Website Re-Launched III

So, things are back online again. After getting hacked repeatedly at our last webhosting company, the website has been resurrected one more time. We have a new domain name and an expanded mission. We are no longer “Movies That Trigger”. We are now, “Triggered By Media”! Our title summaries (listed above under Movie and TV Listings) will be expanded to include television shows that frequently include sexual violence as well as video games that contain similar themes or allow players to engage in sexual violence against the avatars of other players.

We are not here to promote censorship, but simply to continue the original vision of the website’s founder – allowing survivors to choose for themselves if a film or TV show or video game is something they are comfortable experiencing. Listing titles here is not a judgment, but rather an informational tool to allow those who need it to decide beforehand if they are okay with the content they will experience.

Thank you for your support over the years and into the future as we expand our listings.

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