Titles that start with “W”

Wag the Dog (1997)

  • We hear that Schumann raped a nun in the past. None of this is shown.
  • We learn that he also raped a woman that he followed into her house. We do not see this happen.


Waiting (2005) (Justin Long, Ryan Reynolds) (R)

  • Middle aged men want to have sex with an underage girl.
  • This same woman’s boss comes on to her, although she encourages him.
  • One man in particular has a preference for having sex with underage girls.
  • There are many references to a “game” wherein men expose their penises to their unsuspecting coworkers.
  • Two men take a picture of a couple having sex. I believe that this was not wanted by either of the couple.


The Wall (Pink Floyd) (1982)

  • A rape scene is repeated over and over at the end of the movie.


Wanda, the Wicked Warden / Ilsa – The Wicked Warden (1977)

  • An extremely sick and exploitative movie involving gang and institutional rape.
  • There are several rape scenes in this movie.
  • A vicious warden runs a mental institution for women with sexual problems. She and one of the guards forces the patients to have sex with male prisoners.
  • They film this and sell the resulting footage as pornography movies.
  • The women are forced to shower with a group of convicted rapists so they can be raped again as part of their ‘therapy’.


War Cat / Angel of Vengeance (1987)

  • A young woman from a small town is kidnapped and gang raped by a psychotic group.
  • She escapes them and attempts to seek vengeance from her rapists.


War of the Worlds (PG-13) (2005) (Tom Cruise, Dakota Fanning)

  • Although no actual act is seen or directly discussed, there is a scene which so strongly leaves the viewer with the impression of potential child molestation that I believe it qualifies as failing the trigger test.
  • A young girl is sheltering with her father and a deranged man while hiding from the alien invasion. They are all in a dark, dirty basement. The father leaves his daughter alone for a moment. He returns to find his daughter and the deranged man sitting closely together on the stairs, and I believe the man is holding her hand. We cannot make out exactly what he is saying to her, but we hear him murmuring something about how she’s all right, and he’ll take care of her if anything happens to her father. The atmosphere of the scene and father’s protective and angry reaction strongly suggest that the deranged man had pedophile-like desires towards the girl.


W.A.R.: Women Against Rape / Death Blow / I Will Dance on Your Grave / Lethal Victims (1987)

  • Women who are survivors of rape form a bond of their shared experiences. They are determined to put an end to rape in all society for good.
  • I am uncertain as to whether or not the rapes are seen, but this is very likely.


The War Zone (1999)

  • This movie is told through the eyes of a sixteen year old boy.
  • A lot of nudity is shown as the entire family is open to being nude in front of each other.
  • A young woman / girl has had sexual relations with her father.
  • As a result, she is sexual open towards her brother.
  • A brother deals with and witnesses the sexual activity between his father and sister take place. He sees them together in the bathtub.
  • Initially, the brother blames the incest on his sister and confronts her with his awareness of the problem.
  • The boy then sees his father raping his sister. The scene is shown graphically. This scene is particularly disturbing, filmed without remorse, and concentrates on the fear and degradation of the girl.
  • The entire movie is about a controversial look into the world of incest and sexual abuse that ultimately destroys the fabric of the family.


Warrior Brother (year unknown)

  • There is rape in this movie, but I am unsure whether it is just talked about or shown.


The Watcher (2000)

  • This movie contains no rape, but some may find very intense scenes of a killer waiting inside a woman’s house for the appropriate time to attack her very triggering.


Waterworld (1995)

  • A man talks about and attempts to rape a woman on a boat while her child is on the same boat. He takes off his pants and is about to do the deed but is stopped.
  • A child is threatened with death, mutilation and rape.
  • I am relying on memory here, but I believe that the hero of the movie agrees to allow a man to rape the female lead character in return for goods. This is against her will. He knows that he will stop the man before anything happens, but she doesn’t know this and is hurt and afraid.


