Reviews for July 2004

Reviews for July 2004


The Bourne Supremacy (PG-13) (2004)
* Passes the trigger test!

Catwoman (PG-13) (2004)
* Passes the trigger test!

A Cinderella Story (PG)
* Passes the trigger test!

The Door in the Floor (R)
* Passes the trigger test! Although there is no sexual assault in this movie, there is PLENTY that may trigger some people.
The movie is about a middle aged woman that has a torrid sexual affair with a teen-aged boy. Much sex and nudity is seen.
There is a scene in which a little girl, perhaps 4 years old, wakes up her father by pulling his bed sheets off him. He is nude. She comments that his penis looks strange, and he replies that it is strange. Still naked, he picks her up and carries her through the hallway to look at family photos. Nothing sexual is implied by this scene, but some may be made uncomfortable by it.
The teen-aged boy masturbates to a woman’s clothes that are laid out on a bed.
The little girl hears her mother having sex with her teen-aged lover, and she walks in on them. She sees them in the act of sex and sees some nudity. She screams at the sight, and her mother tells her to go to her room, which she does. The next day, someone comments that the two must have looked animalistic to the little girl when she saw them having sex.
A woman is domineering towards a man and slaps him in the face in a sexual manner.
A woman obsessed by a man chases him in her SUV and comes after him with a knife. This scene is made out to be lighthearted in the movie.

I, Robot (PG-13)
* Passes the trigger test!

Riding Giants (PG-13)
* Passes the trigger test!

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (PG-13)
* Passes the trigger test! However, there is plenty of workplace sexual harassment directed towards a woman. This is played for laughs.

King Arthur (PG-13)
* Fails the trigger test.

Sleepover (PG)
* Fails the trigger test.

America’s Heart & Soul (PG)
* Passes the trigger test!

Before Sunset (R)
* Fails the trigger test.

The Clearing (R)
* Passes the trigger test! However, a man is kidnapped and the movie deals with his time with his abductor and a wife and daughter must cope with the man’s kidnapping.

De-Lovely (PG-13)
* Passes the trigger test! However, a woman tells others that she had a miscarriage (very recently), and we see blood on the front of harder.

Spider-Man 2 (PG-13)
* Passes the trigger test! However, there is a scene where Mary Jane is bound in chains.


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