Titles that start with “P”

The Pacific Connection (1975) *This movie begins with the massacre and rape among the people of South America.

Painful Relations (1936) *There may be a rape scene in this movie.

Paradise (2003) *A woman is unable to pay her hefty cab fare. The cab driver attempts to rape her in lieu of payment. She escapes her attacker.

The Parasite Complex / Frissons / Orgy of the Blood Parasites / The Parasite Murders / Shivers / They Came From Within (1975) *Parasites infect many people and turn them into sex maniacs. *Many sexual taboos are broken in this film. *There are graphic rape scene(s).

Pariah (1998) *An interracial couple is attacked. The woman is gang raped. *She commits suicide as a direct result of the rape. *The man seeks revenge against the rapists, and joins their gang posing as a friend. *Viewers may find this movie more unsettling as he learns the social and economical reasons the gang has turned to a lifestyle of rape and violence, and empathizes with them.

Paris Trout (1991) *Dennis’ character rapes his wife anally with a beer bottle in an intensely disturbing scene.

Parole (TV) (1982) *A male high school student is gang raped while in prison. We see his mental and emotional suffering after the rape.

Party Girls for Sale / They Were So Young / Violated (1954 -1955) *A white slavery ring kidnaps women and sells them to the sex trade.

A Passage to India (1984) *In the 1920’s, a white tourist accuses a young Indian doctor of rape. *The rape accusation creates hatred and distrust between the British and Indian societies. *The film is about a rape trial. *No rape is shown, and we never find out if anything actually happened.

The Passion of Beatrice (1987) *There is an incestuous rape scene between a father and daughter in this movie. Nudity is seen. *The scene is short but disturbing and graphic.

Patch Adams (1998) *Sexual assault is briefly and somewhat cryptically hinted at in this movie. *A woman working with Patch (the doctor) says that “Men have always been attracted to me.” She then cries, leading us to believe that she had been sexually assaulted in the past. She also makes a one line mention of an escapism fantasy she has, which might be triggering to some as this is often common for sexual assault survivors to experience. *It should be noted that these scenes are very brief, no sexual assault is shown, and the matter is treated with sensitivity.

Patty / Case of Patty Smith / Doctor Please Help Me / Gang Rape / The Shame of Patty Smith (1962) *The plot focus of this film is the rape resulting in the pregnancy of a woman, and her desire to have an abortion.

The Pawnbroker (1965) *A concentration camp survivor watches his wife being raped. He cannot cope other than being numb. We see flashback scenes.

Penthouse (year unknown) *There is a rape scene(s) in this movie.

Perfect Blue (1997) *A young actress works hard for her career. Along the road to success, she must play the part of rape victims for movies. *Rapes are portrayed as actors acting it out for a movie or as seen in an animation.

A Perfect World (1993) *An attempted rape scene takes place in this movie.

Peyton Place (1957) *A young woman reflects upon her coming of age in a small town in New England. Part of her experiences there include rape.

The Piano Lesson / The Piano (1993) *There is no actual rape in this movie. However, a man says that he will give the piano back to a woman in return for sexual favours. The two end up starting an affair. This may be seen as endorsing sexual blackmail, according to someone that has seen the movie. *Also, there is one scene that may be triggering to some. The piano teacher makes her partially undress . Nothing explicit is seen (just her ankles, I believe). He touches her a little and eroticises about her as she is playing the piano. It is a disturbing scene.

The Piano Teacher (2001) *There are rape scene(s) in this movie. *The sex scenes show various degrees of power struggles.

Pieces (1983) *This movie shows the rape of underage people. *Scenes of gang rape are shown. *Scenes of women in bondage are shown. *The plot is that a psychotic killer rapes and murders women using a chainsaw.

Pink Flamingos (1972) *This is a movie that revels in sleaze. *A couple kidnaps young female hitchhikers, lets their butler rape and impregnate them, and allows them to die after giving birth. The rape scenes are graphic. *There are also scenes of bestiality in this movie.

Pink Floyd- The Wall (1982) *A rape scene is repeated over and over at the end of the movie.

The Pinochet Case (2002) *This movie may be especially triggering as it is based on true events. *This is a documentary that surrounds the capture of Augusto Pinochet, who was the Chilean president until 1990. During his dictatorship, he tortured and killed many dissidents. He started many horrifying prison camps. We hear research and testimonials from the survivors. These stories and the research is extremely disturbing, and includes accounts of rape.

Pirates of the Caribbean (2003) *There’s an implied rape threat from Barbossa (regarding his crew) toward Elizabeth. This seen is a very minor part of the film.

P.K. and the Kid (1985) *A young woman is abused and raped by her stepfather.

Planet of Horrors / Mindwarp: An Infinity of Terror / An Infinity of Terrors / Galaxy of Terror / Quest (1981) *A gory low budget sci-fi movie. *A woman is raped by a giant caterpillar.

Platoon (1986) *This war movie contains a very graphic rape scene.