The Weatherman (R) (2005) (Nicolas Cage, Michael Caine)

  • A counselor is giving therapy to a family. No one knows it, but he is a pedophile and wants to have sex with the 15 year old son. He asks the boy to take of his shirt while taking photos of him (which he does). We also learn that the boy crashed the therapist’s car after he tried to have oral sex with the boy. This act is not seen.


Web of Deceit (TV) (1990)

  • A female defense lawyer argues a controversial rape and murder case.
  • This case is the focus of the movie.


Wedding Crashers (2005)

  • One of the lead male characters is tied up and mouth taped shut while asleep and raped by a woman. Offensively, he falls in love with her and later marries her. Played for laughs and highly offensive to male survivors.


Welcome to Hard Times (1967)

  • A stranger comes into a small settlements and rapes a woman in a bar who is working as a prostitute.
  • The rape survivor seeks revenge on the rapist.


Welcome to the Dollhouse (1995)

  • This movie contains a scene where a young teenager threatens to rape the main character, a young teenage girl.
  • Later, he asks her to meet him so he can rape her. She meets him but he doesn’t rape her, and they develop a relationship of sorts.


Werewolf Woman (1976)

  • A woman was raped as a child. This left her emotionally scarred and vows revenge against all men.
  • This movie is exploitative and has scenes of satanic ritual.


Whatever (1998)

  • Anna, a teenager, drinks, does drugs, and has sex with every guy she meets due to her lack of self esteem.
  • Brenda’s stepfather (Brenda is another teenager) evidently rapes her. We do not see this take place but it is heavily implied. We see her in one scene after her father has beaten her in an attempt to get her to have sex with him.
  • We see Brenda’s stepfather come into her room. He turns off the light and it is implied that he then rapes her.
  • A woman is pressured to have sex and thereby lose her virginity.
  • We see some fairly graphic scenes in which a young woman has sex in negative circumstances; often while drunk or high.
  • We see a woman throw up while giving oral sex to a man (she is drunk). Although the act is not sexual assault, it may be very triggering for some.
  • Anna hits a teenaged guy because she thinks that he took advantage of her. However, he says that he didn’t.


What’s Love Got to Do With It (1993)

  • This movie may be especially disturbing to viewers, as it is based on the real life event of Tina Turner.
  • This movie contains scenes of mental, domestic, physical and sexual abuse.
  • Ike attacks Tina in a sound booth and rapes her. Nudity is not seen.


Wheels of Terror (TV) (1990)

  • An unknown stranger comes into a town and terrorizes it by kidnapping and sexually abusing young girls.
  • A mother has her child kidnapped in front of her and she spends the rest of the movie catching the attacker.


When He’s Not a Stranger (TV) (1989)

  • A young woman is attending a university in California. She goes to the dorm room of her friend, but finds the friend’s boyfriend there instead. He rapes her.
  • She initially attempts to put the rape behind her, but cannot. She decides to have a university hearing on the rape charges. However, she is pressured by her friend, the rapist and the university she attends not to do so.


Where’s Poppa? (1970)

  • A very offensive movie that includes rape humour.


White Chicks (2004)

  • All the following scenes are played for laughs.
  • A man gives another man a date rape drug for laughs. We see the man who ultimately took the drug dancing shirtless on the dance floor. Another man on the same drug acts a little amorously towards a dog. The two men on the date rape drug ultimately end up in the same bed together (as a result of having taken the drug) and are horrified when they wake up next to each other.
  • Kevin grabs Marcus’ (clothed) crotch to keep from having a conversation heard over the phone. He causes Marcus a lot of pain.
  • A black man makes a sexually threatening comment to Marcus, whom he thinks is really a white woman. He says that “Once you go black, you’re gonna need a wheelchair.” I found this to be a nasty and triggering comment.


Who Is Cletis Tout? (2002)

  • Two men talk about the film “Deliverance” (which has rape scenes in it).
  • References are made to rape.


