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Deadly Women (2008 – present) Hosted by former FBI profiler Candice DeLong, this Investigation Discovery true crime series focuses on violent murders committed by female perpetrators. Occasionally episodes involve female victims of sexual violence or female perpetrators of sexual violence. Murder is portrayed on screen in every episode. Acts of violence portrayed on screen are often committed for profit, greed or revenge.



Daddy (2003) *A small community undergoes a series of bizarre sexual crimes. *A young woman is raped by a woman and her boyfriend. *After the rape, she becomes very introverted and starts behaving like a little girl. *She has sex with her father at the end of the film.

Daddy’s Deadly Darling (1972) *Lynn is a disturbed young woman who was placed in a mental hospital for the murder of her step father, who abused and raped her. *Lynn escaped and begins to murder men who remind her of her father.

Dahmer (2002) *In a ten minute scene, we see Dahmer going into gay clubs and drugging men’s drinks. *He rapes an unconscious man in the backroom. We see the rape take place. *He seems in disbelief when someone tries to tell him that drugging drinks is wrong.

Damaged Goods (1999) *There is rape in this movie, but I am unsure whether or not it is talked about or seen.

Damned River (1989) *This movie contains a rape scene.

Dance With The Devil (1997) *A morally ambiguous man is shown raping women. We see the act take place. *lots of other nasty stuff is in this movie, such as black magic, violence, and acting without morals.

The Dancer Upstairs (2003) *We do not see any sexual assault occur, but some references to rape are made. These references are not descriptive.

Dancing in the Dark (1995) *We see a near rape scene of a woman by her father-in-law. *because of this incident, she suffers mentally and is committed to a mental institution. *She is kept drugged and committed against her will. Her lawyer must save her from the institution.

Dangerous Liaisons (1988) *This movie focuses on the sexual power games played by the aristocracy of France during the 18th C. The movie is about a man and a woman in particular who enjoy seducing innocents. *A woman gets a man to seduce other woman. She offers a night of her company for his reward if he does so. This means she is an accomplice to the rape / seduction of the young girl. *A young girl (15) is seduced by one man in a scene that is close to (or may be)rape. The scene is quite drawn out, so may be especially triggering due to that reason. She wakes up distraught about the previous nights events. However, she is talked into carrying on a sexual relationship with the man that seduced her, and she happily consents.

Daredevil (2003) *During a rape trial, we see photos of a badly beaten rape victim. Dark Blue (2002) *It’s mentioned that a man sodomized a woman and another man raped a girl.

Dark Obsession (1991) *There is a rape scene in this movie. *A man accidentally kills a young woman. The guilt from this leads him into mental instability. He wrongly thinks that his wife is cheating on him, and goes into fits of rage and jealousy against her.

Dark Odyssey (1957) *A woman is raped. Her brother tracks her down and attempts to seek revenge. I believe that there is more disturbing material than this, but I cannot tell for sure from my research.

Dark Tide (1993) *Andi is seduced by Dak, but refuses to have sex with him. He poisons her husband to remove competition for Andi’s affections. While the poisoned man is sick in bed, Dak rapes Andi. *Andi is forced to enlist the help of her rapist to find the antidote for the poison. While the two are out at sea on a boat, he repeatedly rapes Andi. This scene is extremely graphic. *The same rapist later kidnaps a young teenaged girl, intending to get his younger brother to rape her. *During the attempted rape, the girl kills her would be rapist and flees. *Dak goes after the girl, intending to kill her.

Daughter of Darkness (1993) *There is a rape scene in this movie. *A teen aged woman was raped by her father. *Her family forces her to hide the fact that she was raped. *She seeks revenge on her father.

Daughters of Darkness (1971) *This movie involves marital rape.

Daughters of the Dust (1992) *There is a rape scene in this movie in which a black woman is raped by a white landowner. *A woman is impregnated as a result of the rape. *Another character was forced into prostitution. *The woman’s husband has a difficult time dealing with the rape. *The rape survivor discusses the rape. *I don’t think the events are seen, but am not certain.

David (TV) (1997) *An account of the Biblical story of David. *As part of the story, David’s now adult son Absalom kills one of his brothers for raping one of his sisters. *David, who is the force of justice, is too mild in his response to the crime. He does not acknowledge the incestuous rape, nor does he punish the murderer.

