Titles that start with “B”

Baby Boy (2001) *A scene takes place during which Rodney is making sexual advances towards Yvette. She rejects him, and Rodney gets angry and almost rapes her. However, her young son is in the room and repeatedly pleads with Rodney to leave her alone. Yvette asks Rodney is he’s going to rape her in front of her son, and Rodney stops.

The Baby of Macon (1993) *This movie involves child exploitation. *A long theatrical rape scene takes place. This scene is excruciating and was known to have angered many women because it seemed unnecessarily long. *This movie shows brutality towards women.

Bad Boys (1983) *A man rapes a woman solely because he has an ax to grind with her boyfriend. *The scene is graphic.

Bad Girls (1994) *Implied rape and scenes of sexual slavery.

Bad Girls Go To Hell (1965) *A woman taking the trash out of her apartment is raped by the building’s janitor. *He attempts to rape her a second time and she escapes and runs away to ‘the Big City’, where she hopes to find safety and freedom from fear of her attacker. *There she gets into many situations where she is abused and used in different ways.

Bad Lieutenant (1992) *The movie begins with the rape of a nun, which is graphically seen. This event is the focus of the movie. The nun is unwilling to give the police the names of her attackers, and eventually forgives her attackers because of her religious beliefs. *A police lieutenant is mire interested than pursuing his vices than in doing his job. *He uses his position of authority to take advantage of teens and young women. *He investigates the rape of a nun. This causes him to reflect upon his lifestyle.

Bad Manners (1989) *A woman is tied to a piano. Her shirt is ripped open.

Baise-Moi (Rape Me) (2002) *This movie focuses on brutal rape and gang rape. The rapes are shown in long, drawn out and graphic detail.

The Ballad of Little Jo (1993) *A man attempts to rape a woman but stops when she aims a gun at him.

Ballad of Narayama / Narayama Bushiko (1982) *Bestiality is in this movie. *There is a rape scene(s) in this movie.

Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever (2002) *A man appears to be forcing himself on a woman in an alley. He is pressed up against her. This is a minor part of the film.

Bandit Queen (1994) *A lower-caste woman achieves notoriety when she fights against sexism and India’s abusive caste system. She is raped, avenges herself, and achieves national recognition for her good work.

Bang *In this movie, a woman is sexually harassed on the casting couch. *She is later almost raped by a police officer.

Bangers (Zombie Ninja Gangbangers) (1997) *This is a tasteless movie about zombie that rape women. *Some may find it disturbing that the woman that is raped looks very much like Tori Amos, which is likely intentional and quite disturbing, given that Tori Amos was raped in the past. She is raped by a gang of zombies. The rape scene is gory and graphic, and it goes on for ten minutes. *She goes to the police after her ordeal but because he has worked as a prostitute and took drugs in the past, and because she insists her attackers were zombies, he dismisses her story. *To add insult to injury, the detective then rapes her. *She then tells her story to her best friend who also does not believe her. *She goes to drown her sorrows in a bar and a long strip dance scene takes place in the same bar. She then leaves the bar and is raped AGAIN by the zombies. A Japanese tourist watches and takes pictures of the rape. *She enlists the help of a mad scientist who tries to create a zombie that he can control, to be used as a weapon against the other zombies. Something goes wrong and she is then nearly raped by this new zombie. Sick.

Barbarian Queen (1985) *Many women are enslaved, tied up and raped.

Basic Instinct (1992) *Not that the DVD version of the near-rape scene has been extended and more explicit and graphic detail is seen. *Some critics of this sexual thriller movie believe that there is gratuitous nudity and excessive degradation of women in general. *There is the near rape of Jeanne Tripplehorn by Michael Douglas’s character. *There is a graphic sex scene in which a woman is thrown over a couch and anal sex occurs.

Basket Case 1 and 11 (1982, 1990) *An exploitation movie. *There is a rape scene(s) in this movie.

Bastard Out Of Carolina (1996) *There is child abuse throughout this movie. *There is also a very graphic and disturbing scene which is shown in full where a little girl gets raped by her stepfather.

Batman (1989) * There is a scene in which Vicki is taken on a “date” by the Joker, where she is trapped by the Joker and his men. Although a rape doesn’t happen, the Joker behaves lecherously and threateningly towards her as he is attracted to her. She portrays the fear that a woman might have in a potential date rape situation. This scene is mild in comparison to many of the others listed here, but I am personally triggered by this scene, so I opted to include it in my listing.

