Titles that start with “V”

V for Vendetta (2005)

  • Caught out after curfew in a fascist society, lead female character Evey is nearly gang raped by “Finger Men” who act as unofficial secret police for the oppressive regime in power.
  • Torture and murder are also portrayed in several scenes.


Valmont (1989)

  • This movie is a similar to Dangerous Liasons. While rape does not overtly occur, some may be triggered by the following: This movie focuses on the sexual power games played by the aristocracy of France during the 18th C. These men enjoy seducing innocents, generally quite young girls.


Vampires / John Carpenter’ s Vampires (1998)

  • An eroticised rape scene (may)take place between a female vampire and a man.
  • There is some confusion regarding whether or not this scene, in actual fact, portrays rape, as she is shown as enjoying the scene. However, I believe that this scene takes place while she is in bondage, which may be the deciding factor for some.


Van Helsing (2004)

  • The following may be interpreted to some to be sexual assault as the woman is in a drugged-like state during this scene: Dracula quickly (but passionately) kisses a woman while she is under his hypnotic spell. She stops the kiss from progressing and tells him that he makes her skin crawl (proving that the kiss was against her will). He tells her that that’s not all he could do to it.
  • A woman makes a veiled threat that she will cut off Igor’s penis. The act does not happen though.
  • A female vampire licks a woman’s face in a sexual way. I am not certain but I think that this is not wanted by the woman.


Vanilla Sky (R) (2001)

  • A man has consensual sex with a woman. However, he apparently thought she was someone else, and once he realized he was having sex with a different person, he smothers her with a pillow.
  • A previous female sex partner has a deranged and a stalker -like attitude towards a man.
  • A woman is on a bed with her hands and wrists tied up. I am unsure as to what else happens during this scene, but it could be quite triggering to some.


Vanity Fair (2004)

  • A man touches the top of a woman’s breasts, trying to come on to her. This act is unwanted by the woman.


Vendetta (1997)

  • A couple’s 10 year old daughter is raped and murdered. I am unsure whether the rape is just discussed or seen.
  • They are both detectives and work to uncover the man responsible for their daughter’s fate.


Vera Drake (2004)

  • For those sensitive to abortion issues, the entire movie is about a woman who secretly performs abortions for others at a time when they were illegal, and we see at least one abortion being performed.
  • We see the beginning of a rape. A drunken man makes unwanted sexual advances on a woman, and tries to get her to touch is crotch (which is clothed). He then gets on top of her and starts to undress. This is all we see, but he does rape her.
  • She is made pregnant as a result of the rape.
  • She gets an abortion for this pregnancy.
  • A psychiatrist, who is not aware that she was raped, asked if she loved the father of the aborted fetus or if she loved him at the point of conception. She answers “no” to both questions.


Veronica Guerin (2003)

  • A man comes out and proceeds to punch her brutally and repeatedly (while calling her “c*nt”). He then tears open her shirt (looking for a wire). Although rape does not occur, this scene may be triggering.
  • A man threatens to rape a mother’s son.


Vibrations (1995)

  • There is rape in this movie, but I am unsure whether it is just discussed or seen.


Vice Squad (1982)

  • Prostitutes are tied to a bed and sexually assaulted by a pimp.


Victims (1985)

  • Two men come upon a couple having a picnic. They beat up the man and strip and rape the woman.
  • They find four women who are walking together. They force one woman to strip. They force two of the other women to have sex with each other. Nudity is seen.


Videodrome (1982)

  • The underlying plot of this movie is about an underground network of people that show hard-core films specializing in rape, torture and bondage.
  • Numerous scenes from these movies are shown. They are very disturbing.
  • The footage may be supposedly taken from real life, but I’m not certain.


Vigilante (1983)

  • This violent movie is about vigilante cops intent of ridding New York of criminals. Criminals, including rapists, are routinely caught and killed.
  • A man’s wife is raped. The scene is filmed very realistically.


The Village (2004)

  • We hear that a 23 year old woman was raped and murdered. Nothing is shown, and it is only mentioned once throughout the movie.


Violated / Party Girls for Sale / They Were So Young (1954 -1955)

  • A white slavery ring kidnaps women and sells them to the sex trade.


Violated (1953)

  • A serial rapist and murder is the main character of this movie.
  • I do not know whether rape scenes are seen or not.
  • A psychiatrist uses a truth serum on the serial killer and rapist, to find out why he commits these acts.


Violated (1984)

  • This is an exploitative and sick film.
  • The entire movie is about a group of men that invite naïve young women to parties, where they viscously rape them.


Violated / The Rape of Richard Beck (TV) (1985)

  • This movie is about a police man who believes that rape victims bring it on themselves. He changes his mind when he is raped by two men.
  • We see the rape scene, which is graphic.
  • He is shown going through all of the after effects and trauma of rape, both emotional and psychological.


The Violation of Sarah McDavid (TV) (1981)

  • A teacher at a rough school is attacked and raped in her classroom.
  • This spurs her to attempt to make the school safer. The school’s principal tries to play down the incident to avoid negative publicity.


The Virgin Spring (1960)

  • A young virgin is brutally gang raped and murdered by pig herders.
  • The parents of the rape victim get revenge on the rapists.


The Visit (2000)

  • Alex is convicted of raping a woman. The rape scene is not shown.


Vista Valley P.T.A. (1981)

  • Two female teachers are raped at a rough school.
  • Graphic and negative sexual imagery are found numerous times throughout this film.


Volver, Volver, Volver (1977)

  • Two brothers viciously fight over the women they are both interested in.
  • There is a rape seen in this movie.


Vulgar (2000)

  • A man decides to play a joke on some men at a bachelor party and dresses up as a female clown, intending to introduce to female stripper after the prank has been played. He arrives at the party, is immediately knocked out by one of the men and humiliatingly sexually assaulted. *He is blackmailed about the event by a sexual pervert/serial killer and his two sons.


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