Titles that start with “I”

I Drink Your Blood (1970) *Satanic hippies gang rape a young girl.

I Know My First Name is Steven (TV) (1989) *A seven year old boy is kidnapped and is convinced by his kidnapper that he now has legal custody of him. The boy endures sexual abuse at the hands of his kidnapper for seven years, at which point he is reunited with his family. *He initially denies that sexual assault took place.

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (TV) (1979) *This is based on the true story of Maya Angelou. Part of the story tells of the trauma she underwent from being raped as a little girl by one of her mother’s boyfriends. *She kept silent about the attack for several years. I Spit on Your Grave (Day of the Woman) (1978) *The plot of this movie is that a woman writer retreats to a cabin to write, where she is violently raped by four men. *The main rapist gives a misogynistic speech in which he insists that some girls deserve to get raped.

I will Dance on your Grave / Death Blow / Lethal Victims / W.A.R.: Women Against Rape (1987) *Women who are survivors of rape form a bond of their shared experiences. They are determined to put an end to rape in all society for good. *I am uncertain as to whether or not the rapes are seen, but this is very likely.

Ilsa – She-Wolf of the SS (1974) *An exploitative movie. *A vicious warden runs a mental institution for women with sexual problems. This woman assists in the numerous raping and gang rapes within the institution. *Gratuitous nudity is seen. *Extreme sadism and violence towards women.

Ilsa – The Wicked Warden / Wanda, the Wicked Warden (1977) *An extremely sick and exploitative movie involving gang and institutional rape. *There are several rape scenes in this movie. *Extreme sadism and violence towards women. *Gratuitous nudity is seen. *A vicious warden runs a mental institution for women with sexual problems. She and one of the guards forces the patients to have sex with male prisoners. *They film this and sell the resulting footage as pornography movies. *The women are forced to shower with a group of convicted rapists so they can be raped again as part of their ‘therapy’.

Illicit Behavior (1992) *A cop, who has burn out from his job and is being investigated for using excessive force, takes his stress out on his wife. He beats her. *The cop shoots a rapist. *As a result, she prefers extremely dirty talk and aggressive sex, which may be triggering to some. *I am not sure whether or not a rape scene is shown.

I’m the Girl He Wants to Kill (1974) *There is a rape scene in this movie.

Images in a Convent (1979) *This movie contains rape scene(s).

Immortal Beloved (1995) *A man attempts to rape a woman. *A man rapes a woman.

Improper Conduct (1994) *The chairman of an advertising company sexually harasses all of his good looking female employees. *One woman decides to put a stop to the harassment and fights back. She takes him to court but loses. *This traumatizes her and makes her feel desperate. She dies in a car accident as a result. *Her sister goes undercover at the same company in an attempt to get justice on the chairman.

In a Glass Cage (1986) *This movie is so sick and degrading that I actually cried reading about the inhumanity of it. I refuse go into detail; let’s just say it involves sex with young boys.

In Her Shoes (2005) (Cameron Diaz, Toni Collette) (PG-13)
*A woman accepts a ride in a car from a man she doesn’t know. He comes on to her and she is very uncomfortable with this- we see her reactions. She runs out of the car when they reach her destination, but he follows and throws har against her own car, holding her there. She fights back and escapes.

In My Daughter’s Name (TV) (1992) *A woman is raped by a man. *As he has affluent parents, he pleads guilty due to reasons of insanity during the rape trial. *The mother of the raped woman is unable to bear this injustice. She attempts every possible avenue to obtain justice for her daughter but is unsuccessful. *She later takes justice into her own hands.

In the Best Interest of the Child (TV) (1990) *A young girl is having violent nightmares. The mother believes that the nightmares may be an indication that her daughter is being sexually abused by her father. *She gets the court involved, but the court is no help.

In the Cut (2003) *A man kisses a woman who stops him. He gets angry about this and holds her down on the bed. He says that he still wants to f**k her. However, nothing else happens.

In the Eyes of an Angel (2001) *This is a drama about a girl who is sexually abused and impregnated by her father. She is horrified by her pregnancy, and in order to hide her secret, she initiated sex with a blind date. *She then accuses him of raping her. *She is horrified by what she has done, and returns home to face her father.

