Titles that start with “Z”

Zatoichi – On the Road (1963)

  • A feudal lord rapes a young servant girl.


Zombie Ninja Gangbangers / Bangers (1997)

  • This is a tasteless movie about zombies that rape women.
  • Some may find it disturbing that the woman that is raped looks very much like Tori Amos, which is likely intentional and quite disturbing, given that Tori Amos was raped in the past. She is raped by a gang of zombies. The rape scene is gory and graphic, and it goes on for ten minutes.
  • She goes to the police after her ordeal but because he has worked as a prostitute and took drugs in the past, and because she insists her attackers were zombies, he dismisses her story.
  • To add insult to injury, the detective then rapes her.
  • She then tells her story to her best friend who also does not believe her.
  • She goes to drown her sorrows in a bar and a long strip dance scene takes place in the same bar. She then leaves the bar and is raped AGAIN by the zombies. A Japanese tourist watches and takes pictures of the rape.*She enlists the help of a mad scientist who tries to create a zombie that he can control, to be used as a weapon against the other zombies. Something goes wrong and she is then nearly raped by this new zombie. Sick.


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