Day of the Woman (I Spit on Your Grave) (1978) *The plot of this movie is that a woman writer retreats to a cabin to write, where she is violently raped by four men. *The main rapist gives a misogynistic speech in which he insists that some girls deserve to get raped.

A Day Without Policemen (1993) *There is a rape scene in this movie in which a young couple is assaulted. *The rest of the movie is about them seeking revenge.

Deadbeat / Avenged (1976) *Much gratuitous nudity is seen. *There are many, many rape scenes in this movie. They are very graphic. Passersby walk around not noticing what’s going on. Gross.

Dead Calm (1989) *When a woman’s husband is on another ship, an attacker has sex with her without her consent.

Dead Man Walking (1995) *The plot of this movie involves rape. *A nun makes a connection with a prisoner on death row named Matt, who was prosecuted with raping and murdering two teenagers. The nun tries to save his life and soul. *The movie shows her trying to understand what motivated him to commit these crimes. She also deals with the victims’ parents, who are understandably hurt and angry. *A man is seen raping a girl. *We see several flashbacks of the rapes and murders of the teens. *We hear that one of the girl’s vaginas was severely injured.

Deadlocked (TV) (2000) *A young man is taken to court for rape and murder. *During the trial, the father, who does not believe that his son is guilty, takes the entire court hostage and he forces the prosecuting attorney to reinvestigate the crime.

Deadly Daphne’s Revenge (1987)(1994) *Cindy, a young woman, is hitchhiking on forest road and is picked up by four men. They kidnap her and two of them rape her. *The lead rapist hires someone to murder Cindy. *The DA decides not to prosecute them for their crimes and they go away unpunished. However, the lead rapist is told that should anything else befall Cindy, the case would be reopened.

Deadly Desire (1991) *There is a scene in this movie in which a woman’s husband treats her cruelly and rapes her.

Deadly Field Trip (1973) / Trip With the Teacher (1975) *A biker gang rapes a teacher and her female students. *Nudity is seen.

Deadly Twins (1985) *This is a very disturbing movie in which two young women are booked to sing in a club. There they are brutally gang raped. *The police do not give them sufficient help in catching the perpetrators. *As a result, the women decide to seek their own vengeance.

Death and the Maiden (1994) *A political prisoner is tortured and raped. *The husband of a housewife accepts a ride home with a neighbour. This disturbs the wife, as she is certain that this neighbour is the same man that blindfolded and raped her years ago during the fascist regime. *She takes the neighbour captive to unravel the truth of her fears and unravel her memories.

Death Blow / I will Dance on your Grave / Lethal Victims / W.A.R.: Women Against Rape (1987) *Women who are survivors of rape form a bond of their shared experiences. They are determined to put an end to rape in all society for good. *I am uncertain as to whether or not the rapes are seen, but this is very likely.

A Death in California (TV) (1985) *A psychotic businessman rapes a woman and murders her fiance. *She carries on a love / hate relationship with him. *A trial regarding the rape and murder ensues.

Death Kiss (1974) *A graphic rape scene.

Death Weekend / The House By the Lake (1976) *A man and his girlfriend come across a gang of male punks. The men murder the man and gang rape the woman. *She survives the rape and seeks revenge.

Death Wish (1974) (All Death Wish movies contain elements of rape.) *There are five versions of this movie in the series, and they all are likely to contain rape scenes or rape issues. *A man’s world is torn apart when his wife is murdered and his daughter is raped. *The daughter remains in a catatonic state as a result of the rape. *This causes him to turn to vigilantism against crime. *In all five movies, there are very graphic and elongated rape scenes.

Death Wish II (1982) (All Death Wish movies contain elements of rape.) *There are 5 versions of this movie in the series, and they all are likely to contain rape scenes or rape issues. *The daughter of the main character in this movie is recovering from rape. *Her father is mugged by a group of punks, who return to the man’s house and rape his daughter. *She immediately commits suicide as a result of the rape.

Deceiver (1997) *Wayland recounts a story in which he had sex with his high school girlfriend while she was passed out from alcohol. The story may or may not be true.

The Deep (1977) *There is a graphic rape scene in this movie.

