Titles that start with “N”

Nail Gun Massacre (1985) *The opening scene focuses on a woman being gang-raped by four construction workers.

Naked (1993) *A man rapes a young woman and flees when the woman’s family seeks him out.

Naked Acts (1996) *The now adult daughter of a black porn film actress must deal with the kind of work her mother does. She remembers that when she was a little girl, she was left in the care of her mother’s boyfriend for long hours, and was sexually abused by him. As an adult, she is sexually dysfunctional and must deal with her past.

The Naked Cage (1986) *An exploitative movie about women in prison. *Numerous rape and sexual assault scenes occur.

Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult (1994) *A brief insinuation of intended rape is made. This is extremely minor and played for laughs.

Naked Lunch (1991) *Although I can’t tell for certain, I’m pretty sure there is a graphic rape scene in this movie.

Naked Vengeance (1985) *A man is tragically killed as he attempts to help a woman that is being raped. *To recover from the shock of his death, the murdered man’s wife travels to a house in a small town. While there, she is repeatedly harassed by a group of rednecks. She seeks help from the sheriff but he refuses. She is then gang raped by the group of men. *She survives but is sent to a mental hospital to recover. *She escapes and seeks violent revenge on her rapists.

Naked Violence (1969) / The Boys Who Slaughter / Sex in the Classroom (1974), (1969) *This movie focuses on an adult who encourages a classroom of troubled teens to gang rape and murder their teacher (female). *The search for this adult and the interrogation of the raping teens takes up the rest of the movie.

The Name of this Film Is Dogme95 (2000) *This movie is a documentary of the directors that made such disturbing films as Festen, which is a story about sexual assault in an upper class family.

Name Unknown (1951) *A young girl runs away from home. A juvenile court judge decides to show her what happens to girls who run away or who don’t listen to their parents. He shows her cases where young women have been sexually assaulted, raped and murdered. He tells her that this is what happens to girls whose parents let them have jobs or were too defiant or independent. *Nasty messages of male suppression of women are all throughout this film.

Narayama Bushiko / Ballad of Narayama (1982) *Beastiality is in this movie. *There is a rape scene(s) in this movie.

National Lampoon’s Animal House / Animal House (1978) *There is a scene in which a woman in unconscious. Her date (a college boy) has an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. They are helping him debate whether or not he should rape her. *This scene is played for laughs. *Very disturbing, as the way it is slipped into the movie makes it seem as if this is a normal thought process for the average male.

Natural Born Killers (1994) *During this movie, it is made clear that the lead female character has been molested by her father.

Necromancer (1988) *A school aged girl is gang raped by three men. She is degraded further. *She is then blackmailed by them to ensure her silence about the rape. *She seeks revenge against them from a necromancer.

Necromantik (1987) (1991) *This movie involves beastiality, sodomy and necrophelia.

Nell (1994) *There is no rape scene in this movie, but rape is touched on throughout the film. *A woman is raped and flees in fear to the forest to live out the rest of her life as a hermit. *The main character of this movie is a young woman who was born as the result of a rape. We later learn that she had a sister, born due to a rape as well. The fact that there was a rape is discussed matter-of-factly, and no rape scene is shown. *However, Nell has a distinct fear of men, instilled in her by her mother who must have experienced terror at the hands of men. *There is a scene in which Nell is in a bar, and a group of men leer at her, try to get her to disrobe, and possibly do more (in terms of grabbing, etc.). This is especially unsettling as Nell grew up without outside contact and therefore has no usual skill set or understanding to deal with them. The men are taking serious advantage of her naïveté.

Never Talk to Strangers (1995) *The plot of this movie deals with a woman therapist suffering from multiple personality disorder. She has flashbacks of childhood molestation.

New Barbarians (1982) *A male on male rape occurs in this movie.

News at Eleven (TV) (1986) *The focus of this movie is on a teacher who is accused of sexually assaulting a student, the ensuing court case, and the manner in which the case is handled in the media.

Nice to Meet You, Please Don’t Rape Me! (1995) *This movie documents the true life events of the rape culture in South Africa that exists today, where sexual assault and rape is common place. *The movie follows the lives of three rapists.

The Night Before (1988) *Two teenagers go to prom and the main male character wakes up in alley with a blank spot covering several hours. During the blanked out period, the main female character was sold to a pimp and is tied to a bed while the pimp tries unsuccessfully to rape her before being rescued.

Night of the Wilding (1990) *Three men are on trial for rape and assault. I do not think that the rape is seen. *The men murder anyone who can jeopardize their trial.

Night Legs / Fright (1971) *There are strong scenes of sexual and physical violence. *A baby-sitter is raped by the father of the children she is looking after at the time.