The Beast in Heat / Horrifying Experiments of the S.S. Last Days / SS Experiment Part 2 / SS Hell Camp (1977) *A fictionalized movie about atrocities committed in a WWII P.O.W. camp. *A Nazi creates a half man, half beast male monster that she uses to torture, sexually assault and molest female prisoners. *The monster is kept on aphrodisiacs to ensure it will want to rape. *Excessive nudity, exploitation and sadism is seen.

The Beast of Yucca Flats (1961) *There is a rape scene in this movie at the beginning of the movie. Nudity is seen.

The Beast Within (1982) *At the beginning of this movie, a woman is raped by a monster. Full graphic detail is seen. *The child that was born as the result of that rape goes on a rampage, and sickeningly looks for a young girl to start the cycle of rape and impregnation all over again.

Beatrice Cenci (1969) *This movie takes place in 17th C Italy. A crazed nobleman keeps his daughter locked up in his dungeon, where he abuses and rapes her. *The daughter, along with help, plots to kill him to save herself and get revenge.

Because of the Cats /The Rape (1973) *Six wealthy and well dressed men break into a house and rape a woman, forcing her husband to watch. *The rest of the movie deals with the investigation of this rape and trying to catch the attackers. The plot deals with the difficulties of trying to catch the rapists when they don’t fit society’s stereotypes of what sexual predators are like. *The rape is show in extremely graphic and violent detail.

The Bed You Sleep In (1993) *A daughter uncovers repressed memories of sexual abuse and names her father as the abuser.

Beethoven’s 2nd (1993) *Completely out of place in a family movie, a rape is averted by the lead character (dog). This unnecessary scene is often removed in TV screenings of the film.

Behind Locked Doors (1968) *Two women are attending a barn party. One of them is about to be raped, but is saved by a stranger. *More scenes of sexual assault and violence likely occur in this movie, but my research cannot find out any more details.

Beloved (1998) *We hear a horrific recounting of an act that took place in the past. Some men stole a woman’s breast milk. We see flashbacks of the men licking her nipples and the milk coming from them. *A woman puts a spell on a man and undresses. We see full nudity. She tells him she wants him to have sex with her. He tries to resist her but cannot because of the spell, and she rapes him. We see the act take place. *She because pregnant as a result of her rape of him.

Best Laid Plans (1999) *Nick and Lissa discuss a plan for Lissa to have intercourse with Bryce, and then claim it was statutory rape. *The above act takes place, and Bryce wrongly thinks that he has committed statutory rape. *Bryce abducts Lissa and thinks about killing her to solve the problems that the statutory rape set up has caused.

Betrayal (TV) (1978) *A therapist slowly earns his patent’s trust and then rapes her. *A woman going through therapy with her psychiatrist accuses him of forcing her to maintain a sexual relationship with him as part of her “therapy”. *The police start an investigation into her allegations. The entire movie is about this.

Betrayal of Trust (1994) (TV) *A young women, who is going to a counselor for treatment for her drug and alcohol addiction, is treated by being injected with a drug that knocks her unconscious. During one of her “treatments”, she awakens to find her therapist sexually assaulting her. *She attempts to get justice by reporting him and suing him.

Beulah Land (1980) *Movie contains multiple rape scenes, including women being raped by slaves and soldiers.

Beyond the Mat (1999) *Jake talks about his father raping and impregnating his mother when she was thirteen. None of this act is seen.

Beyond Rangoon (1995) *A soldier threatens to rape a woman, but nothing more happens.

Big Bad Mama (1974) *A woman is put in jail and raped by the sheriff. *The scene is not overly graphic.

Big Trouble (2002) *A man attempts for rape a woman.

Billy Jack (1971) *This movie contains a long and excruciating rape scene. *Billy Jack is a half Indian, half white man who hates violence, yet is constantly exposed to it. The movie follows his and other 1960s style protesters’ attempts to put a stop to violence including rape. *My research does not show how much, if any, rape is shown, just that people are being outspoken about the injustice of rape, among other forms of violence. *The rape survivor forgives her rapist and doesn’t tell the police about the attack. *Her boyfriend later discovers what happened and murders her rapists.

Birthday Girl (2002) *A man throws a woman on a bed, gets on top of her and starts ripping off his clothes. He intends to rape her, but ultimately does not.