Deep In My Heart (TV) (1999) *This is based on a true story in which an adopted woman searches for her birth mother. She learns that her mother was raped in 1961, and that she was born as a result of the rape.

The Defiance of Good (1974) *A young girl’s parents catch her using drugs, and they send her to a psychiatric institution for help. There, she endures horrific abuses and repeated rapes. *She begins to lose her mind as a result of the abuse and rapes. *I am not certain about this, but my research shows that the next plot twist is that there is only one doctor within the institution who cares for her well being, and takes her under his wing. Once this is done, he becomes the worst abuser of them all.

Deliverance (1972) *A man is gang raped by some men. The rape is violent. *The rape survivor is insistent that no one should ever find out about the rape. He immediately attempts to assert his “manliness”. This is a rare movie that looks at issues of male rape.

Demented (1980) (2000) *During the opening scene, a woman is raped by four ranch hands wearing pantyhose masks. The scene is very graphic and true to life. *The movie thereafter focuses on her growing insanity as a result of the rape. She now thinks every man she sees is a potential rapist. *She is also raped by neighbouring kids wearing Hallowe’en masks.

Demon Lust (1984) *We learn that a woman ws raped in the past as a a child. *We see a woman being raped by a pair of drifters.

Demon Seed (1977) *This far fetched movie is about a computer that wants to become human, and will do anything to achieve its goal. *A woman is raped by this computer/robot in her own home.

Denial (1994) *This movie tells the true story of the massacre of an entire town in El Salvador, by an elite battalion of the Armed Forces of El Salvador (along with other Salvadoran military units). *There were extremely few survivors, but one male survivor tells of his experiences, including witnessing many rapes. *At the time, the US administration attempted to cover us the mass slaughter.

De Sade’s Justine / Justine / Marquis de Sade’s Justine (1977) *Extreme and numerous rape scenes are shown. *The scenes include rape of nuns, forced prostitution, rape by a priest, rape of a corpse (necrophelia), sadism and violence.

Derailed (2005) (Clive Owen, Jennifer Aniston) (R)
*A woman is beginning to have sex with a man. Suddenly, she realizes that another man is standing there with his gun to her head. He beats up the man. He pulls her on the bed and says some nasty things to her, implying how much he’s going to enjoy raping her and how she’ll enjoy it too (he’s a madman). He tears off her underwear. We see and hear the rape take place. There is no nudity in this scene.
*The rapist tells the man she was earlier having sex with that he’s going to go and rape the man’s wife (he was cheating on her with the woman that was raped) and implies that he will also rape his young daughter, asking if she’s a virgin.
*The woman is afraid to go to the police about the rape.
*A man’s testicles are squeezed by the rapist to cause him pain.
*The woman states that she had to have an abortion following the rape (which may not be true).

Desolation Angels (1995) *A man returns home to discover that his good friend has raped his girlfriend. *He vows revenge for the rape, although he does so more out of his wounded pride than for his girlfriend’s behalf.

Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo (2005) (Rob Schneider, Eddie Griffin) (R)
*All of the following scenes are treated with humour.
*On TV, a boy lies about a man touching his genitals. We don’t hear any detail or anything further.
*A male prostitute is wrongfully accused of molesting a little boy.
*A male prostitute complaining about laws against having sex with underage girls.
*Men take off some of the clothes from a dead male prostitute so that they can see the size of his penis.
*A man briefly mentions that he used to call all of his mothers friends to talk to them while he was masturbating.
*A vague reference to incest is made when it’s mentioned that a man got crabs from his ancestors (as the usual way crabs are spread is by sexual contact).
*A donkey is waiting to go on the set of a porn movie, insinuating bestiality.
*A strange scene occurs in which a man is on top of a charred corpse holding his broken off penis, which borders on necrophelia.
*There is a scene in which male prisoners are afraid of being raped in prison. One man tells him a very graphic and painful method that he has used to avoid being raped.
*Another strange scene occurs in which a woman with a penis for a nose trips and her nose goes into a woman’s surgical throat hole. The actual act is not seen.

Deuces Wild (2002) *Marco beats up Betsy and then drags her inside a building. It is implied that she is then raped by him, although we do not see this take place.

