As soon as she arrives, she is kidnapped, gang raped and sold into slavery to work as a prostitute.


Traffic (2000)

  • This movie contains a scene during which a woman has sex with her dealer. He then gives her a drug that renders her unconscious, and has sex with her without her consent.


Training Day (2001)

  • A man comes upon two men trying to rape a woman. He manages to stop them.
  • One man threatens to another that he and his gang will gang rape his girlfriend.


Transamerica (R) (2005) (Felicity Huffman, Kevin Zegers)

  • The following scene I would NOT classify as sexual assault, as I believe the character is comfortable with the touching, but as it involves family I thought I’d include it. A man gets a sex change operation (or is n the process of getting one). He goes home, and his mother grabs “his” crotch to see what’s there. He then places her hand on his breast to feel what’s there.
  • A step-father tells his grown step-son that he has missed him. The step-son sarcastically says that all he missed was his ass and mouth, implying that sexual molestation took place while he was growing up.
  • A fight breaks out as a result of this allegation of past child sexual abuse.


Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)

  • A female Decepticon disguised a human college student attempts to force herself on the lead male character while shoving him down on the bed.
  • His girlfriend walks in on this and he is treated like a cheating boyfriend, rather than someone who was the target of an aggressive female.


Trapped (2002)

  • A couples 6 year old daughter is kidnapped. In order to save her, the mother must undergo sexual assault.
  • I am not entirely certain if an actual rape takes place in this scene, but it is very likely.
  • A woman threatens to castrate a man while holding a scalpel to his genitals.
  • A man says to a woman that he enjoyed, “our little party” and it may be assumed that he refers to a rape.


Trapped Alive (1988)

  • Rape is threatened in this movie.


Trapped in Silence (1990)

  • An abused child witnesses the savage rape and murder of his sister at the hands of his stepfather. He became mute from that moment and has grown into a mute man. He must deal with the psychological trauma with the help from a therapist.


Trespasses (1986)

  • This movie features a drifter who rapes a woman and murders a man.
  • The families of his victims retaliate and seek vigilante justice.


Trip With the Teacher (1975) / Deadly Field Trip (1973)

  • A biker gang rapes a teacher and her female students.
  • Nudity is seen.


Trouble Every Day (2001) (2002)

  • Has repeated rape scenes.
  • Has scenes of incestuous overtones. I am unsure whether or not we see any incestuous acts take place.
  • Elements of pornography and mutilations.
  • A very misery-inducing movie.


Troy (2004)

  • Briseis is captured and taken to Agamemnon. He is told by another man that he thought she would amuse him. This comment is meant to be taken sexually.
  • Briseis is taken to Achilles and referred to as the spoils of war.
  • Agamemnon “gives” Briseis to a group of men. They prepare to rape her. They call her a “Trojan whore” and ask each other who should be first (to rape her). Nothing more is seen.


Tupac Resurrection (2003)

  • Tupac is arrested for sexually assaulting a fan in his hotel room. He denies that this attack took place.
  • Sodomy is discussed.


The Turn of the Screw / The Haunting of Helen Walker (many remakes)

  • There are many versions of this story, based on a novella by Henry James, written in 1898. In at least one of the remakes, there are episodes where a child who is possessed by a sickly lascivious spirit attempt to rape the nanny. In other versions, the boy turns into the ghost of the valet and kisses the governess.
  • Another sick twist is we learn that the children are possessed by the spirits of their former governess and valet, leading us to believe that perhaps the children were abused and sexually molested.
  • It is implied that the governess abused the girl and the valet abused the boy.


Twelve Monkeys (1996)

  • A man unsuccessfully attempts to rape a woman.


28 days later (2003)

  • Soldiers attempt to rape two women. They get menacing, violent and make verbal threats, but are not able to follow through when interrupted by an external event.
  • During the above scene, a man puts a machete on his groin as if it were an erect penis.


25th Hour (2002)

  • A man is worried about not being able to survive prison because of prison rape. He goes into detail about how he will be raped and beaten with a pipe.
  • There is mention of a man being attracted to an underage girl.
  • Monty tells Frank that he will be raped in prison and made to perform oral sex.


2020: Texas Gladiators (1982)

  • A young boy is gang raped in this movie.


Twilight (2008)

  • Bella, walking alone at night, is accosted by a group of men who intend to assault and rape her.


Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (1992)

  • In the series, a father possessed by a spirit rapes his daughter.


Twisted (2004)

  • This is a horror movie that has many scenes in which sexual assault does not take place, but the scenes are filmed in such a way as to make the viewer think an assault is about to happen. Be careful if watching this movie.
  • A (Jimmy) man makes unwelcome sexual advances on the main character (Jessica). He gropes her crotch (which we don’t actually see, but know is happening). She stops him by hitting him several times.
  • Jimmy cannot accept that he and Jessica are no longer a couple. He stalks her and lets himself into her home, where he threatens her.
  • Date rape drugs are used on a man and woman, although not to commit a sexual assault.
  • A man makes a joke regarding a large cache of date rape drugs. He jokingly asks whether the drugs are going to be used to rape an entire sorority house.
  • A murder suspect holds Jessica tightly while holding a knife to her throat. He talks to her in a sexual way, runs his hands over her clothed breasts, then gropes her clothed breast.


Two For The Money (2005) (Al Pacino, Matthew McConaughey) (R)

  • There is one scene where viewers are made to think that a thug is about to force a man to perform oral sex on him after a violent scene, but the thug urinates on him instead.


Two Little Girls and a War (1995)

  • This movie takes place in a war torn European country. A truckload of soldiers gang rape a woman and leave her naked and for dead.
  • Two little girls (8 and 4) are spotted by these soldiers. They come after them with the intent to gang rape them.
  • The older girl tears both of their clothing and smears them with red muck. This fools the soldiers into believing that they have already been raped, and they leave them alone.


Two Women (many remakes)

  • A woman and her 12 year old daughter flee their war torn city. Much later, they start the long journey home. They are discovered and raped by a viscous band of soldiers.
  • The daughter is horribly traumatized and becomes mute. Her mother adopts a hardened persona in self-protection. They must learn to overcome their tragedy.


Two Women / (1960 – 1961)

  • This movie takes place during WWII.
  • Both the mother and the daughter are gang raped by a group of soldiers.
  • The mother has a mental breakdown as a result of the rape.
  • As a result of the rape, the young girl is unable to handle herself in normal, healthy romantic relationships.


Tyson (TV) (1995)

  • This a factual story is about mike Tyson, a former boxing World Heavyweight Champion. His career dwindled after allegations of rape arose. I am unsure of whether or not the scene is shown.He rapes a woman and is convicted.


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