In the Name of the Emperor (1995) *This is a true documentary of an event that has been named ‘the Rape of Nanjing’, which took place in 1937. More than 300,000 Chinese were slaughtered by the Japanese. During this time, the Chinese soldiers systematically raped tortured and killed hundreds of thousands of civilians. *Many of these acts are seen. *What may be especially disturbing to viewers is that actual footage of the rapes and killings is used, which was taken by an American missionary who was there at the time.

In the Presence of Mine Enemies (TV) (1997) *A young woman is raped by an officer in the Warsaw Ghetto in Poland, 1942. A German soldier helps her to escape.

In Your Dreams (TV) (1997) *The focus of this movie is on a ‘perceived’ date rape. A man believes he has had consensual sex with his date. However, the woman thinks she was deliberately raped. The court must decide which portrayal of events is true.

Incognito (TV) (1999) *A woman is raped. *Her rapist stalks her, forcing her to hire a bodyguard.

The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957) *A woman is attacked by invading antibodies. Oddly enough, the antibodies seems to stick to her breasts, instead of sticking to her entire body. A group of men try to stop this from happening, and claw at her in what has been described as a rape-like frenzy to get them off her. *A feminized male doctor suffers the same treatment.

The Incredible Shrinking Man (2005) *The movie currently in production may also contain a rape scene; this is not yet known. (I say this because the 1957 version does have a rape scene.) *There is a rape scene in this movie. *More info coming soon.

The Incredible Torture Show / Heritage of Caligula / Blood Sucking Freaks / House of the Screaming Virgins / Sardu, Master of the Screaming Virgins (1976) *A sick and graphic movie in which kidnapped, naked women are tortured on stage for the audience’s enjoyment, who think it’s all acting. However, it is real. *This film has extreme misogyny, torture and humiliation of women. *Necrophilic acts are in this movie. *Graphic violence is used.

The Incubus (1981) *A small town is traumatized by a series of brutal murders and bizarre rapes. *The focus of this movie is on uncovering the perpetrator. *Incestuous overtones are part of this movie.

An Infinity of Terrors / Galaxy of Terror / Mindwarp: An Infinity of Terror / Planet of Horrors / Quest (1981) *A gory low budget sci-fi movie. *A woman is raped by a giant caterpillar.

Insect Woman (1963) *This movie contains a rape scene. Interview with a Vampire (1994) *Some viewers may find this movie disturbing as there is a palpable attraction between a little girl (who is actually old- she’s a vampire) and an adult vampire. This borders on pedophilia / statutory rape.

Intolerable Cruelty (2003) *During a court case, a woman admits that for the past thirty years, she has been a sex slave to her husband. *During the same court case, she describes her husband’s actions, saying he went from gentle to using toys, videotaping and creating a sex toy out of a vacuum that he called the Intruder. *This is an extremely minor part of the film and not graphic or played for laughs / drama.

The Investigation (TV) (2002) *Two police officers are each investigating a rape and murder. *The rape is (likely) not shown and takes up only a small portion of the film.

The Iron Girl (1994) *A young woman is gang raped by a biker gang while she is out roller blading. *The rest of the movie is about her getting revenge on her rapists.

Irréversible (2002) (2003) *The central character suffers a very grueling, very hard to watch rape scene, shown in graphic detail. *I cannot tell from my research exactly what else is seen in this movie, but I am guessing that there is a lot of focus on sexual assaults, including homosexual assault. *There is a lot of dialogue about and leading up to sexual assaults. *The assaults are shown as an attempt by the attacker(s) to gain power over their victims. *Some of the sexual assaults may be degrading, humiliating and violent.

Islam and Feminism (1991) *This is a factual look at Islam, in which Islamic law does not distinguish between fornication, sex and adultery. Under Islamic law, a woman and a man who are not married to each other are arrested for fornication, whipped and stoned to death. *We learn that in Pakistani courts, the testimony of two women is considered equal to that of one man. *We learn that in Pakistan, a woman who is raped can be charged with having extramarital sex. *This documentary examines these and similar issues, including women’s organizations that are working to change these injustices.

Island of Death (1975) *There is a rape scene in this movie. *Bestiality, rape, torture and sacrifice. Sad.


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