Devil’s Advocate (1997) *At the beginning of the movie, a girl is on the stand and tells about a man (who is on trial) who sexually molested her. She describes the molestation in detail. *As she is telling this to the court, we see shots of him getting turned on by her recounting of the event and he starts fondling himself. * A lawyer tries to accuse the girl of promiscuity with other children (and thereby discrediting her character and her story). *There is a sex scene which may be disturbing to some: the main character has sex showing nudity with his wife. While they are making love, we see flashbacks of rough sex between him and another woman. *Mary Ann recounts (in slight detail) that her husband’s boss came over to their house while he was away and had very rough sex with her and raped her. She shows her husband her body which is covered in scratches. Her husband does not believe her and yells at her for making up lies (which she wasn’t). *She mentally and emotionally snaps due this and other factors, and attempts to kill herself. *The boss later tells her husband that he had many depraved sexual acts with her. *She mentally and emotionally snaps due this and other factors. *There is a near incest scene in which the main character is heavily encouraged to have sex with his sister in order to create a baby. She is shown naked, and waiting for him to do so. Sex does not take place, although there is some touching.

The Devil’s Daughter (year unknown) *There is a graphic rape scene in this movie.

Dialogues with Madwomen (1994) *This movie focuses on the conditions for women in mental institutions and the condition of society that lead them to be put there. *A grown woman talks about the childhood sexual assault she suffered as a little girl. *There may be more retellings of sexual assaults that women experienced that drove them to eventual mental instability. *The descriptions are graphic, heart wrenching and realistic. *There may be stories of institutional rape as well. *I am unsure of whether or not sexual assault scenes are shown, but one viewer writes that there was footage accompanying the stories that drove the point home… so make of that what you will.

Did You Hear What Happened to Andrea? / Andrea’s Story: A Hitchhiking Tragedy (1997) *A woman is raped by a stranger. We see the rape take place. *She must deal with the aftermath of the rape. She presses charges and takes the case to court.

Diplomatic Immunity (1981) *A bound woman has her shirt ripped open. Photographs are then taken of her.

Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights (2004) *A man gives unwanted sexual attention to a woman as she passes by. He makes a catcall whistle at her and other men start to follow and watch her. *A man kisses Katey, but she doesn’t want him to and tells him to stop. He disregards her wishes and keeps kissing her. They struggle briefly. During the struggle, he tears her clothing. She slaps him and gets away. *He arranges for her to not report him for his assault in exchange for him telling a lie to her parents for her.

Dirty Pretty Things (2002) *This movie involves sexual harassment and sexual coercion in the workplace. *A woman who works in a sewing factory is told that that she will be sent to a coed jail where she will be raped every night unless she does what he wants sexually. He gets her to perform oral sex on him. *Later, he tries to have sex with her and she refuses. He then reminds her of his earlier threats of being sent to jail and raped. She then has sex with him.

Dirty Work (1998) *An implied male on male jail rape scene is shown for laughs. We do not see the actual act take place. Disclosure (1994) *A man had a sexual relationship in the past with the woman who has just become his new boss. She attempts to restart their relationship and pressures him to have sex, which he refuses to do. Under repeated pressure, he files sexual harassment charges against her. This harassment and the effects it has on his personal and family life are the focus of this movie.

Disconnected (1983) *The entire movie is about an insane murderer that goes around raping young women.

The Distance (2000) *This movie concentrates on the painful after effects of child sexual abuse suffered by two men. Disturbed (1990) *10 years in the past, a doctor in a mental clinic rapes his beautiful patient. *She commits suicide as a result of the rape. *He tries to cover up the reason for her suicide, claiming that she succumbed to depression. *Back in the present moment, he has a new patient, who is also beautiful and who he also intends to rape. However, the new patient is really the daughter of the woman he raped years earlier, and she seeks revenge on her mother’s behalf.

Disturbing Behaviour (1998) *A character called Chug is screaming at Rachael in a basement. He pushes her up against a boiler and feels her breast (she is clothed) and then tries to rape her. He does not ultimately complete the act.

Divided We Stand (2000) *This movie takes place on a New York campus. A young student joins a militant Black Political Action Group. She is supposedly raped by the leader of this group.

