A Male Survivor’s Perspective on Season 2 of American Crime

So, I just watched the Season 2 premiere of American Crime. This season is starting off with some serious actors – Lili Taylor, Regina King, and Timothy Hutton. I expect with that cast there will be master classes in acting and story development. Lili Taylor as the victim’s mother is an excellent choice. I have been a big fan since Say Anything. I am hopeful that this will be a realistic portrayal especially with regard to the social reality of men AND women to deny the existence of sexual victimization of men and boys.

An entire season that accurately portrays the social treatment of male survivors while simultaneously demonstrating how the victim and his support system (so far his mother only) navigate this event will be unusual and ground-breaking with regard to male survivor-centric story lines. In order to be a realistic story, all of the ugliness, colossal failures and disgusting blemishes need to be put on display for people to see unvarnished. Ideologues who believe that male survivor issues don’t deserve consideration in public spaces are especially in need of such exposure.

Upon watching the first episode, I am reminded why I did not make a report. It would have been one of the worst decisions of my life. That was in 1990. The reality in 2016 is different, but not dramatically so that I would trust law enforcement, the military or even most local rape crisis programs to demonstrate the competence and emotional maturity required.

The bleak reality that I am expecting of this season of American Crime is also an ugly reminder of the manner in which society, the legal system and even sexual violence advocates often dismiss, deny, trivialize and utterly fail male survivors.

This is not to say that female survivors have it easy or don’t face similar challenges. This season is about a male survivor’s story and as a male survivor, I am writing from that perspective. Don’t get it twisted. If you are looking for a fight on that point, take a walk. I don’t tolerate ignorant radfem fuckery as a general rule.

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