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I created this web site for women and men who have been sexually assaulted or raped. I find that many, many movies have scenes in which someone is sexually assaulted, threatened with sexual assault, or almost sexually assaulted. Watching scenes like these often brings back traumatic memories and can trigger a panic attack or a period of depression. I used to try to screen movies for sexual assault, but movie trailers, movie reviews and video rental reviews rarely note these types of scenes. I took it upon myself to do my own research, and came up with a good list of movies to avoid. This research was very time consuming, and I figured that most people who have reactions similar to mine wouldn’t have the time to do the same.

So, I created this comprehensive web page to share my information with those who need it. I’m also hoping to draw attention to the high number of rape and sexual assault scenes in movies, many of which are gratuitous, and some of which are filmed in an unrealistic or even comedic manner. They often portray the survivor or victim as either asking for his or her treatment and recovering from the experience with much more ease than the seriousness of the situation warrants. Perhaps if more attention to this disturbing trend is given, a change for the better can be made. Feel free to print off this list for your own use. I like to keep a current copy in my wallet, just in case. My list is thorough, but likely not complete. If you want me to add a movie to my list, please contact me.

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