The Players Club (1998) *Ronnie, a prostitute and Madame, bribes other women to become prostitutes. She takes sexual advantage of them. *A woman is passed out on the couch, when Ronnie spreads her legs and sexually assaults her. *Ronnie tells Diana “Either give it to me. Or I’m gonna take it just like I did last time.” *Two men plan to rape a drunk woman, but this does not ultimately happen. *At a bachelor party, the groom rapes a woman. We do not see this take place, but we do hear the sounds. We also see her bloody body afterwards.

Please Don’t Hit Me, Mom (TV) (1981) *A woman in unable to cope with her own emotional difficulties and takes it out on her son. She abuses her son both emotionally and physically. *I believe that there is a rape or child molestation scene, but am not certain.

The Pledge (2001) *The main plot of this movie is finding the man who abducts, sexually assaults and then murders an eight year old girl. We do not actually see the attack take place. *We learn that the killer and assault has abducted and attacked other young girls, and see graphic photos of the dead and bloody victims. *At the nighttime crime scene, we see brief glimpses of the young rape victim’s dead body. *Later, police use a young girl as bait to catch the culprit.

Plunkett and Macleane (1999) *Gibson grab’s Rebecca’s hair, throws her on to a table and attempts to rape her, making a comment that “a little breaking in is required”. We see her pained expression as he is groping her. However, nothing else happens.

Point Blank (1998) *A man is a murderous and violent rapist. *I think rape scene(s) are shown, but I am not certain.

Poison (1991) *This movie has sexual scenes that are mixed with violence and shame throughout. *There is a rape scene(s) in this movie.

Poor Cecily (1973) *This is an exploitative film. *A young woman is sold into slavery, raped or suffers attempted rape many times, and becomes a sex slave.

Poor Pretty Eddy / Black Vengeance / Heartbreak Hotel / Redneck County / Redneck County Rape (1973) (1975) * An exploitative film. * A famous woman is driving though the deep country when she meets up with an Elvis impersonator. He attempts to rape her. The attempt is shown in graphic detail.

Portrait of a Serial Rapist (1994) *The title says it all.

Portrait of a Young Man Drowning (1999) *The people of a township capture a young man accused of rape.

The Postman (1997) *A post Apocalyptic gang rapes and pillages in a number of villages.

The Prairie Pirate (1925) *A young woman is trapped by a gang of bandits and is about to be gang raped by them. She commits suicide rather than suffer through the rapes. *Her brother learns of what happened and seeks revenge against the gang.

Pretty Wet Lips (1974) *Two men kidnap a school-aged hitchhiker, abuse and rape her.

Pretty Woman (1990) *The hero of the movie saves the heroine from an attempted acquaintance rape. I remember this scene being particularly triggering for me, as Julia Robert’s acting and reactions were so true to life and realistic.

Prey for Rock and Roll (2003) *Some critics review this movie to be extremely man hating. *A man kills a child rapist. *One of the main characters in this movie sing a harshly worded anti rape song. *Rape is definitely a topic in this movie, but I am unsure whether or not rape or sexual assault scenes are shown. *Some may find this movie especial disturbing as it is based on a true story.

A Price Above Rubies (1998) *Sende has intercourse with Sonia. This scene may be triggering as it borders on sexual assault. He has sex with her without any warning while standing up against a wall and she looks uncomfortable. However, she does not look scared.

Priest (1994) *A young girl confesses to a priest that she is being sexually abused by her father. The priest questions his faith in a God that would allow this to happen. *We see the father sexually abuse his daughter.

Prince of Tides (1991) *Graphic rape scene is shown that is disturbing for male and female survivors. *The movie focuses on this event and the main character must learn to deal with his past. Very triggering but has a positive ending. *May also be triggering for those who have been sexually abused by therapists, since the doctor crossed boundaries and had sex with a patient.

Private Lessons (1981) *Statutory (though consensual) rape is seen in this movie.

The Program (1993) *This movie is about the year in the life of a football program. *A football player becomes aggressive after abusing steroids and gets violent towards a woman. He throws her around and attempts to rape her. He is stopped from committing the act.

Psycho Thriller – Blue Desert / The Girl Next Door (year unknown) *There is a rape scene in this movie. *A man looks after his young neighbour while her parents are away. He rapes and murders her.

Psychopath (1984) *A psychopath who is the host of a children’s show sets out to kill parents who abuse their children. *There is rape in this movie, but I am unsure as to whether it is discussed or shown.

Pulp Fiction (1994) *This movie contains a violent and sadistic scene of male on male rape.

Pumpkin (2002) *Carolyn sees a school counselor who asks if she has been “raped, date-raped, drugged, fondled, assaulted or sexually harassed” of if she’s having “sexual feelings for or fantasies toward members of your own sex, your immediate family, your professors, or any nontraditional subject.” She replies that she has not. This is a brief part of the film.

Punishment of Anne (1975) *This scene has S&M scenes. *There is an erotically filmed rape scene(s) in this movie.

Push! Push! (1997) *A teenaged woman is “robbed of her innocence”. This is not a large focus of the movie and I don’t believe the act is seen, although I am not certain.

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