Bizarre Encounters (year unknown) *There is a rape scene(s) in this movie.

Bizarre Lust of a Sexual Deviant (2001) (V) *This movie focuses on a sexual deviant who preys on women by chloroforming them and sexually assaulting them.

Black & White (1998) *A woman admits to her lover that her father used to have sex with her when she was a little girl. We do not see any of this take place. *We learn that a woman has drugged her young daughter and sold her to a man for sex. We see the girl while she is drugged, but do not see anything else.

Black Devil Doll from Hell (1984) *A nun is tied to a bed and graphically raped by a ventriloquist’s dummy.

The Black Magic (2002) *Three men on vacation in Bangkok spike the drink of their female tour guide. Two of the men trick her into coming into their motel room and rape her while the third man watches, albeit helplessly. *The woman commits suicide due to the overwhelming horror of her experiences shortly after. *The rape and its after effects (the spirit of the dead woman seeks revenge on the rapists) is the entire focus of this movie.

Black Vengeance / Poor Pretty Eddy / Heartbreak Hotel / Redneck County / Redneck County Rape (1973) * An exploitative film. * A famous woman is driving though the deep country when she meets up with an Elvis impersonator. He attempts to rape her. The attempt is shown in graphic detail.

Blackbelt (1992) *A singer is stalked by crazed fans, one of whom is a serial killer. She seeks protection from a bodyguard. *There is a rape scene in this movie, although I can’t tell how graphic it is.

The Blackboard Jungle (1955) *A male student tries to rape his teacher while in the library.

Blackmail (1929) *A woman goes into an artist’s studio to look at his work. He attempts to rape her, but she defends herself and kills him.

Blackrock (1997) *Based on a true story about a girl who was gang raped and murdered at a beach party. This act is seen. *One young man watches the rape take place and does nothing to help her. He is later sorry he did nothing to help. *She is found murdered the next day. *The rape and murder becomes public knowledge at the school they all attended the next day. Students act differently towards the act: The girls are angry and disgusted with the perpetrators. The boys make jeering remarks about the dead girl and make jokes about her morality and say she was promiscuous.

Blind Justice (TV) (1986) *This is based on the true story of Tim Matheson, a man who is wrongly arrested for armed robbery, kidnapping and rape. The movie focuses on the legal system and police that behave ruthlessly towards him, believing that they have found the true culprit. *The movie examines the personal impact that sexual assault has.

Blink (1994) *A young blind woman is given an eye transplant so she can finally see again. *Meanwhile, there are numerous unsettling (what rape isn’t?) rapes and murders that take place. *We come to learn that all of the victims have had transplants within the last month. The plot of the movie is that the young woman will be the next to be raped. *We see several gruesome rape scenes (after the rape has taken place).

Blood Debts / Hunter’s Crossing (1983) *There is a rape scene in this movie.

Blood for Dracula / Andy Warhols’ Dracula / Dracula (1974) *Numerous rape scenes.

Blood Games (1990) *The whole plot of this movie is about a team of female softball players that are traveling on a bus, which breaks down in the woods. They are gang raped and murdered by a group of psychotic men. Some of the women fight back.

Blood Sucking Freaks / Heritage of Caligula / House of the Screaming Virgins / The Incredible Torture Show / Sardu, Master of the Screaming Virgins (1976) *A sick and graphic movie in which kidnapped, naked women are tortured on stage for the audience’s enjoyment, who think it’s all acting. However, it is real. *This film has extreme misogyny, torture and humiliation of women. *Necrophilic acts are in this movie. *Graphic violence is used.

BloodRayne (R) (2006) (Kristanna Loken, Michelle Rodriguez)
*The entire movie is about a half-woman, half vampire who seeks revenge on the king of the vampires who raped and murdered her mother. She was born as a result of the rape. *We see (in a series of flashbacks) the vampire arriving, her mother trying to hide her (as a little girl) and the rape taking place. We don’t see all of the act, just flashes. I believe the little girl watched the act take place. *The vampire-woman is imprisoned in a carnival cage. A drunken man enters the cage to rape her. He gets on top of her but she fights him off and escapes.

Blue Desert (1991) *Lisa Roberts is moving from New York city, as she was raped there and no longer feels safe. *She moves to a small town in Arizona, hoping to feel safer. *In an attempt to feel safer, she moves to the country. Unfortunately, she is immediately sexually assaulted by a drifter, although he does not complete the rape. *She gets help from a local law enforcement officer, who says he can’t formally press charges against the drifter. The drifter says things to her that make her feel she is unable to trust the police officer. Her uncertainty of who to believe takes up the rest of the movie.

