Reviews for November 2004

Reviews for November 2004


Alexander (R) (2004)
*Fails the trigger test.

Christmas with the Kranks (PG) (2004)
*Passes the trigger test!

Kinsey (R) (2004)
*Fails the trigger test.

Finding Neverland (PG) (2004)
*Passes the trigger test!

National Treasure (PG) (2004)
*Passes the trigger test!

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (PG) (2004)
*Passes the trigger test!

Sideways (R) (2004)
*Passes the trigger test!

Seed of Chucky (R) (2004)
*Fails the trigger test.

The Polar Express (G) (2004)
*Passes the trigger test!

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (R) (2004)
*Passes the trigger test! However, a female inmate states that her boyfriend forced her to take heroine, and a person spikes women’s food with drugs. Nothing sexual happens though. We also a hear a comment that sounds like “Daddy’s home” when Bridget is getting physically intimate with someone. This is said for laughs and is a fleeting comment.

After the Sunset (PG-13) (2004)
*Passes the trigger test! However, most of the women are portrayed as nothing more than sex objects, which may be upsetting to some.

Alfie (R) (2004)
*Passes the trigger test! However, a couple has sex while very drunk.

The Incredibles (PG) (2004)
*Passes the trigger test!

P.S. (R) (2004)
*Passes the trigger test! However, the movie centers around the (consensual) sexual relationship between a young man (university age) and his older teacher.

Being Julia (R) (2004)
*Passes the trigger test! However, misogyny is present when women are referred to using demeaning names.

Birth (R) (2004)
*Fails the trigger test.

Ray (PG-13) (2004)
*Passes the trigger test!

Saw (R) (2004)
*Passes the trigger test! However, mention is made of a dentist being a pedophile. Also, for those sensitive to such scenes, a mother and daughter are bound, gagged and kidnapped.

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