Titles that start with “Q”

Qahar (1997)

  • A police inspector learns that his brother, his friend and a corrupt police inspector are responsible for a brutal gang rape and murder of a woman.


Quantum of Solace (2008)

  • There is an attempted rape, which is interrupted by the main female character. The man who attempted to rape the other women tries to rape the rescuer instead.
  • In addition, the lead male character is tortured in the nude and his testicles repeatedly bludgeoned.


Quest / Planet of Horrors / Mindwarp: An Infinity of Terror / An Infinity of Terrors / Galaxy of Terror (1981)

  • A gory low budget sci-fi movie.
  • A woman is raped by a giant caterpillar.


Quiet Days in Hollywood (1997)

  • A waitress is raped by a customer in a public bathroom. I believe she presses charges for the rape.


Quills (2000)

  • The marquis stages a sexual farce. A man who watches this farce gets sexually excited and attempts to rape a woman from behind. The rape does not take place.


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