Blue Ice (1992) *My research on this movie was unsuccessful in finding a rape scene, but it is listed on a “rape fan’s” movie list. *There are scenes of torture in this movie.

Blue Velvet (1986) *A sure to offend movie. *Has many sexually deviant scenes. *Voyeurism is part of this movie. *A brutal rape scene is shown in graphic detail. *The rape victim prefers being hit while having sex, which some may see as a result of her sexual abuse.

Body and Soul (1925) *A preacher rapes a little girl. I am unsure whether or not the rape is seen. *She tells her mother what has happened, but her mother refuses to acknowledge what she is hearing. She doesn’t even listen to her daughter on this subject. *There are incestuous overtones between the preacher and the girl, even though they are not related by blood.

Body Bags (1993) *A man rapes his wife while he is possessed. We see the act take place in a very brief scene which doesn’t dominate the movie. Body Shots (1999) *This movie is about date rape, what constitutes date rape and what constitutes consensual sex. *Sarah is seen with her face slightly bloodies as she stumbles towards her friend’s house. She then says Michael raped her. *There is a dispute about how Michael and Sarah interpreted what happened. Sarah says she was grabbed and raped from behind, and hit her head on the headboard during the attack. Michael says they were simply having sex and she hit her head on the headboard during sex. * We see a flashback of the incident from Sarah’s point of view which is upsetting and triggering. Body Weapon (1999) *A female police officer is gang raped n her wedding night by a group of serial rapists. *Her husband is forced to watch. *She becomes the ultimate seductress as part of a plan to gain revenge on her rapists.

Bonnie’s Kids (1973) *Two sisters live at home and have miserable lives. Their stepfather tries to rape one of the sisters. The other sister murders him to stop him from completing the act.

The Book of Eli (2010) *A female road gang member, likely traumatized by rape, warns a female lead character the needs to run. The lead female character’s rape is averted, but the PTSD symptoms portrayed by the other female character in the scene can be very triggering in addition to the attempted rape.

*When the lead villian’s grip on power is released, chaos ensues in the saloon and fights, murders and rapes are shown occurring.

The Book of Revelation (2006) *Based on the novel by the same title, this movie portrays the story of a man’s abduction, mutilation and repeated gang rape over several weeks by 3 hooded women. As is usually the case with men raped by women in films, he is not believed by his girlfriend. Surprisingly, the man is shown to exhibit PTSD symptoms and struggles hard with the after effects.

Bordella (1976) *This seems like a sketchy film, probably an exploitation film, in which a rapist is hired to be the main attraction in a bordello set up for women clients.

Born Innocent (TV) (1974) *A 14 year old girl is given over to the care of the state. She is sent to a women’s prison where she is sexually assaulted with an object.

Born Into Exile (TV) (1997) *Two young lovers flee from their unhappy lives and unsupportive families. The young man is charged with kidnapping and rape (which did not occur) in an attempt to have her daughter brought back home.

The Born Losers (1967) *An evil motorcycle gang is terrorizing a town. They do not face criminal charges for their behaviour because they threaten people into not reporting them. *Among their crimes is the rape of four women. The women are all threatened by the gang into not testifying against them. *This is the whole plot of the movie.

A Boy and His Dog (1976) *A man is tied to a bed naked. He is raped.

Boy Called Hate (1996) *The main character comes across a girl, Cindy, who is being attacked by a man who intends to rape her. Buba intervenes and saves the girl, but in so doing he shoots the man.

Boys Don’t Cry (1999) *This movie contains a violent, excruciating and graphic gang rape scene that also includes sodomy and the victim being beaten by her assailants. The rape is done to “teach her a lesson”. *This is a VERY graphic and triggering film. *Some may be particularly affected as this movie is based on true events.

Boys of St. Vincent (1994) *Deals with child sexual abuse and male on male rape.

The Boys Who Slaughter / Naked Violence / Sex in the Classroom (1974), (1969) *This movie focuses on an adult who encourages a classroom of troubled teens to gang rape and murder their teacher (female). *The search for this adult and the interrogation of the teen rapists takes up the rest of the movie.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992) *The following scene may take place- Icannot tell for certain: A man is raped by female vampires.

