Titles that start with “J”

Jack Frost / Frost (1998) *A woman is raped by an evil snowman that rips off his nose and makes it into his penis. *She dies as a result of the brutal rape. *Nudity is seen during the rape.

Jackson County Jail (1976) *Scenes of the rape of a woman and her humiliation are seen.

Jackson County Jail / Outside Chance (TV) (1978) *A sheriff attempts to rape a woman in a holding cell. *She kills him in self defense.

Jaded (1996) *This movie deals with lesbian rape. A young woman gets raped by a young lesbian couple.

Jailbait! (different years) *Statutory rape.

Jailbait (TV) (2000) *A male teenager is charged with statutory rape, although the sex was consensual. *This is a comedy. Jawbreaker (1999) *Sexual innuendo referring to rape takes place.

Jessi’s Girls (1975) *A young Mormon couple is attacked by a gang. The man is murdered and the woman is gang raped and left for dead. The act is seen. *The woman survives and seeks violent revenge against her rapists.

The Jewel in the Crown (mini series) (1984) *The movie begins with a man being unjustly arrested for a rape he did not commit in India. *The rest of the movie deals with the consequences of the arrest.

Jezebel’s Kiss (1990) *This movie contains a rape scene.

Joan of Arc (The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc) (1999) *Note: It’s likely that other remakes of the Joan of Arc story refer to rape in some way. *Joan witnesses the brutal rape of her sister by English soldiers. Her sister is grabbed, and when she tries to fight back, a soldier rips her clothes and kisses her. He slams her against a door and stabs a sword through her torso. He then violently rapes her while she is dying. This scene is very graphic and we see everything. *This scene haunts Joan and we see her flashbacks of the event.

John Carpenter’ s Vampires / Vampires (1998) *An eroticised rape scene (may)take place between a female vampire and a man. *There is some confusion regarding whether or not this scene, in actual fact, portrays rape, as she is shown as enjoying the scene. However, I believe that this scene takes place while she is in bondage, which may be the deciding factor for some.

Johnny Belinda (many remakes)

Johnny Belinda (1948) *This movie takes place in Cape Breton. A young deaf and mute woman is brutally raped by the town bully / local womanizer and impregnated by him. *The local populace thinks that her father is the father of the baby. *The rapist threatens to take her baby away from her. *In a cruel twist of fate, it is decided by others that custody of the baby should be given to the rapist. When he and his wife come to claim the baby, the rape survivor kills him. A trial ensues.

Johnson County Wars / Heaven’s Gate (1980) *This movie takes place in the 1980’s in the West. *A woman is gang raped by four, possibly five men. Joseph (TV) (1995) *This tells the Biblical story of Joseph. *A woman forces Joseph (her husband’s slave) to serve her sexually. *He refuses and flees, but the woman claims that he has violated her. *Joseph tells the tale of his past. Part of this tale includes the rape of a young woman by a prince. Her family wants to kill the perpetrator. *Joseph is imprisoned for the rape of his master’s wife, although the master does not believe that she was actually raped. He imprisons him in order to publicly protect his wife’s reputation.

The Joy Luck Club (1993) *There is a brief rape scene between an old man and a young woman in this movie.

Joy Ride (2001) *The DVD has scenes that were deleted from the movie. There is a brief scene in which an attempted rape is taking place. Someone walks in and the scene ends. This seems to be a very brief scene.

Judgment (1990) *A young boy is sexually molested by his priest. He tells his parents, who bring the problem to light and attempt to get the church to do something about the priest. The church is less than helpful and the family must deal with a church filled with hypocrisy. The church offers them hush money, which they refuse. They get a lawyer to seek the harshest possible sentence against the priest.

Just A Kiss (2002) *A woman discusses having had (consensual) sex with her therapist. *A woman discusses having had violent, bondage-type sex with a man who she thinks was playing out a rape fantasy. The sex is not shown.

Just Cause (1995) *A man forces a woman to touch his genitals. *A man threatens a woman and her daughter with rape. *The rape and murder of a young girl are discussed throughout the entire film.

Justine / De Sade’s Justine / Marquis de Sade’s Justine (1977) *Extreme and numerous rape scenes are shown. *The scenes include rape of nuns, forced prostitution, rape by a priest, rape of a corpse (necrophilia), sadism and violence.



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