Whore (year unkown)

  • Sleazy rape scenes.


Whore 2 (1994)

  • Sleazy rape scenes.


Who’s That Knocking at My Door (1969)

  • A man is about to marry his love. However, he finds out that she was raped in the past. He cannot handle the knowledge.
  • Guilt and religion surrounding the rape come into play.


Wicked (1998)

  • This movie is filled with incest and statutory rape themes.
  • A 14 year old girl is in love with her father and is determined to make him her lover. She dresses in her dead mother’s clothes and seduces him.


The Wild Angels (1966)

  • A nurse accidentally catches the friends of a motorcycle gang member patient trying to sneak him out of hospital. One of his friends tries to rape her.


Wild Cactus (Unrated)(1993)

  • *The entire movie is about a couple that plays mind / sex games with another couple. I had difficulty doing research on this movie, but there may be many triggering scenes… I also know that the sex scenes all seemed to be filmed so as to titillate. Here are the only sexual assault scenes that I know for sure are in this movie.
  • A woman is raped by a man in this movie. After the rape is complete, for some reason she has changed her attitude towards the rapist, and kisses him on the back.
  • Some may be upset by misogyny as an ex-con seeks out and murders his ex girlfriends once he’s no longer in prison.
  • Plenty of gratuitous nudity is scene, including during the rape scene.


Wild at Heart (1990)

  • If you’re offended by it, this movie will have it.
  • This movie contains a graphic rape scene(s).
  • Other elements that might be triggering are: rape by an uncle, flashback scenes, gratuitous nudity, prostitution, child molestation, extreme violence, rough talk about sex, need I go on…


Wildflower (TV) (1991 – 1992)

  • A young girl is kept locked up in a shed by her step-father, who intends to kill her. He also abuses her.
  • There is rape in this movie, but I am unsure whether it is just talked about or shown.


Wild Oranges (1924)

  • An escaped prisoner falls in love with a young woman who lives on an island. He threatens her with rape if she tries to leave the island.


Wild Riders (1971)

  • This is an exploitation drama.
  • Two juvenile delinquents break into an upper-class house and they rape the two women occupants inside. The rapes are violent, painful, graphic and very long. The women fight back.


Wild Side (R) (1995)

  • A man (an undercover cop) rapes a woman (a sex trade worker by night and bank worker by day) in her home when she refuses his advances. We see this act take place.
  • She calls the police to press charges, but they tell her that if she does, they will tell her day time boss about her prostitution. So, she cannot press charges as she does not want to lose her job.
  • Another man attempts to rape a man (the same man who committed the rape in the above scene) at gunpoint in an effort to avenge her. I am not certain, but I believe the entire act is seen. The cop is made to put a condom on his would be rapist and then to undress. We hear the new rapist say that what he is about to do is not about sex, but about power.


Wild Things (1998)

  • Sam is accused of a rape that didn’t happen. Sam must deal with the effects this has on all aspects of his life.
  • While the alleged rape is being investigated, another woman accuses Sam of raping her also. This accusation is also a lie.


Wild West (year unknown)

  • There is a rape scene(s) in this movie.


The Witch Who Came From the Sea (1976)

  • A woman is deeply traumatized and haunted by the rape she experienced as a child at the hands of her alcoholic father.
  • She now hates all men because of her experiences.
  • She becomes a perverse and ruthless murderer as a result.


Witchery (1989)

  • People are trapped within a haunted mansion where they are all raped, tortured or murdered.
  • I am not certain, but I believe a woman’s rape scene is very long or very numerous rapes occur.


Without a Paddle (2004)

  • A joke is made in which a man says he ate a brownie once, in a double entendre. Some may find this offensive as Brownies are girls between the age of 7 and 10, so this comment (likely unknowingly) alludes to child sexual abuse.
  • A comment is made that if he and another man are turned in to the police, they will be sent to prison and manhandled.
  • A man voyeuristically watches women bathing and sees one woman’s genitals.