Braveheart (1995) *This movie takes place in 13th c Scotland. The English King has given English nobility the ‘Prima Nocta’, which is the right to rape all new Scottish brides for the first night, thereby taking their virginity and hopefully making them pregnant with English progeny. *We see a village celebrating a wedding, then the English come to claim prima nocta and we see the new husband and bride being distraught when they learn that she is to be raped. We do not see the rape actually take place. *We see William Wallace’s new bride be attacked by a soldier and nearly raped. *There is a long scene of graphic and painful torture at the end of this move. The torture is not of a sexual nature.

Breach of Conduct (TV) (1994) *A woman travels with her husband to his new army base. His commander becomes sexually interested in her and starts giving her unwanted attention. Someone arranges for her husband to go on a business trip so that the commander can rape his wife.

Breaking the Silence (2002) *This documentary is aimed at educating men as to what constitutes sexual assault and what effects sexual assault and rape have on women. *Acquaintance rape or date rape is a special focus in this documentary. *Sexual violence is discussed from the point of view of victims and survivors, and clearly portrays they emotional effects they suffer.

Breaking the Waves (1996) *A mentally challenged woman is raped by oil riggers. The act is seen.

Breeders (1986) (1999) *This is a horror/exploitation film, and a lot of nudity is seen. *A string of young women have all been raped by something supernatural, and have been admitted to hospital. *The perpetrator ensures that all his victims are virgins.

The Brides Wore Blood (1972) *A woman is drugged, tied to an alter and about to be raped ritualistically. This does not ultimately happen. *A vampire kidnaps a woman and rapes her. He impregnates her. *She is kept locked up until the baby is born.

Brimstone and Treacle (1976) (TV) and (1982) *A brain damaged young woman is being cared for by her father, who is posing as her ex boyfriend. He sexually abuses her while masquerading as her caretaker.

Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia (1974) *A Mexican land baron offers a reward for the head of the man that raped his daughter. One man’s attempt to get the head is the entire plot of this movie. *The rape is shown in graphic detail.

Broken Lizard’s Club (2004) *Somebody mentions (for laughs) assault with a “deadly wet one”. *A man grabs the breast of a woman in order to read her name tag.

Brotherhood of the Wolf (2002) *Marianne holds a knife on Jean Francois incestuously comes on to Marianne. She tries to stop him using a knife. He throws her down while grabbing her hair. We are led to believe that he might rape her, but this is not seen.

A Brother’s Kiss (1997) *A cop attempts to sodomize a young boy in the street. We see this scene take place. *Two young boys are terrorized by a cop. *One of the boys grows up fearing sex.

The Brutal Truth (2000) *This movie contains an extremely graphic and brutal rape scene. *There is also a graphic suicide in response to the rapes.

Bullet Proof (year unknown) *Graphic rape scene.

Bullies (1986) *A boy’s mother is raped.

Bully (2001) *This movie contains very graphic rape scene(s) involving teenagers.

Bump in the Night (1991) (TV) *A young buy is kidnapped by a pedophile. *The rest of the movie deals with the boys mother using her investigative skills to find her son before he is harmed.

Burndown (1989) *In a small town situated near a condemned nuclear power plant, numerous women are getting killed and raped. *The rest of the movie deals with investigating the rapes and attempting to find the perpetrator.

The Burning Bed (TV) (1984) *A woman is constantly physically abused by her husband. One night he rapes her. *She murders him, as a result of the rape.

Business As Usual (1988) *This movie has scenes of sexual harassment at the workplace and rape.

The Business of Strangers (2001) *There is a rape scene in this movie. *Issues of date rape are explored. *A woman states that a particular man once raped her best friend.

Buster and Billie (1974) *Teens repeatedly try to (or do) rape a mentally challenged girl. *She and one of the boys fall in love, and the rest end up gang-raping and killing her. *The boy who loved her then kills the assailants.

The Butterfly Effect (2004) *We learn that a man has made a child pornography video featuring his son and daughter. This video is not seen. *We see flashes and flashbacks of two children, a boy and a girl, being made to feature in a child pornography video by their father. The father tells them to undress. We see the boy apparently nude but don’t see anything below the waist. *A prisoner tells Evan that he expects to have sex with him. He does so using violent language, leading us to believe that Evan might be raped by this man. *A prisoner grabs Evan’s crotch against his will.


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