Doctor Please Help Me / Case of Patty Smith (The) / Patty / Gang Rape / The Shame of Patty Smith (1962) *The plot focus of this film is the rape resulting in the pregnancy of a woman, and her desire to have an abortion.

Dogville (2003 / 2004) *Several rapes are seen in this movie. *It was remarked that the rape scene in this movie is so graphic, that the actress who played the victim (Nicole Kidman) could not sit through a screening of her own movie. *A woman has taken refuge from a violent gang in someone’s home. The man who lives there rapes her on the floor. We see him come on to her, and she is very uncomfortable. He touches her clothed breast, then touches her between the legs. He then rapes her and we see some nudity (his). *It is implied that he rapes her again, but we do not see the rape. We only see him doing up his clothes after being with her. *A man is helping grace to escape. He then says that he wants payment for his help in the form of sex. He has sex with her, while she has a blank “not there” look on her face. We see the movements and hear the sounds. *Grace does not want Tom to do anything about the rape that took place.

Dogwalking on Jackson Crescent (1996) *A woman is walking in Central Park, where she is brutally raped. *The rest of the movie deals with the after effects of this rape.

Dollar Mambo (1993) *This movie takes place in Panama. A mambo dancer is entertaining American soldiers when she is gang raped by them. *This may be especially disturbing as it is based on true events.

Dolores Claiborne (1995) *A woman must travel back to her family home. This triggers the childhood memories of the sexual assault and fondling she suffered as a child at the hands of her father. *Some of the child sexual assault is seen in the form of brief flashbacks.

Domino (2005) (Keira Knightley, Mickey Rourke) (R)
*Reference is briefly made to bestiality.
*A sorority hazing takes place wherein young women are made to be in public in their underwear and are spray painted. Degrading comments about one woman’s breasts are made.

Don Quixote (year unknown) *There is a graphic rape scene in this movie.

Donuts for Breakfast (2000) *A young overweight girl is sent to the store every day to get bread for her mother. There, the shop keeper continually sexually molests her, and bribes her with donuts to keep the story quiet.

Doom Generation (1995) *The end of this movie shows a scene in which a group of men threaten to rape a young woman with a statue of the Virgin Mary. This is filmed very graphically. *They also cut off her boyfriend’s penis with hedge clippers. Another very graphic scene.

Double Tap (1997) *A woman falls in love with a retired policeman and professional assassin, who targets pedophiles.

Down Came a Blackbird (TV) (1995) *A female journalist was abducted and tortured (including rape) in Central America. This movie focuses on her attempt to deal with the aftermath of these atrocities. *We see the torture and rape in the form of flashbacks. *She attends a clinic for survivors of torture. She reflects on her experiences and meets others with similar pasts.

Dracula 2000 (2000) *This movie is similar to End of Days. I don’t believe there is actual rape in this movie, but some may be triggered by the following: A woman has repeated frightening dreams about a dark man. This man turns out to be Dracula. Dracula spends the entire movie attempting to track her down and seducing her.

Dracula / Andy Warhols’ Dracula / Blood for Dracula (1974) *Numerous rape scenes.

Dragon Fire (1993) *This movie takes place in the future, in which Los Angeles is running rampant with crime, including rape.

The Draughtsman’s Contract (1982) *An artist is paid for his services with reluctantly given sexual favours. *I’m pretty sure (but not certain) that there is a rape scene. *A woman forces the artist to have sex with her. She says that she will implicate him in a murder crime if he does not. *I don’t know whether the scenes are graphic or not.

Dr. Alien! (1989) *A teenage male is genetically modified by an alien. The genetic modification results in multiple rapes perpetrated by female characters. Dr. No (1962) *The movie refers to an episode in the main female character’s life. She was raped and got revenge by killing her rapist. *It is later inferred that she was raped again (in the present) by another man. It is not made clear as to if is this actually took place or not.

Duplex (2003) *A female doctor fondles a man’s genitals under a blanket. The male patient enjoys it. *An elderly woman accuses a man of raping her while she was unconscious. *Both these scenes are played for laughs and are minor parts of the movie.

Dust (1985) *This movie takes place in South Africa. A white plantation owner rapes the wife of his black foreman. *A white woman is increasingly harassed, dominated and bullied by a black farmhand. This behaviour culminates in his raping of her. *The rape is very graphic.


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