Without Warning – The James Brady Story (1991)

  • This movie may be especially triggering as it is based on real life events.
  • There is rape in this movie, but I am unsure whether it is just talked about or shown.


Witness of Truth: The Railway Murders (TV) (2001)

  • This is a dramatized documentary in which David Mulcahy rapes and murders many young woman in the 1980’s.
  • The story is told largely from the testimony of his partner, John Duffy, who was in jail for the rape and murder crimes. He waited about 10 years to admit that he had an accomplice (Mulcahy).


Wolf (1994)

  • This movie shows an attempted rape scene.


Wolf Creek (2005) (Cassandra Magrath, John Jarratt) (R)

  • Three young men and woman have a break down in their car, and a stranger offers them help. He takes them back to an outpost. The woman goes to sleep and wakes up bound and gagged.
  • We don’t see the rape take place, but it is implied that she was raped by the stranger while she was tied up. He kisses her on the neck while bound and calls her the “c” word while she screams. He tells her he has / will use a condom with her. He later frees her from being bound, but forcibly holds down her head on his crotch.


Women in Film (2001)

  • This is a film in which three women in Hollywood talk to the camera about their lives. One discusses being sexually abused by her father when she was a teenager.


Women in Fury (1985)

  • This sexually exploitative movie contains scenes of both lesbian and heterosexual unwanted sexual advances.
  • There is also an attempted gang rape scene.


The Woods Are Alive (2004)

  • This movie is about a teen pop idol who is nearly raped by a gang of crazed fans who break into her home one night.
  • The media get wind of the situation and make it unbearable for her and her family, forcing them to leave on ‘vacation’ to escape the media.


The Woodsman (R) (2004)

  • This movie is all about a child molester (Walter) who has been recently paroled and must learn to integrate with society again.
  • We learn that Walter molested many young girls. He was arrested, and jailed for 12 years as a result.
  • We hear some of the therapy he udergoes as he talks about his feelings about what he had done. The therapist asks him if he ever molested his younger sister as a child. He also asks him if got turned on by his younger sister at an older age. There is some brief, non-graphic related discussion.
  • We see a sexual relationship develop between Walter and a woman. She knows something is wrong with him sexually, and tries to figure it out.
  • A detective believes Walter is at the root of a recent spate of pedophile activity. However, the main character knows it’s really another person who is responsible whose tactics fit the detective’s description of what happened. These tactics include trying to convince young boys into his vehicle.
  • Walter has growing urges to molest young girls, especially as he lives overlooking a playground, and must try to control his actions. We see him fantasizing about following girls in his dreams, and see him follow them around in real life. We see him become especially attached to Robin, a young girl.
  • A young girl is drawn to the molester. She tells him that her father molests her.
    *Water’s sexual attraction for young girls grows once he is released from prison and he starts following and talking to young girls.
  • A woman’s co-worker uses a stick to touch her in the crotch / butt area.
  • We see a sexual predator try to convince young boys to get into his car.
  • A woman admits that she was raped and / or molested by her three brothers when she was a child.
  • A detective talks about trying to find a young girl who was abducted (I assume it was for sexual assault reasons) and of finding her dead and damaged body.
  • Walter asks Robin (a young girl) to sit on his lap. She initially says no, but asks if he wants her to. He tells her that he would like it if she did. She tells him (while crying) that her father asks her to do the same thing, and that she doesn’t like it. He then says she doesn’t have to, and she doesn’t.
  • The camera imitates Walter’s point of view and focuses on the bodies of some young girls as Walter is behind them on the escalator.
  • Walter asks a man if he has ever had sexual feelings for his 12 year old daughter. The man takes huge offence to this question.


The Wraith (1986)

  • A murdered man return to Earth for revenge on the person (people?) that raped his lover.
  • He watched the rape occur before he died.
  • The rape is seen through his flashbacks.


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