The Night Prowler (1978) *This movie switches from comedic to serious. *A young woman is about to be raped by a prowler in her bedroom. *She fights back and rapes him instead. *This does something to her mentally and she becomes a prowling rapist and finds other victims.

The Nightcomers (1972) *Inspired by the Henry James classic The Turn of the Screw. *The possessed children rape their nanny. *This movie includes sexual bondage. *The groundskeeper repeatedly rapes the nanny (acting out a rape fantasy sex scene, I think). The children secretly watch him and perform the same behaviour on the nanny.

Nightmare (1991) *An eleven year old girl is kidnapped. Her kidnapped attempts to rape her. We see this scene, but the rape does not ultimately take place. *She escapes and the kidnapper threatens to murder her. Her mother takes the law into her own hands.

Nightmare in Bedham County (1976) *A sleaxy women in prison movie in which two young women are sent to prison and repeatedly raped and assaulted by the women inmates.

Nightstalker (2002) *A sexually psychotic man rapes and murders a woman while she is asleep in her house. *There are elements of satanic/ritual activity surrounding the rape. *More rapes and murders are committed by this man. *A female investigator and reporter intent of catching the rapist learn that they have been targeted as his next rape and murder victims.

9 1/2 Weeks (1986) *This movie contains a rape scene. *One opinion I read on this movie says that the rape scene makes it look as if rape is something that all women secretly want.

Ninja Champion (1985) *A couple is camping in the woods. Three men find them and beat and gang rape the woman.

The Ninth Configuration (1979) *This movie involves the sexual assault of a male psychiatric patient. We do not see the act actually take place.

No Child of Mine (TV) (1997) *This movie tells the story of a thirteen year old girl who is repeatedly sexually abused and assaulted by many people, including her mother. The scenes of the rapes are shown. *Her father forces her to become a prostitute. *She eventually gets help from a child crises center, where she must cope with what has been done to her. *Especially disturbing as this is based on a true story.

No Hard Feelings (1987) / Kick or Die (1991) Two kick fighting champions are hired to protect women on campus from a rapist that has been terrorizing them. *I am unsure whether or not a rape scene is shown.

No Lies… (1975) *A young film student is taking candid footage of his female friend as she is getting ready to go out for the night. He asks her some disarming questions and she reveals that she was recently raped. *The way the movie is filmed gives the viewer an intimate view of the trauma she suffers as a direct result of the rape. *Although the movie is fictional, it is filmed in a realistic style (cinema verité).

No. 1 of the Secret Service (1977) *A man must stop members of an organization called K.R.A.S.H. (Killing, Rape, Arsen, Slaughter and Hit). *My research on this movie is sketchy. All I can learn is that this is a comedy with vast amounts of violence. I do not know whether rape takes place or not.

North Country (2005) (Charlize Theron, Frances McDormand) (R)
*The entire movie deals with a woman suing her boss for sexual harrassment at work.
*Please keep in mind that there is so much that is triggering, that I cannot list it all here.
*Men who work with a woman are incredibly chavenistic and sexually harrasing of her. As she is in a male-dominated work environment, and none of the men have learned yet that sexual harassment is not acceptable, no one cares, including her boss, when she speaks out.
*As a result, she files a class action lawsuit against the company, and is pressured, threatened and bullied.
*She is made to undergo a gynecological exam to determine whether or not she is pregnant in order to keep her job.
*We see a flashback of a woman being raped by her high-school teacher. I don’t think we see the actual rape, but we see her horrified face and hear her scream. A boy watches the act take place but does nothing to help her.
*The rape is discussed during a court case in ethical terms, but also in some pretty crass terms.
*A co-worker throws her down and prepares to rape her, but then does nothing… In an attempt to threaten her and scare her off bringing the sexual harassment she’s facing to light.

Not in My Family (TV) / Shattering the Silence (TV) (1993) *This movie is about a woman suffering from post-partum depression. The period of depression brings on repressed memories and flashbacks of her own father molesting her as a child. *She discusses these memories with a therapist. *In a difficult to watch scene, we see the woman blaming herself for the abuse and molestations she suffered. *We learn that her niece was also raped by the woman’s father. *The molester, in present day, is still abusing children. He is caught abusing his granddaughter. *the woman confronts her mother with the knowledge that she was molested as a child. The mother is less than sympathetic / empathetic.

Nowhere (1997) *A teenager is raped by a TV star / teen idol.

Nurse Betty (2000) *Discussions about sexual assault are seen on TV. This is a brief part of the movie.

Nuts (1987) *A man attempts to rape a high class call girl. She murders him in self defense. *A courtroom drama ensues as a result of this. *We learn that a father is a sexual predator. *A mother allows her young daughter to work as a prostitute. *Professionals want to put the call girl in a mental institution because of what they see as her unacceptable sexual behaviour (having sex for money).


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